How to Whiten Dog Fur: Restoring your Pekingese’s Original White Color


Have a white pekingese and wonder how to whiten dog fur? Dogs that have white coat often lose their white shine as years pass by. Grime, dirt and age can cause any dog that has a white fur to have a yellowish appearance. If you want your pet to look healthy, clean and groomed then his fur should be treated in order to restore it to its original white glorious color.

A dog’s white fur can have a yellowish appearance due to several other causes such as pollen, dust and dirt. Daily brushing would help remove some of the debris on his coat and bathing helps too. There are various specialty shampoos in the market that are formulated to whiten his fur, and there are home remedies as well. A mix of both approach would definitely leave your pet with a soft, white, manageable coat.

How to Whiten Dog Fur

How to Whiten Dog Fur: Restoring your Pekingese’s Original White Color

Naturally Whiten His Fur

  • Wipe down his coat daily. Pour equal parts of whitening dog shampoo and water into a spray bottle. Spray the mixture unto a damp, warm cloth and wipe it on his fur, focus on the stained areas.
  • Make your own stain remover. Mix equal parts of 1% peroxide and milk of magnesia. Work 1 tsp at a time, then add cornstarch to the mixture until it turns into a paste. Apply the paste on the stained areas and allow it to set in for a few hours. Gently comb the paste out when removing it. Then use a conditioner to soften up his fur before removing the paste. If you put the paste in an area that your pet can reach, cone him so that he won’t lick it off.
  • Another whitening concoction. Mix equal parts of baby powder, milk of magnesia and boric powder into a paste. Apply the paste on his stained fur and let it air-dry. After it is dry already, gently comb the paste out of his fur.

Preventing Tear Stains

  • Give him purified water. Giving him high-quality water is your first line of defense against tear stain discoloration. Purified would minimize tear stains since it is free of high levels of iron and harsh chemicals that would promote the discoloration.
  • No food coloring. Avoid treats or foods that contains added coloring. Pet products and food that has dye would only cause fur discoloration. Feeding your pekingese high-quality, dye-free food and treats to promote better living while preventing gross stains.
  • Keep his hair out of his eyes. Tear stains are often a result of over reactive tear production. So, you better keep his facial hair off his eyes. And if you do not want to cut his hair off then at least use a doggy rubber band or clip his hair on top to prevent it from entering his eyes.

Whether it is your clothing, furniture or dog coat, maintaining the healthy, shiny white look can be a challenge. Thus, knowing how to whiten dog fur on your own can help you cut down the expenses. While there are several whiteners available commercially, organic solutions are always safer that has effective results as well.

How is your pekingese’s white coat lately? Is it as white as it should be? Do you treat it yourself or you take him to the groomers? Share your tips and guidelines that were not mentioned here so that we can all learn from it. If you have friends that are having this issue, please do share this post with them.





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Is Nail Polish Bad for Dogs? Know for the Sake of your Pekingese

Is nail polish bad for dogs? When we talk about dog grooming, most female pet parents would want to consider nail polish on the list. But is it safe or not? Nail clipping, shampooing and conditioning your peke’s coat is considered to be part of a proper dog grooming. However due to the ever changing needs of your dog – and with the help of the famous celebrities out there – there are several aspects of dog grooming that has been either removed or added.

When we talk about doggy nail polish, it is much more like of the human nail polish that comes in a variety of colors. Plus there are certain hues that are so popular among pet parents such as lime green, purple, fuschia, white, electric blue, black to name a few. There are also clear shimmers available if you wish your pet to have shiny nails minus the colors.

And if you are really thinking that there is no difference between a dog and human nail polish, this is where you are wrong. As a matter of fact, it is not a good idea to use human polish on your pet. And why you ask? Simply because it contains hazardous ingredients which prove to be toxic to dogs. A nail polish that is designed for dogs contains natural ingredients like aloe, green tea extracts and seaweeds  A human nail polish may cause skin irritation and your pet might accidentally chew on it which may cause him harm. So, better be careful.

