Dog Wedding – Hosting One for your Pekingese


Dog Wedding – Hosting One for your Pekingese

A dog wedding has fast become a new trend for pet parents and animal lovers alike. What was once a tradition solely for the elite class and celebrities, this trend has now become a hot trend for all. How about you, are you ready to throw your pekingese a festive party?

It is a very special day. Your baby and best bud is now getting married and you would want it to be memorable, don’t you? As a pet parent, there are things that you can do in order to ensure this moment would also become a special one for your pet.

Before deciding for your pet to tie the knot, be sure that both parties (bride & groom) are social dogs; they need to be comfortable, calm and accepting around other creatures and especially with each other. Also, when making a guest list, be sure to include all your pet’s pals along with their parents as well.

In choosing the location, be sure to choose wisely. Keep in mind that dogs adore the outdoors, so your local doggy park is always a good choice. However, if you happen to own a big backyard, then you may held it at home. Or if you happen to live near a pet-friendly beach, then you can host it there too. Wherever the location is, be sure that you check on the venue’s rules and regulations especially regarding pets.

Dog Wedding

How to Host a Doggy Wedding

  • Find the groom and bride. If it is your own pets, then there’s no problem. However, if it involves someone else’s dogs, then arrange and plan it with the owner.
  • Decide on the formality. Think on whether its going to be just casual or entirely formal. If you opt for the latter then buy appropriate clothes, get a cake and find a minister who will be willing to marry your pets. If you opt for the former, then you just have to set out a few snacks for both the dogs and humans.
  • Send invites. Either its gonna be casual or formal, you have to send out the invites days before the event to be informed. Inform them to bring their pets along as long as they are already friends with your pet.
  • Decorating the area. Nothing big here. Just go get several table clothes, balloons and other decors. Also don’t forget to prepare the altar with streamers too.
  • Get a photographer. Not a professional photographer, just assign someone to take pics as a keepsake for such an important event.
  • Arrange fun games. Have really fun games for the games so that they can play after the ceremony. The dogs would want to release all those pent up energy afterwards.


  • Do not make the animals uncomfortable. Forcing them to do something that they do not like would just make them angry.
  • Do not overreact. Others may think that a doggy wedding is out of this world and unherad of, it is their opinion. Just let them be.
  • Be considerate. Your neighbors may not want it if you are going to be too loud. So, keep the celebration short and sweet.
  • Dog-proof the venue. If you will be serving chocolate, see to it that you will keep it out the reach of the animals. Other precaution would include removing hazardous foods and small objects that they can choke on, or anything that might trigger their aggression.

A dog wedding is getting more popular these days. Some people would see them as a celebration or as an excuse to party. There are also others would believe that this is a serious recognition for their pet’s stage in life.Dog weddings may take a lot of work, time and organization. So, be patient about it.




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Puppy Shower: Throwing a Festive Celeb for your Pekingese

A puppy shower is a famous method in welcoming the newest member of the pack, and unlike the baby shower, the celebrant would get to join all the fun.

As extravagant as it may seem, a puppy shower has its benefits too like helping you jump start your pup’s social skills by introducing him to a lot of other dogs and humans at the same time. Just remember that a pup easily gets overwhelmed, at during this age his scare would end up into a deep-seated fear. As the pet parent, you should make his experience festive but not too loud that would scare the daylight’s out of him.

Hosting a puppy shower is almost the same as organizing a baby shower — lots of pastel-colored decors and fun games. And as for giveaways you can consider gift certificates for poop bags, car restraints, doggy costumes, dog sitters, or anything along this line. A practical item would be highly beneficial here.

As for rules, there aren’t any when we are talking about puppy showers. Freedom is very abundant here. A puppy shower is also ideal in welcoming an adopted adult dog into your home. You don’t have to worry about crossing any petiquette boundaries if you are throwing your own puppy shower.

Puppy Shower

Puppy Shower: Throwing a Festive Celeb for your Pekingese

How to Organize a Puppy Shower

  1. Schedule. It can either be before or after the litter is born or the adopted dog arrives. There are really no rules about this one. Most people would really want to meet the newest member of the family, just remember that a new puppy can become so nervous with all the excitement going on.
  2. Guests. If you plan to invite both the pet and parent, be sure that they are a good sport and that your place is wide enough to accommodate all.
  3. Invites. After you have planned that exact place and date, then give out the invitations to the guests.
  4. Decors. Decorations can be as simple or extravagant as you want them to be. You can go as simple as a pawprinted balloons and hats to the themed party that you would want your pooch to have. Another cool tip is that you would place a fire hydrant shape or doggy bone shaped toy box as a centerpiece so that guests can put their gifts for your puppy there.
  5. Games. A party is not a party without the fun games, right? Use your imagination and tailor a game fit for you, your pet and the guests.
  6. Treats. Hosting a party such a this one would also entail food for both pet and pet parents. Be sure to serve dry treats for the dogs to prevent any mess. Kibbles and home-made treats would an awesome, healthy choice.

