Bringing home a new puppy: How to Bond with your New Pekingese


Bringing home a new puppy is one of the simple pleasures of life. Pre-puppy preparations and a well-planned first few hours can give your new pekingese a head start and would eventually create your dream perfect dog family come into reality.

Before that big day, the family has to gather together and discuss things that are related to the upcoming additional member of the pack. Deciding on what specific breed, age, color, etc… would be advisable so that no misunderstanding would brew up. Also, include in the discussions on who would be responsible in handling the pup’s papers, taking him to the backyard, feeding him, vet schedules, deworming, etc…

Next is that you should create a shopping list for the pup’s supplies: chew toys, water bowls, bedding  collar, leash, grooming supplies, ID tag, gate, crate, etc… Doing the shopping beforehand would save you a lot of time and would relieve you from the pressure when the puppy is actually there already.

Do not forget to puppy-proof the place where you would want him to stay most of his waking hours. That would mean that you have to tape electrical wiring;  storing household chemicals in places where he doesn’t have access to; removing rugs, breakables and plants in that area; installing baby gates; setting up his nap corner and crate.

And when the time for you to pick him up arrives, do not forget to ask what his food was and when. Imitate his diet schedule for the first few days in order to prevent any gastric distress. And if you want to change his diet, do it gradually so that his system won’t react to the sudden change of food.

Bringing home a new puppy: How to Bond with your New Pekingese

Bringing Home a New Puppy

How to Bond with Him

  • Talk to him. It won’t matter if he understood you or not. For sure, he would be able to pick up the message by the tone of your voice. By talking to him he will be able to learn new words from you and would be able to understand your commands more.
  • Eye to eye contact. In general, dogs would avoid making eye contact on other animals that they are afraid of. Thus, if you allow him to make eye contact with you, you are allowing him to build a special bond with you. Gently look into his eyes while cuddling him once in a while to eliminate his fear on you.
  • Pet him. This is something that everyone in the house could do however each time your pet him is a part of your bonding process. Your dog would greatly appreciate it when you give her time and affection.
  • Grooming time. There are grooming tasks that may seem unpleasant such as pulling out a tick or two, nail clipping or bath time. However there are also grooming activities that would promote more bonding for the two of you like hair brushing. Take advantage of this one.
  • Feeding time. This may be a simple and habitual act to most pet parents but you can actually bond with your pet through food. If you do it right, then your pet would always look up to you knowing that the food would come from you and would regard you as his sole provider.
  • Exercise. The most important part of your bonding with your pet would be exercise. Canines would learn how to follow the leader they you two are out walking and your new pup would be able to learn this too. Wake up early each morning and take the time to exercise your puppy by taking a short walk around the neighborhood. This would also help him release his pent up energy thus minimizing his chances of developing separation anxiety.
  • Play time.puppy would generally spend most of his time interacting with the rest of the world through play. And most games are ones that you can play along with him. This is also a wonderful way to bond with your new pup.

Bringing home a new puppy would definitely build up the excitement of everyone at home thus you must remind everyone especially the kids not to overwhelm the puppy yet. Bring him first directly to his toilet space before allowing him to play with the family members.

How was your first experience with your peke? Was it a pleasant experience? Tell us more about it on the space provided below. Also, like and share this page to your pals who have paw babies as well.  




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