Can Dog Fleas Live on Humans? Keep your Pekingese Tick and Flea Free


Can Dog Fleas Live on Humans? Keep your Pekingese Tick and Flea Free

As an animal parent, you may think that fleas are not human-related problem as long as your dog is free from them. Think again, can dog fleas live on humans? Yes, they may not be able to love off you but they would still be more than happy to take a bite or two from you for good measure.

As horrible as it may sound, dog fleas prefer the blood of dogs, however the truth is that your blood can still taste amazing for these tiny critters. Furthermore, they can also make you as the carrier and stay on you until your pekingese comes close and jump into him. Fleas can’t live off you for long since your temperature doesn’t suit them. They prefer warm environment and they can also stay in your upholstery and furniture where they can lay their eggs.

Also, know that the fleas can’t breed on you, they can only breed if a dog is around, if there aren’t any dogs in the area then they can’t complete their life cycle. But if they have already laid their eggs inside your home, then you should be able to find it and eradicate it immediately. It would take 180 days before the eggs would hatch.

If you want to keep the fleas off you, better wash your body and hair with an oil mix consisting of: eucalyptus and lavender oil or rosemary and citronella oil. See to it that you clean and put the oil mix behind your ears, armpits, legs and other warm well-hidden places. Take note that the flea would find a warm spot where it is comfortable like he does with your dog.

Can Dog Fleas Live on Humans

Although it is not very common, dog fleas (known as Ctenocephalides Canis) can sometimes affect humans. If you are wondering, can dog fleas live on humans? The short answer is no. Fleas will not use humans as a breeding vessel like they do with dogs. They will however, bite and feed on human blood like little vampires. Fleas prefer to live in quiet, dark areas such as carpets and blankets, and then come out to feed when they feel necessary.

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What to Do:

  • Get a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is very essential in gaining control over the fleas in your household. Remember that only 5% of fleas live on your dogs, the 95% is in your house and yard. Vacuum the entire place up (base boards, under the beds, under the furniture, rugs and cracks on the floor.)
  • Spray Insecticide for fleas. Go to the store and get yourself a flea spray. Check the ingredients label, it must contain IGR (Insect Growth Regulator).
  • Use a flea product on your dog. Latest flea treatments are now safe for both humans and pets. Use it monthly and the pupyp must at least be 8 weeks old before you give them this.

So, can fleas live on humans? Literally, no. However, they can make you as their carrier and take a sip or two from you causing some serious rashes or even an illness like the Lyme’s Disease or the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  As a dog owner, you should be responsible in keeping your pet tick and flea free so that both you and your dog’s health won’t be jeopardized.

Go check your pekingese for flea dirt to see if he has tick and fleas on him. Flea dirt is the waste of fleas and that would resemble like a black pepper. Tell us your flea encounter via comment board below.  Also, like our page if you may.




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