According to the experts that the chemical formaldehyde alone can already cause skin irritation and rashes. And fumes of a human nail polish can cause your pet to have dizziness, coughing, immune dysfunction and headaches  These are effects that will occur in humans who has a higher immunity system. Due to their size, dogs have a much lower immune system compared to ours, thus using a nail polish designed for humans would potentially make those symptoms occur that has a higher degree of severity.

Is Nail Polish Bad for Dogs? Know for the Sake of your Pekingese

Is Nail Polish Bad for Dogs?

Please go through this article by Amalia LeRutte from I Love Dogs website for a very detailed explanation on the said subject, simply Click Here

How to Paint your Dog’s Nails

  • Inspect. First is to check the condition of his nails before putting on a polish. If he happens to have cracked, split or brittle nails then don’t put on a polish on him yet. Rather try to rub a nails slave on him and wait for a few days or weeks until his nails are in good condition again.
  • Trim. It is ideal that you trim your pet’s toenails days before you paint them. If you can’t do it on your own, then bring him to the groomers or vet and let them trim and file his nails.
  • Get doggy nail polish. Along with that, also buy a doggy nail polish remover pads. Nail polish for humans has formaldehyde and other chemicals that are not safe for dogs. And the same goes for the human nail polish remover.
  • Relaxed state. See to it that your pet is comfy, happy and sleepy before you decide to start the nail painting session. You can either sit on the floor or cradle him on your lap so that it would be easy to do the task. You have to paint it fast and do not worry about making it perfect. If you get a part of his fur painted, simply remove it using the nail remover pads.

I hope your inquiry about is nail polish bad for dogs have been answered. Nail polish is not just for humans anymore. As a matter of fact, groomers have been performing paw manicures for a long time now. Just do it the right way to keep your pet safe.

Do you do paw manicures on your peke? What is his/her favorite color? Tell us your experience about it, good or bad below. We might learn a thing or two from you. Don’t forget to like our page too!



Pampered Pup – How to Pamper your Pekingese

Yes, on a more personal level, I pamper my dog. Do you? For me, a pampered pup is a happier pooch. How do I do it, you ask? Well, for starters I give them quality and healthy treats more than they should consume. I allow them to sleep in my bed even at times when they shouldn’t. I get lazy at times and would let them lead me when we are on a walk. And I even bought them various costumes to dress them up for events. Let us all admit it dog lovers, we are a softie when dealing with our four-legged companion.

Pampered Pup - How to Pamper your Pekingese

Pampered Pup – How to Pamper your Pekingese


It is not weird if you shower your most precious ones with services, gifts and other niceties. However, nowadays, our catering and caring methods would extend even to our furry pets at home. In the past decade, more and more people tend to save money, time and effort in order to pamper their pets once in a while. It would range from branded apparels down to luxurious beds, fancy toys to gourmet meals to name a few.

As what American Pet Products Association said, and I quote: ‘The total US pet industry expenditures by the year 2012 is estimated to be $52.87 million’ Wow! But then again, we don’t mind the expenses since we see our pets as part of our family and they deserve to be loved as well. And as what studies have shown, pets play a vital role during a person’s hardest trial in life. One can find love and sympathy during the tough times in life.

Pampered Pup

Ways to Pamper your Pet

  • A Big Bed. Yes, give him a bed fit for a king if you have the moola to burn. It would be a wonderful gift from you to him for his loyalty.
  • Massage. I know that you give him a massage once in a while but if you can, bring him to the nearest pet massage center for an hour session. He would love it since everybody loves a wonderful massage.
  • Photography Session. As you might have noticed, photography has become a trend these days. So, why not try to take a wonderful pics of your pet and put it up on a wonderful frame. It is quite challenging to take pictures of them but believe me when I say that the fun experience is priceless.
  • Set a Doggy Spa. Setting up a customized doggy spa for him would be greatly appreciated. Simply put blankets on the ground then set several combs on the nearest table. Give him the royal treatment from head to toe. Toothbrush, shampoo & conditioner, massage and blow dry him. Just be reminded not to use nail polish on dogs since it is hazardous for their health.
  • Dressing him up. Go find a cheap but cute doggy shirt on the shop and put it on your dog after you have given him a bath. Then to spice things up, add a bow or barrette to complete the look.
  • Doggy Resort. A pet hotel is an amazing place to unwind together with your pet. Imagine yourself taking a sip of tea, juice or coffee while you watch your pet takes a dip on the indoor swimming pool. Or you can lounge around the vicinity and indulging your pet on other services offered at the resort.
  • Perm Him. If you want to go the extra mile, then a simple towel-dry just won’t cut it. Bring him to the pet salon to give him that special treatment.
  • Q.T. (Quality Time). Dogs are pack animals so it is natural that they yearn for companionship. Pamper him on a daily basis by giving him special bonding session time, without actually running across the yard outside. A scratch on his neck or back of his ears or a prolonged belly rub would go a long mile since it would truly deepen the bond that you two have. And from his point of view, this time would mean that he is really being cared for and that he is safe.

