Dog Health Insurance: Insure your Pekingese


Dog Health Insurance: Insure your Pekingese

Dog health insurance or should I say pet health insurance is still a novelty these days, since only a small number of dog owners invests in this one as of the moment. However, as the market progresses, it has gotten more and more competitive having several companies offering pet health insurance.

Amongst the advocates, getting an insurance for one’s pet is a bit controversial still – most of them share the same belief: It is better to save your money in your savings account rather than invest it towards a pet insurance company. They insist that you pay several hundred bucks for premium plans over your pekingese’s lifetime and that it won’t cost much when going on vet trips. Believe me when I tell you that if you have a pekingese, then you surely need to invest in this kind of program. Being a breed that is prone to several health hazards, I am sure you don’t want to be caught aback by the expenses. Investing in an insurance for your pekingese can be a savings plan for you, really.

Insurance terms and regulations vary from company to company, thus making it a bit difficult to choose which one is the best of them all. Just be sure that you really understand the specifics on how much the company is willing to cover your vet bills and how much you are expect to pay monthly.

Dog Health Insurance

Just as you pick your dog’s breed to suit your situation and lifestyle, people look for different things from their pet insurance protection. The type of coverage you choose should depend on many considerations, such as your priorities, your pet and your budget.

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Things to Consider in Getting your Pekingese an Insurance:

  • The company – It is wise to choose an insurer that has been around for quite some time plus it has positive feedbacks. Seek some advice from your vet, they may know which ones are reputable and reliable.
  • Waiting period – Check what coverage they offer. Does it start immediately or they have a certain span of time before it is effective? A 2-week waiting time is quite common.
  • Premiums – Check how much will you be your monthly rate. A dog’s insurance usually begins around $60/month depending on the breed. Don’t readily go for the cheap rates because the cheaper you pay, the lesser the coverage.
  • Pre-existing conditions – If your pekingese has already been treated for some reason, ask if that illness would be excluded in the policy or if you can have it covered if he can go on 1 year without treatment.
  • Exclusions – Find out what diseases are not covered. It is best that you have to clear things out before committing.
  • Deductibles – Mostly it is between $50-$100 that you have to get from your own pocket before the coverage kicks in. The higher the deductible  the cheaper your premium. Be sure you understand how their plolicies work.
  • Expenses (after deductibles) – Once you meet the deductable, expect that a percent of your vet bill will be covered, usually it is 80-90%. Once again, the higher your deductable, the cheaper is your premium plan so think first which one you can afford and compare the policies between companies.
  • Providers – The best pet insurance policies will allow you to choose your own vet anywhere in the country. See to it that this is the case before you commit with them.
  • Medicine coverage – Be sure that you understand which policies will cover the medicine expenses. A policy that excludes prescription coverage tends to be cheaper but will leave you with much more pocket expenses later on.
  • Payment policies – Most companies allows you to pay up front. You just have to give them the vet’s bill along with your membership form and they will reimburst you for the expenses.
  • Restrictions – Find out if the coverage would last throughout your pekingese’s lifetime or if it would be terminated when your pet reaches a certain age. If age limit is applicable, think first carefully and compare it to your pekingese’s average life span.
  • Maximum yearly payout – Some companies would limit your claim per calendar year. Know if this is their case and also find out what is their limit coverage amount.

You may think that a dog health insurance is too much but personally I think investing in such proves to be a bigger help especially when your pekingese would get sick all of a sudden.  As owners, we would always want what’s best for our pet and this is one step towards that direction. Protecting our pets by means of an insurance coverage is one way of combating those nasty diseases. After all, we do not know when our pets would fall ill, right? It is still wise to invest while they are still healthy and while we still have extra funds than being caught up in a situation where all we can do is regret on why we didn’t insure them in the first place.

So, what do you think about it? Let us know your side of the story by leaving us messages below.



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