Choosing a Dog – What the Pekignese Breed Say About You


Choosing a dog is no joke and it also says a lot about your very own personality. From the tiny Chihuahua to the mighty Great Dane, dogs come in various shapes and sizes and show different kinds of temperaments. Studies shows that the type of dog breed that you pick can actually say a lot of things about your very own personalty. Let me share to you the interpretations about the dog breeds and think how similar you really are.

Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua, Tinkerbell may be more than just an accessory. Owners of toy dogs like Hilton and Isaac Newton, score high in the personality traits like openness, open to new experiences, intellectually curious, and are very appreciative of culture and arts. On the other hand, owners of Labrador, the overly friendly breed are the most agreeable personalities around. Furthermore, people also tend to report that their pet’s personality is a lot like theirs.

Choosing a Dog – What the Pekignese Breed Say About You

Choosing a Dog

What your Dog Say About You

  • Terriers. This breed are playful companions, energetic and fun loving. Owners of terriers are said to be able to focus on the task at hand and are flexible. Just like their pets, terrier owners are also brave, competitive and feisty. They are also known to have a good sense of humor and extremely talkative.
  • Labradors and Golden Retrievers. This breed are very good-natured, friendly and make wonderful family companions. Owners of this dog usually put their families first and are carefree and easy going. This breed are known to have active lifestyle and adore the outdoors. Owners are usually lovable, honest and social butterflies.
  • Bulldogs. This breed is so persistent, determined and doesn’t know how to give up easily. Owners of this breed are known to be silly, loves to laugh however can be stubborn at times. They are also very efficient and methodical in completing tasks. While they seem to appear intimidating, bulldogs are loving and gentle members of the family. Owners are also known for being hopeless romantics with sentimental streaks.
  • Poodles, Pekingese, Chihuhuas and Toy Breeds. Owners of these dogs are loyal, sincere and fun loving. Owners are also known to love traveling since small dogs make wonderful travel companions plus they can easily be put into a carrier. Owners of such dogs take pride in their physical appearance also they own very neat and orderly homes. They are also versatile and can afford to enjoy evenings with a bottle of wine or partying around town.
  • Boxers. This breed exudes high amounts of energy. Owners are said to live life to the fullest and are known for their playful personality. Boxer owners are usually busy, quickly welcomes strangers and love life to the fullest. They are mostly hapy-go-lucky people.
  • Beagles. One of the smartest breed in the world. They are innately inquisitive, loyal and are willing to learn new things. Owners are also open to new experiences, willful and curious. The owners make great friends and would bring laughter to everyone’s life. They can also have a mischievous side.
  • Irish Setters, English Pointers, Weimaraners. These breeds are naturally likable, alert and well-rounded family pets. Owners enjoy an active lifestyle, love hunting and other outdoor activities. They are also intelligent, motivated, esily excited and have a great sense of courage.
  • Cocker Spaniels. This breed are so sweet, gentle and respectful. Owners tend to be trustworthy, affectionate and charming. The owners may lead a busy lives but they prioritize their families first. They also keep in close touch with lifelong friends and don’t prefer to spend time with strangers.
  • Sight Hound Group (Basenji, Greyhound, Whippet). These breed are very calm, relaxed, and introverted. These dogs love the company of family and friends, they also prefer to spend time with smaller dog breeds. They are very curious, alert and organized. Owners of this group are agile, fast and often excel at sports (especially track and field.)
  • Dachshunds. This breed are brave, stubborn and act invincible. When owners of this breed want something, they don’t give up until they get it. Owners adore gardening and just like their pets, dig things up. They can also be bossy at times and dislike it when things don’t go their way.
  • German Shepherds. This dog are usually shy around strangers however they warm up once they get to know the person. Owners would of anything for their friends and are loyal companions and tend to be protective to their loved ones.
  • Pugs. They are the class clowns of the canine species. People who own pugs are often cheerful and have a zest for live life to the fullest. Just like a pug who adores belly rubs, the owners also enjoy massages and spa pampering.
  • Rottweilers. They are intense an determined. This dog commands a degree of respect and is known to be a very courageous breed. Owners are loyal, confident and devoted to their loved ones and friends. They are lid back but quickly reacts if a person rubs them the wrong way.
  • Siberian Huskies. Owners of this breed are very huge sports fans. Whether it’s basketball or football, it’s likely that they are watching the game somewhere. Those who own this breed are into outdoor sports like skiing and snowboarding. They can be strong willed but are also lovable towards strangers.
  • Mixed Breeds. Mutt owners are often fun loving, carefree and open minded. They enjoy riding the wave of life while following strict plans. They don’t mind on the small stuff and would rather focus their attention on the bigger picture. During their free time, owners of mutt are often seen doing volunteer works or happily spending time with their group of friends.