Imagine what your pekingese would say if he is one pampered pup. According to the dictionary, pamper would mean to indulge in care or kindness. However, our pets would probably go for the archaic meaning which is to cram with rich food. As lovely as it sounds, excessive amounts of rich foods would pose a great health risk for your dogs. After all, there are lots of ways to indulge your pet with care and kindness. Don’t you agree?

How do you pamper your pekingese? Walks, salon, homemade treats? Whatever it is, we would be glad to listen to your story. Simply enter it on the space provided below.


Matted Dog Hair – How to Handle your Pekingese’s Hairy Day

Matted dog hair is quite common to long haired pooches. There are many breeds or crossbreeds that have long, curly or wavy coats. And this includes your pekingese. Sometimes, instead of shedding their dead hair, it would be trapped in their coat thus matting will occur. Dog breeds like the Yorkie and Peke have exceptionally long coats, making them more prone to matting. If not groomed on a regular basis, their fur will get all tangled up and trap bacteria, feces and all kinds of dirt next to their skin which would end up causing infection and sore pains.

Begin looking for matted hair by sectioning his hair in order to locate it easier. Do not forget to check his paws, this is the common hiding place for the matted hair, bear in mind that this is also a very sensitive part of your dog. Other parts are under the armpits and along the insides of his legs.

Matted Dog Hair – How to Handle your Pekingese’s Hairy Day

Matted Dog Hair

How to Do It

  • If your pet is not used to grooming then you may want to give him a chew toy before commencing the process in order to distract him from the discomfort of the dematting procedure.
  • Using a condition specifically designed for matted hair, spray a generous amount on it. Hold the mat out on your finders so that it would be between your pet’s skin and the tangled fur. Use a dog grooming rake or any wide-toothed comb to loosen the tangled hair.
  • Then use a mat splitter if you see that his matt is going to come out and if your pet is quiet and not anxious. If you see him nervous or trashing around, then skip on using the splitter since it may injure you both. A mat splitter is so sharp that it needs a still dog and steady hand.
  • If you see that your pet is already stressed out, then stop the procedure. This is the time that you need help from the experts, either your local vet or the groomers. During such cases, the vet would shave his coat down and will be tranqulised prior the procedure.

Bathing before Dematting Steps:

  • Apply the detangling product first and allow it to dry, then give him a bath and use a high-end leave-on condition after.
  • While his coat is still wet, use your fingers and a brush to separate some of the worst tangles you can see.
  • Place your hand behind each matt as you brush and avoid pulling it out.
  • Once you see that most of the matted fur are already separated, you can now dry him up as it would aid in looseing the mats more while you are brushing or combing him down.
  • For breeds that have a long hair like the Pekingese, the experts would prefer using the splitter. This knife is used above the matt in order to release the tangles. Use more dematting spray and once his coat is already loosened, switch on using a brush or comb to finish the task.

Additional Guidelines

  • Leave the de-tangling solution on the mat for a few minutes, especially if it is a large one.
  • For dogs that have a thick undercoat, use your fingers to separate the hairs as much as possible. Relying on a wide-tooth comb or brush would only ruin his undercoat and would destroy your pet’s chance in the show ring.
  • Never try to cut out the mat using a pair of  scissors. It can easily stab your pet even if you are being extra careful.