Additional Tips

  • Try to do the party in your own backyard. Otherwise, try to contact your local park owner and ask if you can rent out the place for several hours for the party. Inform them that they too are invited to the event.
  • During the event, try to provide simple grooming tools such as brushes and combs to the guests. Most dog lovers would love to brush every dog they would encounter.
  • Do not forget the water bowls. Put several big water bowls for everyone so that the invited dogs won’t get dehydrated.
  • Avoid inviting dogs that are in heat. If you decide to invite one, ask the parent to put panties or diaper on her while at the party.
  • Document the event. Take as much pictures as you like as a remembrance of your beloved dog’s shower party. This will bring a lot of joy while looking at it in the future.

Always remember that the reason for this puppy shower of yours is not only focused on the puppy’s arrival bit also to celebrate the new pet parents too. This won’t mean that you would lavish them with gifts and provide financial assistance  but you will give them a fun-time for several hours to celebrate the arrival of their dog and them being pet parents.

Have you ever done a puppy shower? How was it? Do not hesitate to tell us about it. And share this page to your friends too, especially the ones who are planning to conduct one.



Perfect Pekingese Dog Toys For The Holidays

Looking for the perfect Pekingese dog toys for the holidays? There are thousands of great toys out there, but you want to choose ones that are safe for your dog too. Here are some great tips to follow when it comes to choosing the right dog toys for your baby:

 perfect Pekingese dog toys for the holiday

Homemade Toys

perfect Pekingese dog toys for the holidays

perfect Pekingese dog toys for the holidays

There are many items that you can easily make at home that are completely safe for your Pekingese to play with. And, you can usually take old clothing, blankets, and other soft materials that you have lying around and recycle them into dog toys that they will love. Old socks are excellent dog toys and can easily be stuffed with different things that are non-toxic to your Pekingese. There are plenty of great ideas floating around online as well as videos that show you how to make these dogs toys with very little out of pocket money.


Edible Toys

There are also a massive amount of great chew toys that your dog can actually eat and you won’t have to worry about it. These are usually found at pet stores or online through pet outlets and can not only provide hours of fun for your Peke, but they can also provide them with a fun treat that they will enjoy working for. During the holidays, you’ll always find fun shapes, flavors, and holiday themed chewy edible toys that your Pekingese will love.


Chew Toys

While balls are by far the most popular chew toy out there for a dog, there are plenty of other great ones that you can pick up as well. Most Pekingese love to have several different types of toys to play with, from balls to stuffed animals to tug of war toys and so on. The wider the variety of dog toys that they have, the less chance they are to get bored if you aren’t home.


Healthy Toys

There are plenty of chew toys out there that also help your dog with a problem – usually bad breath or brushing their teeth. Some of these offer specialized materials that they are made of, unusual shapes or designs, or some other way that can help clean your dog’s teeth or freshen that horrible breath while they are playing. Most vets have a few of these that they recommend to any dog owner, and they can easily tell you a few that they prefer for your Pekingese.


No matter what type of toy you pick out for your Pekingese, you want to make sure that you keep clear of toys that have small parts that can come off. These small parts can easily be chewed off and your Pekingese can swallow them, causing problems like choking or stomach issues. Simply pull on the toy before you buy it, pulling on every area of the toy, from the large areas down to the smallest parts. If you feel that the toy might come apart in any area, then these are not the perfect Pekingese dog toys for the holidays.


Do you have a favorite Peke toy for the holidays that you’d like to share with everyone here on the site? Make sure that you list it below so everyone else can enjoy these as well.


4 Pekingese Dog Gifts For Your Baby This Holiday Season

We all love our dogs and finding the perfect Pekingese dog gifts to make our little furry balls of joy happy can be a challenge. Chew toys and treats aside, what else is there to get your little baby this holiday season? Well, there are plenty of great toys and other fun goodies that you can snatch up, but what if you want to grab something unique and fun? Here are four great gifts that you can get for your Pekingese this holiday season that will break out of the boring mold:

