4 Pekingese Dog Gifts For Your Baby This Holiday Season


We all love our dogs and finding the perfect Pekingese dog gifts to make our little furry balls of joy happy can be a challenge. Chew toys and treats aside, what else is there to get your little baby this holiday season? Well, there are plenty of great toys and other fun goodies that you can snatch up, but what if you want to grab something unique and fun? Here are four great gifts that you can get for your Pekingese this holiday season that will break out of the boring mold:

Pekingese Dog Gifts

Pekingese Dog Gifts

Pekingese Dog Gifts

1. Custom Dog Carriers – If you are one of those Pekingese owners that cannot go anywhere without your baby, here is a great way to go in style and one of the great Pekingese dog gifts that you can easily buy online. There are tons of sites out there that offer completely customizable dog carriers for all sizes of Pekingese. Some sites, such as www.cellteilcom, offer you the ability to customize the design, the color, the style, and even monogram different names, initials and other wording on your bag. They also offer different types of custom dog carriers, for example you can get them with added strollers for shopping, motorcycle riding, hiking, and travel. With a plush ride like this, your darling Pekingese is bound to feel right at home wherever you are.
2. Car Seats – For many of us, going somewhere with our little baby is always a treat; but it can cause worry as well if you cannot see your pet or keep them confined to one area of the car. If you love to take your Pekingese with you everywhere, then a dog car seat is just what you need. These great seats easily buckle into a car, either with the normal seat belts or with custom straps that fit snugly to any seat. They are all made of soft materials, usually something like sheepskin, inside so that your pet is comfortable and warm. Most also offer a booster-type seat so that your baby can easily see what’s going by as you ride along without the worry of them falling out an open window. Believe it or not, but these are pretty inexpensive, starting at around $30.
3. Custom Dog Collars – Yes, many of us already have these, but how old is yours? You should always make sure that your dog’s collar is in good condition so that it will not tighten without you knowing, come off while you aren’t around and pose a choking hazard, or cause any other problems with your Pekingese. There are tons of gorgeous custom dog collars out there that will allow you to monogram your pet’s name onto the collar as well as other information to get them home again if they are lost. You can also add in some other great extras, such as rhinestones and great patterns to make it truly a custom collar.
4. Microchip System – HomeAgain is a great little, inexpensive microchip system for any dog. It is great for Pekingese and other small breeds that are often hard to find if they get lost or stolen. The system can be purchased through thousands of local veterinarians and usually costs around $35 for the first year, which includes putting the chip in. It doesn’t hurt your Pekingese and the yearly rate is only $15 to keep the service. This can be an invaluable way to locate you baby if the unthinkable happens and vets that locate lost animals can scan your pooch and quickly find out that they belong to you.

While some of these Pekingese dog gifts might seem to be more for you than your baby, if you think about their safety and ensuring that they are pampered and comfortable anywhere you go, it’s easy to see how they will love these too. They also all make great gifts for Pekingese owners who are having a hard time buying something for. Any dog owner would love to have these four things for their Pekingese.

Do you have a cute Pekingese dog gift that you’ve found online? Comment below and let us know your pick for the cutest holiday gift for Pekingese lovers.



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