Some of you may have gotten a dog from the shelter or rescue shelter that has a severe matted dog hair issue. If this is the case, avoid giving him further stress and your best bet is to bring him to the experts to shave him down so that his coat can have a fresh beginning.

Does your pekingese get his proper grooming on a regular basis? Do you go to the groomers or you do it yourself? Share with us your pekingese story that is related to this post below.



Neglected Dogs – How to Deal with an Abused Pekingese

Unfortunately, there are lots of mistreated and neglected dogs roaming in the streets all over the world. And with a little bit of compassion, care, love and training, a neglected dog can be your loyal companion. And if you have come across one, there are several things that you can do in order to help. I will discuss on that later.

Neglect comes in various forms and there are certain steps that you can take in order to help any abused animal. As mad as you are on the owner involved, control your anger first and try to talk to the owner if he/she happens to be a friend. Otherwise, document the incident (take pictures and videos) as evidence and report it to the Humane Officer.

Neglected Dogs

Neglected Dogs – How to Deal with an Abused Pekingese

Observe and Evaluate

Most of the time what appears to be a case of neglect is only a misinterpretation. But if you do find a true case of neglect (e.g. doesn’t have adequate water, house and food) then he needs your help, fast. Here are things to look for to be able to tell if the animal has truly been neglected.

  • Collar size. If his collar size is too small and the owner didn’t even have the time to increase it as the pet grows then it is a problem because it can cause injury and even death if not corrected.
  • Starvation. Starvation per se is not only caused by lack of food. There are other factors that contributes to it as well, such as: parasites, inappropriate food and untreated illness.
  • Grooming. Not being able to groom any pet is a sign of neglect especially to the long haired breeds as it would cause massive matting which in return would cause them painful sores and misery.
  • Mange. Mange is a skin disease that is caused by parasites which lets your pet suffer from terrible itching, hair loss, sores from scratching and biting. This disease is simply treated with medicated baths.

Ring the Authority

If you have seen it for yourself, then call the humane officers immediately. A humane person is anyone who is assigned in your community who handles and investigates animal cruelty.

After you have contacted them, they would then drop by the concerned person’s house to determine what you have reported is true. When confronted by the authorities, most of the time the irresponsible owners would give up ownership of their pets rather than being bothered by the authorities on how to properly care for them.

Preventing It

  • Ask for your local humane officer to schedule an awareness talk to in churches, schools, day care centers and even at the park.
  • Help the advocates spread the word by distributing pamphlets about pet care, animal welfare issues, and basic behavior solutions.
  • Support your local state’s animal anti-cruelty groups.
  • Initiate to share the animal stories that you encounter in your neighborhood in the local tv station or newspaper. Give your point of view and that you are pro in giving strong penalties towards the abusers.
  • Volunteer at your local animal shelter in taking care of the neglected pets that are in custody.

Caring for a Neglected Dog

  • Approach the animal with care and caution. Be visible to him at all times and use food to gain his trust.
  • Once you have gained his trust, try to pet him a little befre you attempt to get him inside your car or crate. Remain calm and use a reassuring voice because if you panic, then he may attack you.
  • Call the local animal shelter. Seek for assistance and transport the animal to the vet’s office or any rescue center. Prepare funds since you would assume all the costs since it is you who brought him there.
  • Ask the vet to do a thorough checkup. From vaccinations down to parasites.
  • If you are willing to further help the dog, you can bring him home. Let him stay in a safe place where he could stay in your place. Otherwise, bring him to the shelter so that he would be rehabilitated and be up for adoption.
  • Call in the expert. If you have decided to take him in, then you need the expert’s help in training him. Only use positive reinforcement so that he could bond with you in a positive setting.
  • Allow him to adjust. At first, he may be distant but most neglected dogs would somehow bond with the person who would give them love, food and care.

The main key in order to minimize the case of neglected dogs would be to educate the owners. Most pet owners are not aware of their responsibilities and how important affection towards their pet is or that a puppy needs to change his collar size from time to time. Now, when you see an abused animal, you know what to do. Do not hesitate to help. You can save a life!

Have you encountered a neglected dog recently? How did you intervene? Are you even planning to help him with his situation? Share with us your concerns as your act of kindness can save a life.

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