Dog Wedding – Hosting One for your Pekingese


Dog Wedding – Hosting One for your Pekingese

A dog wedding has fast become a new trend for pet parents and animal lovers alike. What was once a tradition solely for the elite class and celebrities, this trend has now become a hot trend for all. How about you, are you ready to throw your pekingese a festive party?

It is a very special day. Your baby and best bud is now getting married and you would want it to be memorable, don’t you? As a pet parent, there are things that you can do in order to ensure this moment would also become a special one for your pet.

Before deciding for your pet to tie the knot, be sure that both parties (bride & groom) are social dogs; they need to be comfortable, calm and accepting around other creatures and especially with each other. Also, when making a guest list, be sure to include all your pet’s pals along with their parents as well.

In choosing the location, be sure to choose wisely. Keep in mind that dogs adore the outdoors, so your local doggy park is always a good choice. However, if you happen to own a big backyard, then you may held it at home. Or if you happen to live near a pet-friendly beach, then you can host it there too. Wherever the location is, be sure that you check on the venue’s rules and regulations especially regarding pets.

Dog Wedding

How to Host a Doggy Wedding

  • Find the groom and bride. If it is your own pets, then there’s no problem. However, if it involves someone else’s dogs, then arrange and plan it with the owner.
  • Decide on the formality. Think on whether its going to be just casual or entirely formal. If you opt for the latter then buy appropriate clothes, get a cake and find a minister who will be willing to marry your pets. If you opt for the former, then you just have to set out a few snacks for both the dogs and humans.
  • Send invites. Either its gonna be casual or formal, you have to send out the invites days before the event to be informed. Inform them to bring their pets along as long as they are already friends with your pet.
  • Decorating the area. Nothing big here. Just go get several table clothes, balloons and other decors. Also don’t forget to prepare the altar with streamers too.
  • Get a photographer. Not a professional photographer, just assign someone to take pics as a keepsake for such an important event.
  • Arrange fun games. Have really fun games for the games so that they can play after the ceremony. The dogs would want to release all those pent up energy afterwards.


  • Do not make the animals uncomfortable. Forcing them to do something that they do not like would just make them angry.
  • Do not overreact. Others may think that a doggy wedding is out of this world and unherad of, it is their opinion. Just let them be.
  • Be considerate. Your neighbors may not want it if you are going to be too loud. So, keep the celebration short and sweet.
  • Dog-proof the venue. If you will be serving chocolate, see to it that you will keep it out the reach of the animals. Other precaution would include removing hazardous foods and small objects that they can choke on, or anything that might trigger their aggression.

A dog wedding is getting more popular these days. Some people would see them as a celebration or as an excuse to party. There are also others would believe that this is a serious recognition for their pet’s stage in life.Dog weddings may take a lot of work, time and organization. So, be patient about it.




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