Are Dogs Color Blind? Learn More About your Pekingese


Are Dogs Color Blind? Learn More About your Pekingese

Probably one of the most asked questions would be, are dogs color blind? The simple answer that dogs are color blind has been misunderstood by most people thinking that dogs cannot see colors only shades of black, white and gray. This is a mistake. Dogs can see colors, however those colors that they see are not as many as humans can see.

Both human and dog’s eyes contains rods and cones that catches the light so that we can see the colors. The dogs have less cones compared to us, humans thus suggesting that they don’t see as much color as we can. But having cones doesn’t mean that you can see colors already, having various types of cones is the key here. People have 3 types of cones thus giving us the fill spectrum of colored vision.

Experts say that dogs can see colors but only few compared to ours. Instead of looking at the rainbow as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, dogs would see it as light blue, dark blue, light yellow, dark yellow, gray and very dark gray. In short, dogs see all the colors of the world in the shades of yellow, blue, and gray.

Are Dogs Color Blind

A common perception among people is that dogs are color blind and can see a world that is purely black and white. Well, they are color blind, but in a completely different way. While their vision sensitivity and chromatic acuity is significantly less than humans, your canine friends can see color. The only thing is that dogs see something like a human deuteranope, that is, they are red-green color blind. This is because of the presence of 2 cone types or light sensitive cells rather than 3 that a human eye contains. So basically dogs have a blue-violent receptor range and the yellow-green receptor range.

Source: Buzzle, by Parul Solanki

Dichromatic Vision

Experts believe that dogs basically see in shades of gray, black, white, yellow and blue. This is what they call as dichromatic vision.


Basically, your dog would see red and green colors as shades of yellowish, brownish to gray or even black depending on how dark or intense the color is.


Dogs are dichromatic thus his very colorful treats and toys are designed to attract, you, the owner and not the dogs.

The eyes of both dogs and humans have coens and rods which are equally important in seeing color. Dogs only have 2 rods and us humans have 3 kinds of rods thus making them “colorblind.” I sure hope that this post clarified and answered your question on, are dogs color blind. 

Is there something that I failed to mention here? If you happen to know a fact that I failed to see, then by all means let me know by leaving a message below.  Your input would be greatly appreciated.



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