Pekingese Dog Gifts

Pekingese Dog Gifts

Pekingese Dog Gifts

1. Custom Dog Carriers – If you are one of those Pekingese owners that cannot go anywhere without your baby, here is a great way to go in style and one of the great Pekingese dog gifts that you can easily buy online. There are tons of sites out there that offer completely customizable dog carriers for all sizes of Pekingese. Some sites, such as www.cellteilcom, offer you the ability to customize the design, the color, the style, and even monogram different names, initials and other wording on your bag. They also offer different types of custom dog carriers, for example you can get them with added strollers for shopping, motorcycle riding, hiking, and travel. With a plush ride like this, your darling Pekingese is bound to feel right at home wherever you are.
2. Car Seats – For many of us, going somewhere with our little baby is always a treat; but it can cause worry as well if you cannot see your pet or keep them confined to one area of the car. If you love to take your Pekingese with you everywhere, then a dog car seat is just what you need. These great seats easily buckle into a car, either with the normal seat belts or with custom straps that fit snugly to any seat. They are all made of soft materials, usually something like sheepskin, inside so that your pet is comfortable and warm. Most also offer a booster-type seat so that your baby can easily see what’s going by as you ride along without the worry of them falling out an open window. Believe it or not, but these are pretty inexpensive, starting at around $30.
3. Custom Dog Collars – Yes, many of us already have these, but how old is yours? You should always make sure that your dog’s collar is in good condition so that it will not tighten without you knowing, come off while you aren’t around and pose a choking hazard, or cause any other problems with your Pekingese. There are tons of gorgeous custom dog collars out there that will allow you to monogram your pet’s name onto the collar as well as other information to get them home again if they are lost. You can also add in some other great extras, such as rhinestones and great patterns to make it truly a custom collar.
4. Microchip System – HomeAgain is a great little, inexpensive microchip system for any dog. It is great for Pekingese and other small breeds that are often hard to find if they get lost or stolen. The system can be purchased through thousands of local veterinarians and usually costs around $35 for the first year, which includes putting the chip in. It doesn’t hurt your Pekingese and the yearly rate is only $15 to keep the service. This can be an invaluable way to locate you baby if the unthinkable happens and vets that locate lost animals can scan your pooch and quickly find out that they belong to you.

While some of these Pekingese dog gifts might seem to be more for you than your baby, if you think about their safety and ensuring that they are pampered and comfortable anywhere you go, it’s easy to see how they will love these too. They also all make great gifts for Pekingese owners who are having a hard time buying something for. Any dog owner would love to have these four things for their Pekingese.

Do you have a cute Pekingese dog gift that you’ve found online? Comment below and let us know your pick for the cutest holiday gift for Pekingese lovers.


Pekingese Themed Gifts

Let’s face it, the holidays are hard and finding unique gifts that grace your life can be totally stressful.  Are you already stressing about buying that perfect gift for the perfect woman in your life? Wondering what to buy your mom, sister, girlfriend, or wife for the holidays to show that you care about them, yet not be the same old thing they always get? How about a wonderful unique gift that revolves around their favorite pooch, the Pekingese? There are thousands of great gifts that you can grab for the Pekingese lover in your life and here are some excellent choices:

Pekingese Themed Gifts

Pekingese Gift Baskets

Pekingese Themed Gifts

Everyone loves a cool gift basket and Pekingese gift baskets are the perfect unique gifts for women. You can find all sorts of wonderful gift baskets that revolve around her favorite dog, from coffee gift baskets to snacks, bath soaps to candles. Plus, these Pekingese-themed gift baskets offer everything all packaged up in one for your loved ones.

Pekingese Ornaments
With the help of the Internet, finding Pekingese-themed holiday decorations are much easier. There are tons of beautiful little ornaments that offer cute likenesses of our favorite pooch, the Pekingese, and you can easily find one that looks pretty close to the one you own. Or you can spend a little more and get a custom ornament made up for the woman in your life.

Pekingese Jewelry
Want to still get her some jewelry? No problem, there are plenty of cute Pekingese-themed earrings, buttons, and pins out there. But if you want to go for something really special, you can always check out and look at their customizable Pekingese dog watches that will allow you to put in her dog’s name.

Pekingese Mugs and Cups
Many web sites out there also offer beautiful Pekingese-themed mugs and cups that will allow her to show off her favorite pup no matter where she is. You can easily find normal coffee mugs, insulated stainless steel models, and other travel mugs, all with a Pekingese on them. Some will even allow you to customize the outside of the mug with her dog’s name or her name for a truly personal gift.

Pekingese Desk Supplies
For the Pekingese lover who is constantly working, you can also find customizable desk supplies to keep her favorite furry kiddo on her mind. From mouse pads to note pads, pens to calendars, there are tons of great items that you can easily have customized for the woman in your life.

Pekingese Cell Phone Cases
Along with Amazon, you can easily find some great dog-themed gift sites that offer up Pekingese cell phone covers and cases that hold the picture of your favorite pooch. With all of the options out there, you can easily find one that looks just like the one that has stolen her heart.

Pekingese Clothing
From t-shirts to sweatpants, hoodies to underwear, there are all different kinds of cute Pekingese-themed clothing options that you can special order for the holidays. If you can’t find one that offers you a custom picture placement or that looks close enough to your dog, you can always create your own at places like

Really no matter what you choose, if you are picking out a Pekingese themed gift for the dog lover in your life, it’s sure to show that you care about what’s close to them. By offering a well thought out, wonderfully warm gift, you also show that you listen and you aren’t just getting them the same old gift that you get year after year. Unique gifts for women aren’t that hard to find, you simply need to know where to look.

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