How to Heat a Dog House in the Winter – Keeping your Pekingese Warm All the Way


How to Heat a Dog House in the Winter – Keeping your Pekingese Warm All the Way

How to heat a dog house in the winter? Quite easy if you just take the time to ensure your dog’s safety. Luckily, most pet parents know about their responsibilities in making sure that your dog is warm and safe during the winter season. But still there are many dogs who suffer and freeze to death from exposure of the harsh elements. There are various ways to heat your dog’s house.

There lots of dog breeds who love to go out and play in the snow or during cold season, but as responsible owners you should make necessary precautions in order for your pet not to get any frostbite or hypothermia. There are measures that you can do in order to help them keep warm from the extra sweater/jacket to placing heating pads inside his doghouse.

How to Heat a Dog House in the Winter

Before getting into the nuts and bolts of heating a dog house, it’s worth pointing out that a properly constructed dog house will go a long way towards keeping your pet comfy warm during the winter. Ideally, a cold weather dog house has the following features:

1) The dog house floor is insulated and elevated above the ground. A cement floor is nice and cool in the winter but bitter cold in the winter. It soaks the heat right out of live things. Insulated wood is best. In a pinch, you could place the dog house on top of a wooden pallet.

2) The house is large enough for your dog to comfortably turn around and to stretch out but not so large that it’s own body heat can not keep the house warm.

3) The floor, walls, and roof of the house are insulated.

4) The doorway has some kind of door. A flap of clear vinyl or carpet will suffice.

5) The house has an interior wind break wall so your dog is better protected from the elements.

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Making a Doghouse Warm Ideas:

  • See to it that his house is shielded from the wind. If his door is wide open, try to staple a piece of carpet on it. This would allow him to keep his heat inside while protecting him from the wind outside. An ideal location for his doghouse would be right next to the house or in the garage.
  • No beds or fabric blankets inside his house. If it snows, his body would be wet from the outside and once he lies down his bedding would be an icy bed and it would be very uncomfortable for him as well as it won’t keep him warm in any way. An ideal bedding during winter is a thick layer of cheap straw which you can change from time to time.
  • Elevate his house using a wood pallet, blocks or bricks so that it is not directly laying against the ground.
  • Insulate his floor, roof and walls. Go and buy a simple and inexpensive insulation kit and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation.
  • Go grab a black paint and paint his outside roof. The color black would absorb sunlight and heat that could help him during cold nights.
  • Buy him a heating mat or a heated dog bed and place it inside his doghouse.
  • If you happen to live in a place where it gets too cold during winter then get him a heater box and put it with him inside his house. A heater box is just a metal box with a bulb or an emitter inside.

There you have it, ways on how to heat a dog house in the winter. But if you ask me, nothing beats the fact that you should keep your four-legged companion indoors with you during the winter months. Letting them stay outside is also fine as long as you are responsible enough to keep them warm at all times and they have everything they need in order to survive night after night during the entire season.

How do you handle winter season with your pekingese? If I may say, your pekingese should not be allowed to stay outdoors during the cold season since they are so tiny and they are prone to frostbites. Keep them inside with you. Share with us your tales on being a pet parent on the space provided below.



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Building a Doghouse for your Pekingese

A dog house is a wonderful idea for your pekingese, but building a doghouse is not an easy task since you have a lot of things to consider. You have to choose the proper design and use the appropriate materials in order to ensure that his dog house is durable and safe. I bet you would want your doghouse to look appealing at the same time functional.

There are certain things that you should consider in building a doghouse: size, safety, materials, durability, his ability to move, chew proof, your ability to clean it, temperature control, etc…

First, you have to decide what material you should use for his doghouse: wood, plastic or metal. A plastic doghouse is the most common choice by pet owners because of mobility. Also, it is easier to clean and parasites can’t harbor in that place. However, this is not the ideal choice for heavu chewers since they might eat their dog house.

A doghouse made out from wood is less likely to be chewed on and it is much more attractive to look at. And compared to a plastic, the wood is much more insulated and is able to keep your pet more comfortable during cold nights. But the a doghouse made out from wood can harbor fleas and ticks and it is much more harder to move.

Metal is very durable and can outlast any other material but it is not the best for your dog.

Building a Doghouse for your Pekingese

Building a Doghouse

At the ideal world, it will be possible to keep dog on the inside. But occasionally that simply is not achievable. Possibly your pet has outgrown your home, or else you get a newborn or perhaps an seniors family members moving in that you will be concerned about your dog getting all-around. Either way, the answer isn’t just to cast your dog out into your yard with no protection. In case your dog needs to be outdoors more often than not, you should start searching for dog houses for sale so that your dog can easily still reside properly and pleasantly. Certainly, even when your dog is accepted in the home, a dog house can nonetheless be recommended in case your dog will spend long periods outdoors in the daytime. In these instances, a dog house will give him shade in sunny times, and heat on chilly days and nights.

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Things to Consider in Building a Doghouse:

  • Size of the house. A roomy doghouse, it is very tempting but your dog won’t like it. During cold nights, your dog’s body heat would keep him warm and if his doghouse is too big, then he can’t generate enough heat to warm himself up. There is no perfect formula on how to make a perfect doghouse but a good rule to consider is that your full grown dog can walk right in, turn around and stretch completely.
  • Proper ventilation. During the hot months, good airflow would keep him from overheating. And during the rainy and cold season, your dog’s breath would steam up inside his house and a proper ventilation would prevent molds from forming.
  • Keep if off the ground. Keep his house elevated so that dirt and water won’t get inside his sleeping quarters. Also, an elevated house would prevent the wood from rotting and will have a longer life.
  • Keep it safe. Keeping it safe from elements is a big deal. Be sure that wind, water and rain won’t have any access inside the doghouse. It is ideal if you put overhangs on his doorway, put vents and tight seams all over the place.
  • Use dog-friendly materials. Be sure that everything about the dog house is pet safe. Meaning, you should make use of untreated plywood and softwood instead of the pressure-treated ones.

In building a doghouse, you should also study everything about it before making a move in building it. Take the time to consider where you should put your doghouse in your backyard/front yard. Scout for the perfect location where water, wind, rain and dirt won’t be able to penetrate his house.  It is also ideal to have a tree beside his doghouse since it could give him additional shelter and could keep him cool during the summer months.

What is your say on this one? How did you create your dog’s doghouse? If you have further suggestions and opinion on this matter, feel free to leave what’s on your mind behind.


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