Dog Intelligence Test – What is your Pekingese’s IQ?


Dog Intelligence Test – What is your Pekingese’s IQ?

How smart is your pekingese? Dog intelligence test is developed by humans so don’t expect it to be perfect either. And as you go through the test results, it is evaluated by human experts and not by dogs. While there are various ways to determine your dog’s IQ, his problem-solving ability is perhaps the best way to tell how mentally adept he really is. Your pet may not know how to sit and stay but does he automatically know it’s time to go out every time you pick up his leash? That depicts intelligence there.

There are really various kinds of intelligence, just like in humans. For the canines, there are only 2 kinds: Adoptive and instinctive intelligence. When you say instinctive it already comes with the type and breed of the dog. There is also a learning ability that includes the environmental learning, language comprehension, social learning and task learning. This is also true to us, humans – some are better off with logic while some are with numbers.

Dog Intelligence Test

  • Throw a towel over your dog’s head and time how long it takes him to free himself. An average may be 15 to 20 seconds.
  • Place three paper cups upside down on the floor, three feet apart. Allow your dog to see you place a bit of weenie under one of them. Turn him in a circle twice or lead him into another room for about 30 seconds and then see if he can go to the right cup the first time.
  • Split a weenie in half so that it has a flat side. Place it just under the edge of the sofa. Time how long it takes him to get it out. An average may be around 60 seconds.
  • Take your dog outside the yard on a long leash and walk along the fence several feet from the gate which you will leave open. Toss a bit of weenie back over the fence. See if he figures out to go back around through the gate to get the treat.

Source: Dogs @ Suite 101, by Joy Butler

Some Standard Tests

Take note that your dog must be at least one year old or older before applying these tests.

  • On a day that you don’t normally take him out on a walk, quietly pick up his leash, keys and other things that you need with you while he is looking. If he immediately gets excited then give him a score of 3. If you have to open the door before he realizes about his walk, then give him 2. If he just sits there and bears a confused look then give him 1 point.
  • Take him out of the room and rearrange the furniture. If upon entering he directly jumps to his favorite spot on the couch, give him 3 points. If he goes around the room and able to find his spot under 30 seconds, score him 2 points. If he would settle on an another place because he is too lazy to find his spot, then give him 1.
  • Cut a piece of cardboard and create a barrier, must be higher than your dog when he is standing on 2 legs. Support the structures and create a aperture top to bottom so that he could see the treat on the other side of the barricade. If he is able to get to the treat within 30 seconds, give him 3 points. If he goes around the barricade and took him more than 30 seconds, score him 2 points. If he got his head/paw stuck between the aperture, give him 1 point for trying.

Score Interpretation:

16 points and above: He is a genius!

13-16 points: Above average. He knows how to get what he wants.

9-12 points: He is just an average pooch.

5-8 points: Below average and that is not a big deal.

1-4 points: He is not the brightest one in the pack but he is still cute.

Dog Intelligence Test is just there to measure your dog’s IQ but do not make it as your only source for his intelligence.  Like I said earlier, there are several tests in order to check your dog’s intellectual quotient. He may not succeed in your commands for sit, stay and rollover but his instinctive skills might be superb.

How did your pekingese score? Tell us more about it.





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