6 Secrets To Traveling With Your Pekingese This Holiday Season


Traveling with your Pekingese can be tricky if you aren’t sure how to take a small dog with you. If you learn a few tips and tricks however, you will find that taking your Peke with you can become something truly fun for everyone. Here are 6 secrets to traveling with your Pekingese that will help you out, no matter where you are going this holiday season:

Traveling With Your Pekingese

Get Prettied Up

 Traveling With Your Pekingese

Traveling With Your Pekingese

Before any trip, it’s always a great idea to make sure that your Pekingese is smelling good and looking good. No one likes to be around a stinky dog, so if you groom your Peke before you head out, everyone will be happier. You can do this the day before you leave as well so you aren’t stressed about doing it when you’re trying to get everything else ready to go.

Have The Right Bag

Yes, this is an excuse to go shopping. You want to have the right bag to take your Pekingese with you, and there are tons to choose from. You’ll want to have one that is easy to carry, offers places for your small needed items too, and gives your Peke a comfortable place to rest while you’re away. Depending on how you are traveling, you may need one that is airline approved or sturdy enough for a long car ride.

Get Used To It

Once you have your bag, we recommend letting your Peke get used to it before you try to put them in it for a long period of time. Let them enjoy just playing in it for a bit, take them to the store on a quick outting, and so on. The more time that they can spend in it, the better they will feel when the trip is longer.

Comfort Is Key

You want your dog to be comfortable while you travel and feel safe as well. Make sure that your bag has a comfortable bottom, such as sheepskin, fleece, or another soft material. You might also want to put in a tshirt of yours so that they can smell you and feel better when they are somewhere they don’t recognize.

Keep Warm – Or Cool

Make sure that your dog has plenty to keep him or her warm while you travel so that they don’t get sick. If you’re traveling somewhere warm or will be in a car with a heater, make sure that you have a way to give them water and ensure that they are kept cool. The last thing you want is a sick baby while you’re away.

Take Potty Breaks As Often As You Can

When you’re traveling, you know when you need to stop and use the restroom. So when you stop, find a place for your dog to go as well. Remember that they have a smaller bladder than you do, and will need to go more. Plus, accidents when driving or flying are never a fun thing.

Your Pekingese will love going anywhere with you, no matter where you are headed. But getting them used to traveling and considering all of the problems that can arise will help you head off any issues when you’re away from home. Just remember that traveling with your Pekingese doesn’t have to be a stressful time, it should be just as enjoyable as a drive in the country.

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