Pekingese Grooming Styles – Show off your Peke


There are lots of pekingese grooming styles out there. It is really up to you on which one you prefer. Your Peke is a strong, tiny pooch who is known for his flat face, soft coat and short legs. He is lovable and attention-seeker yet he makes an excellent watchdog since he is generally suspicious of anything or anyone that is not familiar to him. Don’t be fooled though, even if he is short and tiny he is one courageous pooch, hence the nickname “lion dog.”

The breed’s standard haircut according to the AKC is no haircut at all. A long, flowing coat is so prized in the show ring, and if it would be noticed that his coat is somehow trimmed, then that reckons a penalty.

Many owners and handlers find grooming a very time-consuming task. That is why the groomers are there to help you out. Just be sure that you communicate well with your groomer, whether you want the cut to be long or short. To a groomer the word “short” means anywhere from 1/4 inch to 2 inches long, so you must be specific.

Pekingese Grooming Styles – Show off your Peke

Pekingese Grooming Styles

The “Puppy Cut”
Like Shih Tzus, the long, coarse, dense fur of a Pekingese often leads owners to choose the “puppy cut,” a cut that consists of trimming the entire body, including the head, face and legs, to a uniform length.

The “Lion Cut”
The lion cut is mostly self-explanatory, consisting of a very close shave to the body of the dog with the hair left tufted as a mane around the face and full pouf or tuft at the end of the tail. Some may shave the haunches of the dog while leaving the entire forward half of the body untrimmed.

No Haircut
Many Pekingese owners opt against any kind of cut for their pets, as there are often penalties for “shaping or sculpting” the coat, according to the American Kennel Club’s website, The site states a “long and profuse coat is desirable” for the breed.

Source: eHow, by Amanda Courtney

Show Groom

This kind of cut is done to display a Pekingese’s full coat potential. It is a fluffed out and brushed mane of hair that covers the body completely. That hair on the ears, face and body touches the ground and covers the legs. The hair on the tail is then brushed up and fanned over the back. The only hair that is trimmed here are the ones between the toes so that his paws can touch the ground. With this type of hair, the Peke would look like a pompom. This grooming style is not easy to maintain as it needs frequent brushing and washing.

Short Groom

This kind is the length between a long-hair and puppy cut. The body hair is long yet trimmed so that it won’t touch the ground. The length depends on what the preference of the owner is. The hair on the ears are trimmed straight across at chin level. The tail is trimmed at the top while feathered at the bottome. Leg hairs are trimmed so short. This kind of style still needs everyday shampooing and brushing.

Lion Cut

The ears, chest and face hair are long yet trimmed or rounded to look like a mane. Then the body and legs are shaved and hair is left only at the very tip of his tail. This kind of cut keeps your Peke particularly hairy, round face while providing relief in warm climate.

Puppy Cut

This is the cut that has an all-over trim. The face and body ar trimmed to an even length with shaved ears. The lenght varies to the owner/groomer’s preference but it is usually under 2 inches. This is the cut that reduce the coat maintenance and daily grooming hours of an owner. Also, it helps cook down your Peke during the hot summer season.

Now you know the different pekingese grooming styles. Have fun styling your baby Peke according to your preference, you can even dye his hair if you want. Be unique and show off your beloved pet.

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Grooming a Pekingese

Grooming a Pekingese

Grooming a pekingese takes a lot of hard work and patience, not many pet owners can handle it. Some would simply bring their pets to the groomers while others do it themselves. Majority of pet owners are so protective with their beloved pets, treating them as their own kids at some point. Thus, it is not new when some owners don’t want to take the risk to put the care of their pets to some stranger. Not even if this particular stranger is a grooming expert.

First you must see to it that your Pekingese will be used to all the buzzing and clicking sound before engaging into grooming them. If your pet gets frigthened of the sound, reassure them. If they try to bite your clippers, tell them not to and give them their favorite treat if they follow your command. You may have to do this several times before your baby will get used to all that clipping and buzzing sound going on.

Grooming a Pekingese

Begin grooming your Pekingese early. Pekingese learn socialization skills at a young age and will be better behaved during grooming if it is started earlier.

A constant routine of grooming will keep your pet looking its best. Grooming is easily performed when it is regularly given. Unkempt dogs tend to be unhealthy and suffer more disease than those that are well cared for.

If for one reason or another, you find that you are unable to learn how to groom a Pekingese, there are many well-trained and qualified pet groomers.

Prices vary depending upon location and the amount of grooming that is required. Your vet should be able to recommend someone to help you in grooming your pet.

I taught myself how to groom a Pekingese and he seems to enjoy the event. This is a routine I have practiced with him since bringing him into my home.

He tends to be soothed by the water of bathing and following grooming often goes off to sleep.

Source: Dogs First Aid 101,

How to groom a Pekingese

  • Use metal combs and slicker brushes. This is to remove the excess shed hair from the undercoat and keeps their coat looking neat and clean. Also, pay close attention to their hindquarters, it has the tendency to become all tangled up and become coarse.
  • Clean the face. Use a soft, moist cloth in cleaning their face and eye area. If you see stained hairs on the face, trim these using a scissors. And if your Peke’s face becomes too moist, powder lightly.
  • Dry shampoo every now and then.
  • Check your pooch’s feet for objects. Sometimes, things get stuck in there like burrs.
  • Give your doggie a final brush after bathing or dry shampooing. Also, try to brush the hair up for added volume.
  • Trim your doggie’s excess hair. Try to trim his stomach hair and the pads of his feet. You can also give him a short body trim just be careful not to cut your dog.

And that’s how grooming a pekingese should be done. If you think you can’t really handle it, then take your pet to the groomers every now and then.  You could actually save grooming fees if you can do it at home especially if you have several pups with you.

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