Choosing a dog has not always been easy since you are trying to find the perfect match for you. So the next time you see a biker dude walking leather-collared Rott or a Paris Hilton clone with a clipped Poodle in Shantung leash, you may have a difficulty in analyzing how it reflects them. But how about your own pet? What kind of portrait does your pet on you? You may not have thought about it, but everything about your chosen dog reveals a great deal about you; may it be for worse or better.

So, do you agree on the statement above? Tell us about what you think on the space provided below.




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Dog Breeds for Protection – Is Pekingese a Part of It?

Every dog owner is knowledgeable on what dog breeds for protection are. So, you think the Pekingese breed is a part of it? Read on to find out.

All throughout history, one of the main and functional jobs of having a pet dog is for protection: guarding us from unwanted animals and people alike. While most dogs these days will act as home guardians instinctively, there are still top dog breeds that known for possessing the traits needed to best ward off unwanted company.

Because of their courage, physical strength, loyalty, resistance to pain and temperament, experts consider the following breeds as top guard dogs:

  1. Rottweiler – This breed is originally bred as cattle-protecting canines, they are known as relentless protectors of their pack. They are very intelligent and very loyal to their owners. They are also known to be aloof to strangers until they are properly introduced and are apt pupils as well.
  2. Komodor – Originally bred to protect herds of sheep, this breed possesses a natural guard dog skill. They are courageous, active, loyal and are widely known for their strength and dignity. If properly trained and socialized, they make a very devoted family pet.
  3. Bullmastiff – They are known for their protection instincts, courageousness, physical strength and an extreme loyal family pet. If a stranger trespasses your home, he will use his strength to block or knock that stranger down. He may be docile in a family set up but surely makes a wonderful house pet.
  4. Doberman Pinscher – If you own a large land and is trying to keep an eye on it, this breed is for you. Dobies are very fast and agile and would be able to reach an intruder in no time. They are known to be the 5th smartest dog in the world, they are alert, fearless and loyal.
  5. German Shepherd – They are fearless, bold and confident. This is an extremely intelligent breed and are fast to learn commands thus making them the police favorite. They have a calm demeanor when the household is fine but would react so fast when he feels his pack is threatened.
  6. Puli – This breed is known for their innate suspicious behavior. They are always on the look out and would bark to alert their masters if there is something out of the ordinary. They are smart and would also require constant companionship. They are great for families who have an active lifestyle since they also love hiking, running and other outdoor activities.
  7. Kuvasz – This breed has a strong instinct to guard its pack and home as well as very territorial. This breed is aloof to strangers but literally craves for attention from its family.
  8. Giant Schnauzer – They are strong, dominant and powerful dogs that requires very strict training. They require a lot of physical and mental stimulation as well as constant attention. Their extreme loyalty to the family makes them a perfect guard dog.
  9. Staffordshire Terrier – They are often confused with American Pit Bull Terrier, this breed was originally bred for bulls and bear fighting. Their protective and aggressive nature makes them an excellent guard dog but must be properly socialized and trained since puppy hood.
  10. Rhodesian Ridgeback – They were originally bred to hunt lions, thus this breed has a very strong prey drive and an independent nature. They are natural and loyal watchdogs. They are also known to be selective with their barking, so when he barks, take it seriously and check it out immediately. They require proper training since they are not naturally obedient. They also love cuddle and affection from its owners.


Dog Breeds for Protection – Is Pekingese a Part of It?

Dog Breeds for Protection

Other Breeds Known to be a Natural Family Guard Dogs

  • Ca de Bou
  • Akita Inu
  • Cane Corso
  • Tosa Inu
  • Bouvier des Flandres
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Great Pyrenees
  • Neapolitan Maastiff
  • Brazilian Mastiff (Fila Brasileiro)
  • Anatolian Shepherd Dog
  • Tibetan Mastiff
  • Black Russian Terrier
  • Belgian Sheepdog
  • Belgian Malinois
  • Belgian Tervuren
  • Dogue de Bordeaux
  • Chow Chow

For those who don’t want to deal with an extra responsibility for owning such a guard dog but are looking for a pet that would alert them of intruders, you should try to consider getting a watch dog. There are a number of breeds that are known for their persistent barking and their natural ability to alert their owners of the danger and also has the ability to scare away intruders.

