Helping A Pekingese Dog Through A Thunderstorm


As most Peke owners know thunderstorms and Pekingese dogs don’t go together, and helping a Pekingese dog through a thunderstorm can be a challenge. Although they are usually quite brave, they are very small dogs and most of them do not like extremely loud noises. Well, except maybe from other Pekes!

Like most smaller dogs, Pekingese dogs seem to know when a storm is coming many hours before it actually gets here. It could be that something inside these little dogs act like a barometer. Their senses are very acute and they can help you get prepared for a storm so that you can then help them through the noise.

Helping A Pekingese Dog Through A Thunderstorm

Helping A Pekingese Dog Through A Thunderstorm

Helping A Pekingese Dog Through A Thunderstorm

Usually, you can tell when a Pekingese is getting nervous or when a storm is approaching just by watching their behavior. For example, they may be very timid, wanting to hide and not come out to play like normal. They may not eat their normal favorite meals, drink much, or want to enjoy things that they love. A lot of Pekingese will take light naps, usually it’s as if they sleep with one eye open, waiting for something to happen.

When your Peke starts to withdraw from everything is when it becomes necessary to distract them from the coming storm. Of course, helping a Pekingese dog through a thunderstorm isn’t always an easy thing, especially if they don’t want to engage in some fun time with you. You need to be very creative when you are trying to find ways to get your Peke to forget about the weather. One fun way to not only distract them from the storm but to also help them deal with it, is to create a storm in your house that isn’t as big or scary as the one outside.

To do this, you simply grab some items around your home such as cooking pots, aluminum pans, and wooden spoons. Just like a child loves to do, bang on the aluminum pans and cooking pots with the wooden spoons to make noise. At first, your Peke might run off and hide from you, so start softly and slowly. Do something funny while you’re doing it, such as make funny sounds, whistle, or sing. Sure, you might look funny, but they will start to wonder what you’re doing and come to see. The more you can get everyone involved in the fun, the more your Pekingese will want to be a part of it too. If they feel this is a game that they can play too, they’ll love to make noise with you.

As this game becomes part of their lives when a storm comes, they will start to realize that a storm outside means fun inside for them. Once you have enjoyed this game with them several times, they will quickly start to associate thunderstorms with fun games with you and they won’t be afraid of them any longer. Of course, helping a Pekingese dog through a thunderstorm by using this game can take time, so be patient.




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How to Heat a Dog House in the Winter – Keeping your Pekingese Warm All the Way

How to Heat a Dog House in the Winter – Keeping your Pekingese Warm All the Way

How to heat a dog house in the winter? Quite easy if you just take the time to ensure your dog’s safety. Luckily, most pet parents know about their responsibilities in making sure that your dog is warm and safe during the winter season. But still there are many dogs who suffer and freeze to death from exposure of the harsh elements. There are various ways to heat your dog’s house.

There lots of dog breeds who love to go out and play in the snow or during cold season, but as responsible owners you should make necessary precautions in order for your pet not to get any frostbite or hypothermia. There are measures that you can do in order to help them keep warm from the extra sweater/jacket to placing heating pads inside his doghouse.

How to Heat a Dog House in the Winter

Before getting into the nuts and bolts of heating a dog house, it’s worth pointing out that a properly constructed dog house will go a long way towards keeping your pet comfy warm during the winter. Ideally, a cold weather dog house has the following features:

1) The dog house floor is insulated and elevated above the ground. A cement floor is nice and cool in the winter but bitter cold in the winter. It soaks the heat right out of live things. Insulated wood is best. In a pinch, you could place the dog house on top of a wooden pallet.

2) The house is large enough for your dog to comfortably turn around and to stretch out but not so large that it’s own body heat can not keep the house warm.

3) The floor, walls, and roof of the house are insulated.

4) The doorway has some kind of door. A flap of clear vinyl or carpet will suffice.

5) The house has an interior wind break wall so your dog is better protected from the elements.

