Caring for a Blind Dog – Pet Care for your Special Pekingese


Caring for a blind dog requires the same emotional, physical and nutritional needs like any other dogs that can see. Caring for a blind dog is not very hard; but, it does require some strong dedication and patience.  When you have a blind dog, he would rely more on his owners to serve as his eyes. Thus, it is essential for the pet parent to learn on how to deal with their pet’s handicap and on how to take good care of him appropriately.

Whether your pet has blind during birth or he just recently became blind, it would truly make a big difference on how he would behave at home. An inborn blind dog has already learned the concept of smell, touch and distance. He has never seen a bedroom, staircase, or even another creature; he can only rely on his other senses to inform him that there is a particular presence or thing ahead and that he has to move in another direction. He may have no idea on what a wall looks like but he already learned on how to navigate around it.

On the other hand, a dog who has become blind recently can still remember things and animals from his seeing days. Now, that he is already blind, he won’t be able to tell it at first through his eyes; rather he would have to learn on how to hone and use his other senses so that he will be reminded on what something is.

Caring for a Blind Dog – Pet Care for your Special Pekingese

Caring for a Blind Dog

In general, dogs that go blind gradually, young in life and are not the pack leaders make a faster and easier adjustment to blindness. Older, frail, dominant dogs, and those that lose their vision suddenly, can sometimes experience more difficulty. Blind dog owners report this adjustment can typically take three to six months, but certainly there are instances where it has taken much longer. It ispossible for you to help ease this transition

Source: Pet Finder, by Caroline Levin

How to Care for  a Blind Dog

  • Use a bell. Attach a tiny bell on your pant leg or shoe — and everyone in the household as well — and to the collars of the other dogs in the house, if there are any. This would allow your blind dog know when someone is near.
  • Use baby gate. If you have more than one story for a house, put a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs. A blind dog should not use the stairs unsupervised.
  • Use aromatheraphy oil. Wipe a small amount of aromatherapy oil on any vertical surface such as the furniture and door frames, on both sides. This would aid him in preventing any collision.
  • Make your place hazard free. thoroughly check your house and yard for something that could poke or cause any other harm on your pet.
  • Take him on a walk. Use a retractable leash so that it could give him running freedom without being endangered by his blindness.

Dogs go blind as they age, some due to injury or illness while others are simply born with it. Caring for a blind dog doesn’t need any special power, only patience and determination. A blind pet can function just as well as any other seeing dogs; they just require extra consideration and help.

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