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Welcome to Pekinews – News Your Pekingese Can Use; The Internet newspaper: All about your Pekingese! We are a team dedicated to give you daily and breaking news about your beloved Pekingese in all aspects: adoption, health, care, food, lifestyle, training and entertainment, we have got it all for you. We are Pekingese lovers because the lion dog of Imperial China is now a King of hearts who captured our very own hearts by being one of the most lovable and adorable breeds ever. The writers in our team are very experienced with handling Pekingese dogs in all aspects. They have adopted, trained and cared for many Pekingese dogs. They are also constantly updating themselves with the latest news and information on the breed.

We built this site to give you the best and most current information about your Pekingese so that you will have the best experience in caring for one. We want you to be well-informed in all areas so that you can be able to give the most optimal care for your beloved Pekingese. We give interactive content so that your learning experience would be a fun and interesting one. We encourage Pekingese rescue and adoption and we will provide links to where you can find rescue and adoption groups in your area. We are also very present in social media. We have several networking sites wherein you can connect and interact with us. We would love to hear your thoughts, comments, suggestions and ideas!

We want to show our love to our beloved Pekingese and we know you feel the same way too. Everyone deserves to love and be loved – Make your Pekingese the happiest dog on earth!

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