Excellent Watchdog Breeds:

  • Chihuahua
  • Shih Tzu
  • Dachshund
  • Terriers
  • Pekingese
  • Poodle
  • Miniature Schnauzer

Owning dog breeds for protection comes with an added responsibility. While all of the aforementioned breeds are known to be wonderful family pets, owners must be clear on the fact that these canines tend to be more aggressive in nature compared to the other dog breeds. And to ensure the safety of the rest of the family, neighbors and guests, these dogs must be properly introduced, socialized and trained.

Now, you know which category your baby Pekingese belongs to. What is your say about this post? Share your inputs with us below.



How to Build Self Esteem – Improving your Pekingese’s Confidence

Have an anxious new member in the house and would want to know how to build self esteem in him? It all boils down to obedience training. The key to most bad behavior in dogs is approaching things using their own natural instincts. Dogs see your entire house as a pack with each one having their own rank and one alpha dog. And it is much easier if the humans outrank the four-legged members. If you want to learn how to become the alpha male, there are lots of ebooks/books which you can learn from.

Also, see to it that he has his own den/area. If you can afford to buy a crate, then by all means get him one. He will be happier if he has his own space than being let loose in the entire house. It would relax him, it would allow him to feel safe. A calm dog has a lesser desire to eliminate himself. Later on you will notice that your pet would prefer to stay inside his crate even if you leave his door open. Just make sure that you pick out a crate that is enough for him to stretch out.

How to Build Self Esteem – Improving your Pekingese’s Confidence

How to Build Self Esteem

  • Praises. They major tool here is positive reinforcement. Keeping your voice calm and soothing, always praise him when he does something right. When you see him hanging out on the place he is supposed to stay, take the time to praise, give him a treat or cuddle with him. You would want him to feel loved and safe.
  • Training. Take the time to teach him basic commands such as sit, stand, roll over, stay, so on and so forth. Experts would prefer not to offer rewards during training phase. You can also give your positive reinforcement, soothing voice, and affection as his reward for doing a good job. Always bear in mind that if your pet learns and understands something that you are pleased with, his confidence would escalate. Agility training will only not help him burn all his excess energy and anxiety, it also boosts his confidence sky high since he knows that he is doing something that pleases you.
  • Be level with him. Experts say that you have to go down below his eye level and look up to him. You want to show him that you are not a threat. Expect that he would eventually lick your face. The idea here is to show him that he is in a loving and safe environment where he doesn’t have to cower nor hide. You can follow up on this exercise by sitting in your chair and call him over to you. You can give him treats in case he isn’t approaching you readily. If you take the time to let him feel that he is loved and safe, sooner or later he would be willing to approach you and other people inside your home on his own.

Dogs are generally pack animals. Some are submissive while others are dominant. And if you want to help your pet how to build self esteem then you should train him properly. Establish that you are the alpha and use positive reinforcement so that he won’t cower down. Help him become more confident and still respect your at the same time.

Is your pekingese a dominant or submissive type? Though I know that this breed is so self confident and regal. Anyway, share with us your story below.



Tips for Pet Owners – Your Pekingese Deserves the Best

In order to become the best pet parent as you can, there are tips for pet owners that would serve as a guide to everyone. Doggie daycare, designer outfits, luxurious beds and princess collars are quite popular among pet parents out there, and it is rather easy to comprehend on why we indulge with our pets. However, pampering your pet is only a bonus; keeping them happy, safe and healthy are the most important priorities every pet owner should attend to.

Tips for Pet Owners – Your Pekingese Desesrves the Best

Common Pet Owner Mistakes

  • Allowing Him to Lead. During walks, if you let your pet walk you than the other way around, then this is already wrong. Tens and thousands of people end up in the ER on a daily basis due to pet-related falls, and these falls occur during walks. Obedience training is the best way to see to it that your pet won’t take you down when you guys are out for a walk.
  • Overlooking External Parasites. Ticks and fleas are common especially when you are out in the woods. Your pet would be highly susceptible to Lyme disease  Rocky mountain spotted fever or other illnesses due to it. And if you let the ticks spread in our home, you whole family would be at risk too. Remove ticks using a tweezers if you see one on your pet and ask for your vet about anti-tick medications.
  • Not Deworming. Roundworms are common in both canines and felines. They would often cause vomiting, diarrhea and often lead to other serious disease. What pet parents don’t realize is that these worms can be a threat to us humans as well. If your infected pet would contaminate in your backyard, tiny worm eggs would be deposited in that area and if you have children in the house, then there is a chance that they would be the ones affected. When roundworms enter the human system, it can cause tissue organ failure, blindness and more. Ask your vet about it.
  • Not Considering about Neuter/Spay. Millions and millions of dogs and cats live in the streets all over the globe and would end up euthanized just because of unwanted litters. Still, a lot of people are still hesitant about neutering/spaying their pets. As a matter of fact, spaying/neutering is healthy for your pet since it would reduce the risk of breast cancer in females and testicular cancer in males.
  • Too Little Exercise. Just like us, humans, our pets also need exercise in order to be healthy. Pets who have nothing to do are more prone to obesity which raises a lot of health concerns.
  • Little Attention. Just like our own kids, your pets would eventually get bored if you don’t take the time to play with them. And with boredom comes troublesome behaviors.
  • No Rules. Not setting up rules with your pets is wrong. Just be consistent on your rules and do not forget to reward his good behavior.
  • Scolding during ‘Accidents.’ If you come home and see a pile of waste or a puddle of pee on the floor, you may want to yell but experts way that this won’t do any good. The deed already happened in the past and he won’t be able to get it why you are mad now.

