Pet License: How to License your Pekingese


Pet License: How to License your Pekingese

Being a pet parent requires lots of responsibility and one that is often overlooked is giving your dog a pet license. Not registering your pet with the government can actually hinder your chance of getting him back in case he will be picked up by the city pound, not to mention the trouble you’ll be in.

If the mentioned reason is not good enough for you then I can give you more reasons to ponder about:

  1. The law. Yes, it is the law and it is mandatory for you to get a license for your pet. And if you are caught without one, which actually happens, then the fine is quite high. Dogs must have their license renewed on annually and they must be wearing it at all times.
  2. Bigger chance of getting him back. If in case your pet goes missing, then his license can actually increase your chances of getting him back. A license tag aids the shelter and animal control personnel to quickly identify your pet and will contact you immediately. If your pet is seen wandering off the streets, the rescue organizations can immediately look up on his license number. Dogs that have a license will be kept at the shelter more longer compared to the unlicensed ones who are the first candidates to be euthanize if remained unclaimed.
  3. Less cost. And I mean, the cost is so cheap compared to the fines you will be facing when you are caught without one. Also know that some cities consider an unlicensed dog to be a class 4 misdemeanor.
  4. Up-to-date vaccinations. If a dog has its license, it ensures that his vaccines are all updated. A good samaritan and other city personnel would more likely want to take care of your missing pup since they are assured that he is free from any illnesses.

Where to get a license?

Just go to the nearest county or city licensing department. Most big cities now a days offer an option of applying via email. And an existing license can easily be renewed online using your debit or credit card.

What are the requirements?

  • Certificates and records showing that his vaccines and rabies shots are all updated.
  • He must be at least 4 months old.
  • If you registered your pup in one city and moved to another, try inquiring at the licensing department for details. You may have to apply for a new one.

Pet License

How to Apply for a License

  • Go to your vet and give your pet a rabies shot. Your vet will tell you when is the right time to get this shot for your pet.
  • Contact the local animal control people and inquire about the licensing process.
  • Keep all of his vaccination records and show it to the local humane society or animal control agency.
  • Ready to pay the fees. The fees are discounted if you have a neutered and spayed pets or if you are a senior citizen.
  • Put the license tag on your pet’s collar and put the dog license with his other records in a safe and secure place.
  • Renew annually. The animal control personnel would notify you when is the time for your pet’s license renewal.

All pets are required to be licensed. Getting a pet license helps the recovery or a stray or lost pet and would also protect the general public from rabies since his vaccines are all up to date. Do not ever overlook this responsibility since this is for the best for both parties involved (pet and master.)

Does your pekingese have a license? If so, wonderful for you. Otherwise, you should better get ready to get one for him. Share with us your other concerns below. Don’t forget to share this post to your friends who also own pets.




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How to Register a Dog: Register your Pekingese Now

Is registration needed for your dog? If so, how to register a dog? Registration is one of the most important factors in a purebreed dog development. It would ensure the continual documentation of dog breeders to keep the purity of a dog breed.

There are various information collected that are pertinent for each dog and would be kept by a legal registering body like the AKC, ACA or PCCI. Each dog would have a unique registration number and would serve as their identification code for the entire time the registering body exists.

For the breeders, his dogs would be documented with a Pedigree Certificate to acknowledge his efforts in producing purebred pups. This legal document would serve 2 main purpose: a) It would serve as a birth certificate for his sire/dam with special markings recorded too; b) It would reflect the genetic ancestry for each of the dog.

A dog may only be registered with one registering body. Once all forms are completed, the certificate of registration would then be turned over to the owner from the breeder.

How to Register a Dog: Register your Pekingese Now

How to Register a Dog

Filling out the Application

The Dog Registration Application must be filled out jointly by the litter owner(s) and the new owner(s) of the dog. The application is color-coded for the convenience of both parties. The litter owner(s) must fill out the most of the application, including the following information:

  • Sex of dog
  • Color and markings of dog
  • Registration type (Full or Limited)
  • Transfer date
  • Name and address of all new owners and co-owners
  • Signatures of all litter owners

The new owner(s) of the dog must fill out the following:

  • Name of dog
  • Signatures of all owners and co-owners
  • Payment information
  • Registration Options (For purchasing pedigrees and DVDs)

Processing fees are nonrefundable, and all fees are subject to change without notice.

Source: AKC,

Step-by-step Procedure in Registering a Dog:

  1. Get all the pertinent data from the breeder if he/she could not accompany you. You can choose which registering body to go to if the litter doesn’t have any paperwork yet. Ask your breeder about it because if the parents of the pup is with AKC, then you can only register the puppy with AKC.
  2. You can either apply in person or online. Fill out their application form. Give all the needed information like name, breed, birth date, sex, markings, name of owner, name of breeder, etc…
  3. Pay all the fees needed with the company.
  4. Wait for your certificate. This could take a few months to process.
  5. Once certificate is received, review for accuracy. If there are any mistakes, contact the company immediately.

How to register a dog is rather an easy task as long as you have the time and money to do it. Registering is not that cheap, mind you, so you better know the fees beforehand before going there so that you won’t be caught off guard when it is time to pay.  Having your pup registered is an edge for the both of you, it would ensure that your dog is purebred and you can be proud to present him when a sire/dam is needed for breeding purposes.

Is your pekingese registered? Do you have plans to register him? It is your decision after all.  Anything that you want to say that’s on your mind? Let us know by leaving your message below.

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