Source: All About Dog Houses,

Making a Doghouse Warm Ideas:

  • See to it that his house is shielded from the wind. If his door is wide open, try to staple a piece of carpet on it. This would allow him to keep his heat inside while protecting him from the wind outside. An ideal location for his doghouse would be right next to the house or in the garage.
  • No beds or fabric blankets inside his house. If it snows, his body would be wet from the outside and once he lies down his bedding would be an icy bed and it would be very uncomfortable for him as well as it won’t keep him warm in any way. An ideal bedding during winter is a thick layer of cheap straw which you can change from time to time.
  • Elevate his house using a wood pallet, blocks or bricks so that it is not directly laying against the ground.
  • Insulate his floor, roof and walls. Go and buy a simple and inexpensive insulation kit and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation.
  • Go grab a black paint and paint his outside roof. The color black would absorb sunlight and heat that could help him during cold nights.
  • Buy him a heating mat or a heated dog bed and place it inside his doghouse.
  • If you happen to live in a place where it gets too cold during winter then get him a heater box and put it with him inside his house. A heater box is just a metal box with a bulb or an emitter inside.

There you have it, ways on how to heat a dog house in the winter. But if you ask me, nothing beats the fact that you should keep your four-legged companion indoors with you during the winter months. Letting them stay outside is also fine as long as you are responsible enough to keep them warm at all times and they have everything they need in order to survive night after night during the entire season.

How do you handle winter season with your pekingese? If I may say, your pekingese should not be allowed to stay outdoors during the cold season since they are so tiny and they are prone to frostbites. Keep them inside with you. Share with us your tales on being a pet parent on the space provided below.


Keeping Dogs Warm in Winter – No Winter Illness for your Pekingese

Keeping Dogs Warm in Winter – No Winter Illness for your Pekingese

Winter season is just around the corner once again and most people are alrady getting ready for the cold nights. As a pet owner, you should also know the ways in keeping dogs warm in winter. They too need that extra warmth to fight back against any winter-related illness. And if you are the person who thinks that only us, humans, experience some problems during winter, they let me tell you that you are wrong. Winter season is quite hard especially for dogs since they too cannot withstand the cold climate. And dogs are not made to stay indoors, they need their exercise too thus they have to go outside despite the temperature drop all around. As the owner, you should be responsible in keeping him safe and warm at all times. Though, there are dog breeds that are built for cold climate and can withstand winter time but senior dogs and puppies will have the most difficulty in adjusting to the season.

In this case, you need to have and use dog warmers to protect them from the harsh temperature. You can also buy dog pillows and blankets which can also help in keeping him warm while he is indoors. You must also limit his outdoor activities particularly if you don’t have warmers with you for him. Furthermore, you must also increase his diet intake since dogs need more calories in order to keep them warm. Keeping your pet warm is a very serious matter to all pet parents out there, you should also bearn in mind that you have to consider many things when it comes to the welfare and safety of your dog during the cold winter months.

Keeping Dogs Warm in Winter

Dogs exposed to excess cold can get chills, respiratory and sinus problems, as well as experiencing arthritis. Owners need to invest in their dog’s health by providing them with blankets at night and a warm place to snuggle up during the day, maintaining an exercise regime, and increasing their dog’s food intake.

Source: Dogs NSW,–keeping-dogs-warm-in-winter-prevents-illness.html

Ways in Keeping your Dog Warm

  • Keep him inside. This is the surefire way in assuring that your dog is warm. They may also enjoy going out once in a while but during winter they are more than happy to stay indoors with you.
  • Dog warmers and sweaters. If your home is still cold from the inside, you can go get them sweaters, jackets, blankets and pillows to snuggle on and keep him warm. And if in case you will bring him outside, choose a sweater/jacket that has a waterproof nylon cover.
  • Get him boots. Booties are cute and very helpful during this time of year. Dogs regulate their temperature via their soles and tongue. So, if you want him to be warm while walking on snow, then give him booties to wear. The boots can also protect him from all the chemicals and salt that is used to melt the ice down.
  • Check his temperature. Sometimes, the temperature is much worse than what is reflected on the thermometer. Before going out, check his temperature and the wind chill factor in order to avoid your pet from getting chills.
  • Proper bed. In order to avoid the cold floor and drafts, see to it that his bed is at least 3 inches off the floor.
  • Increase food intake. Give your dog more food during winter months since they use up their calories in order to stay warm.
  • Snuggle disk or hot water bottle. If your place is still cold then you can help him stay warm by using a snuggle disk or hot water bottle under his bed.

Do not also forget to give him his favorite treat and heaps of belly rub.  Keeping dogs warm in winter is a major issue to all pet owners and you should also not take it lightly especially if you own a pekingese.  Toy breeds need special care and attention during times like this since they are prone to developing winter-related illnesses.

How do you keep your pekingese warm? Can you share to us here your ways? Maybe it would benefit us all since I may have failed to mention lots of other ways on this post. Feel free to input your suggestions and opinions.

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