Can Dogs See in the Dark? Know How Well your Pekingese Sees in the Dark


Can Dogs See in the Dark? Know How Well your Pekingese Sees in the Dark

So, can dogs see in the dark? What do you think? Canine vision is actually suited to low-light scenes. You may even notice your dog’s eyes glowing in the dark, right? This is due to the fact that they possess an eye structure called tapetum, which actually resembles a second reflector that would redirect the light back to the retina. Their retinas also have a dense concentration of rods (the ones who detects motion and black and white light.) Also, they have wider retinas that allows more light to enter and their lenses are situated closer to the redinas thus giving more light on the vision field.

It is already known that dogs can see better in the dark compared to humans. Your dog’s eye is similar to your own yet it has various differences. Experts say that the massive amount of cones in the dog’s eyes is the one responsible for their good night vision.

Can Dogs See in the Dark

Dogs have evolved to see well in both bright and dim light, whereas humans do best in bright light. No one is quite sure how much better a dog sees in dim light, but I would suspect that dogs are not quite as good as cats, which can see in light that’s six times dimmer than our lower limit. Dogs, can probably see in light five times dimmer than a human can see in.

Source: Science Daily, by Paul Miller

Dog’s Field of Vision

Their eye placement is a big factor on their vision. They have a wider perception field since their eyes are situated on the side of their heads. They see around 240 degrees compared to us who only sees 180 degrees. Short nosed dogs like the pekingese, have a narrower vision field compared to the long-nosed breeds have wider angles.

Depth and Motion Perception

Dogs can detect moving objects hundred yards away because of the density of their rod receptors. Furthermore, they can also see flickering of light (like the one on TV) at 75Hz, while we see it as continuous images rolling.

Did the post answer your query on can dogs see in the dark? Hopefully it did. It is safe to say that dogs have night vision however there are certain breeds that can see more in the night compared to others. That is why dogs are also able to detect burglars when you don’t see it since they can also detect motion hundreds of yards away.  So, the next time your dog is barking and growling on what seems to be a total darkness, be extra careful and vigilant.  You better retreat inside your home just to be safe.

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