Are Pekingese Dogs Loyal As Protectors Of A Family?


Pekingese dogs are small, adorable, loyal dogs but those considering getting one may be wondering are Pekingese dogs loyal as protectors? You just want to give them a hug or kiss on that cute little pug nose and you don’t consider them a big guard dog for your family. However, like people they come with many different personalities. Some like hugs and kisses, some prefer to be left alone. Some are over-protective of their families, and others like to enjoy other dog’s company. It is quite rewarding to select a dog with a personality similar to your own. And, with a Pekingese, you will know it is the right one the moment you meet.

Pekingese Dogs Loyal

Pekingese Dogs Loyal

Pekingese Dogs Loyal

One of the main attributes that attract Pekingese owners to their dogs are the beautiful round eyes that wrap you right around their fingers. The heart-shaped ears lay flat against their heads with lots of feathering to their long fur all around their face. Yet they have been a very loyal, brave breed for thousands of years throughout China and other parts of the world. In fact, their total bravery and beautiful face is what has given them the lion-dog name.

Pekingese dogs love their families and will protect them from danger no matter what, making them an excellent security dog. They do tend to not fear anything or anyone which can sometimes get them into trouble with snakes and other poisonous animals. However, in this case their bark is most definitely worse than their bite when it comes to humans. When someone comes to the door at your house, the barking begins. A Pekingese bark can sound vicious as she lets everyone know they are not welcome until their owner says it’s okay. As soon as the guest is invited inside, they are usually happy again. After that moment, Pekingese are usually very friendly and ready to play with company as their job is done – they let their owners know someone new was here. The family is safe once again.

It’s not just at home that Pekingese dogs are fierce protectors. They love going for a ride in the car and will normally sit quietly and watch out the window. Their little head moving from side-to-side doesn’t miss anything, even if they don’t seem to be watching anything in particular. No barking or jumping all over anyone, just content to be along and included in this trip. But let a stranger get near the car or their family and they can turn into a snarling little guard dog that can turn around those that might want to cause harm while you’re out and about.

Don’t let their small stature and friendly, loving nature fool you, they are fierce protectors of those that they consider their family. They will make sure to let you know when someone is at the door, or even in the yard, and they will also put themselves between their family and someone that is a stranger to them. So if you are wondering are Pekingese dogs loyal as protectors, the answer is a quick yes.

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