Tips for Pet Owners

  • Baby Ready Him. Always prep your pet for a baby. Introduction between the two may take some time to adjust. Just set aside one-on-one play time with them in order to ease the transition.
  • Adopt a Pup. Dogs have various personalities just like us, humans. You can always find your perfect match in the pound waiting for you.
  • Puppy Training. Once you already brought home your pup, help him adapt into the family life and take the time to train him.
  • Bath Time. Even your most behaved pekingese would get dirty every now and then. So it is essential that you give him a wash from top to bottom.
  • Grooming. Keep his coat clean and soft by grooming him regularly. Don’t forget to clip his nails too.
  • Household Remedies. If your pet would suffer an emergency, chances are the remedy can just be found in the kitchen. Take the time to learn more about it and be equipped with the knowledge.
Now that you have a new pet at home, it is now time for the fun & hard part! Taking care of a pet isn’t a joke and for a newbie, you will be needing lots of tips for pet owners. You can easily search it up on Google.  Do not worry too much, you can do it. All you have to do is meet all the things that your pet needs.
How is your pekingese lately? Is he healthy and happy?  Share your story with us below!

Pekingese Dogs are Adoptable And Not Damaged Dogs

No matter where you live, Pekingese dogs are adoptable and still sweet and loyal even when these little ones have lost those they cherished the most. Can they find love again in new homes, with new families? The answer is yes and it comes from hundreds of families that have adopted Pekingese dogs around the world. For whatever reason they lost their homes, all they need is love and they will once again be happy and can make your everyday life more fulfilling. It is in a dog’s nature to be kind to their masters and Pekingese dogs are wonderful at making everything ok after a long day at work.

Pekingese Dogs are Adoptable

Pekingese Dogs are Adoptable

Pekingese Dogs are Adoptable

All around the world, people are working to prevent these sweet, intelligent, loving animals from being killed daily. Just type “Pekingese Dogs Rescue” into your search engine and you can find one near you that will have plenty of wonderful little Pekingese ready for adoption to a good home. Whether you are ready to adopt or just want to help with donations; time and money are always welcome. Of course, at any rescue you go to, Pekingese dogs are adoptable throughout the year.

Many shelters need foster parents if you cannot take on a new Pekingese as a forever home. If you have the time and patience, you can have the opportunity to find just the one you might want to keep forever. My guess you will wind up with more than one, which is normally what happens to foster parents. Pekingese dogs are extremely popular because they are small, usually weighing less than 10 pounds, but their love comes in abundance and so do their personalities.

Most people assume that dogs at rescues and shelters are “damaged” in some way. In fact, the opposite is true. Dogs that have lost their homes are very adoptable, especially smaller breeds like the Pekingese, and there are many different reasons why a dog might be up for adoption. Perhaps their owners lost income that required them to move to a place that will no longer let them keep a dog. Perhaps they were ill or had other health problems that prevented them from owning a dog any longer. No matter what the reason, it is very rarely because the dog is hard to handle or mean. Most dogs at rescues and shelters are simply in need of a loving home.

Although they are no longer Pekingese puppies they still want to give and receive love. Plus Pekingese dogs are adoptable in all ranges of colors, ages, and sizes so you are sure to find the perfect Peke to complete your home. Keep in mind that they may need time to adjust to a new home, but more than likely, your Peke will be instantly happy with you and your family in a forever home. So when you’re considering buying a Pekingese puppy, you might check your local rescues and shelters for Pekingese that need new homes instead.

Have you rescued a Pekingese and wondered how you ever lived without him or her? Share your story below, we want to hear from you and share the joy that an adopted dog can bring into any family.

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