Choosing a Dog – What the Pekignese Breed Say About You


Choosing a dog is no joke and it also says a lot about your very own personality. From the tiny Chihuahua to the mighty Great Dane, dogs come in various shapes and sizes and show different kinds of temperaments. Studies shows that the type of dog breed that you pick can actually say a lot of things about your very own personalty. Let me share to you the interpretations about the dog breeds and think how similar you really are.

Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua, Tinkerbell may be more than just an accessory. Owners of toy dogs like Hilton and Isaac Newton, score high in the personality traits like openness, open to new experiences, intellectually curious, and are very appreciative of culture and arts. On the other hand, owners of Labrador, the overly friendly breed are the most agreeable personalities around. Furthermore, people also tend to report that their pet’s personality is a lot like theirs.

Choosing a Dog – What the Pekignese Breed Say About You

Choosing a Dog

What your Dog Say About You

  • Terriers. This breed are playful companions, energetic and fun loving. Owners of terriers are said to be able to focus on the task at hand and are flexible. Just like their pets, terrier owners are also brave, competitive and feisty. They are also known to have a good sense of humor and extremely talkative.
  • Labradors and Golden Retrievers. This breed are very good-natured, friendly and make wonderful family companions. Owners of this dog usually put their families first and are carefree and easy going. This breed are known to have active lifestyle and adore the outdoors. Owners are usually lovable, honest and social butterflies.
  • Bulldogs. This breed is so persistent, determined and doesn’t know how to give up easily. Owners of this breed are known to be silly, loves to laugh however can be stubborn at times. They are also very efficient and methodical in completing tasks. While they seem to appear intimidating, bulldogs are loving and gentle members of the family. Owners are also known for being hopeless romantics with sentimental streaks.
  • Poodles, Pekingese, Chihuhuas and Toy Breeds. Owners of these dogs are loyal, sincere and fun loving. Owners are also known to love traveling since small dogs make wonderful travel companions plus they can easily be put into a carrier. Owners of such dogs take pride in their physical appearance also they own very neat and orderly homes. They are also versatile and can afford to enjoy evenings with a bottle of wine or partying around town.
  • Boxers. This breed exudes high amounts of energy. Owners are said to live life to the fullest and are known for their playful personality. Boxer owners are usually busy, quickly welcomes strangers and love life to the fullest. They are mostly hapy-go-lucky people.
  • Beagles. One of the smartest breed in the world. They are innately inquisitive, loyal and are willing to learn new things. Owners are also open to new experiences, willful and curious. The owners make great friends and would bring laughter to everyone’s life. They can also have a mischievous side.
  • Irish Setters, English Pointers, Weimaraners. These breeds are naturally likable, alert and well-rounded family pets. Owners enjoy an active lifestyle, love hunting and other outdoor activities. They are also intelligent, motivated, esily excited and have a great sense of courage.
  • Cocker Spaniels. This breed are so sweet, gentle and respectful. Owners tend to be trustworthy, affectionate and charming. The owners may lead a busy lives but they prioritize their families first. They also keep in close touch with lifelong friends and don’t prefer to spend time with strangers.
  • Sight Hound Group (Basenji, Greyhound, Whippet). These breed are very calm, relaxed, and introverted. These dogs love the company of family and friends, they also prefer to spend time with smaller dog breeds. They are very curious, alert and organized. Owners of this group are agile, fast and often excel at sports (especially track and field.)
  • Dachshunds. This breed are brave, stubborn and act invincible. When owners of this breed want something, they don’t give up until they get it. Owners adore gardening and just like their pets, dig things up. They can also be bossy at times and dislike it when things don’t go their way.
  • German Shepherds. This dog are usually shy around strangers however they warm up once they get to know the person. Owners would of anything for their friends and are loyal companions and tend to be protective to their loved ones.
  • Pugs. They are the class clowns of the canine species. People who own pugs are often cheerful and have a zest for live life to the fullest. Just like a pug who adores belly rubs, the owners also enjoy massages and spa pampering.
  • Rottweilers. They are intense an determined. This dog commands a degree of respect and is known to be a very courageous breed. Owners are loyal, confident and devoted to their loved ones and friends. They are lid back but quickly reacts if a person rubs them the wrong way.
  • Siberian Huskies. Owners of this breed are very huge sports fans. Whether it’s basketball or football, it’s likely that they are watching the game somewhere. Those who own this breed are into outdoor sports like skiing and snowboarding. They can be strong willed but are also lovable towards strangers.
  • Mixed Breeds. Mutt owners are often fun loving, carefree and open minded. They enjoy riding the wave of life while following strict plans. They don’t mind on the small stuff and would rather focus their attention on the bigger picture. During their free time, owners of mutt are often seen doing volunteer works or happily spending time with their group of friends.

Choosing a dog has not always been easy since you are trying to find the perfect match for you. So the next time you see a biker dude walking leather-collared Rott or a Paris Hilton clone with a clipped Poodle in Shantung leash, you may have a difficulty in analyzing how it reflects them. But how about your own pet? What kind of portrait does your pet on you? You may not have thought about it, but everything about your chosen dog reveals a great deal about you; may it be for worse or better.

So, do you agree on the statement above? Tell us about what you think on the space provided below.




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Pica in Dogs: Does your Pekingese Have Pica?

Pica in Dogs: Does your Pekingese Have Pica?

What is pica in dogs? Eating non-food items is coined as pica. Although you may see it as a sign that his diet is lacking some nutrient; however when it occurs is puppies and young dogs the most common cause is actually boredom. Consuming non-food items occasionally may turn into a compulsive behavior, which may be a dangerous habit. The most common form of pica is your pet eating rocks, but he can also eat other things like containers, human clothing, wood or other wooden objects and plastic materials.

It is normal for puppies to chow down on all types of objects, non-food items included. Though, experts are not sure on why they indulge in this, most puppies do this in order to investigate their surroundings. And most puppies will just outgrow this behavior when they reach 6 months of age and along with a reprimand from their owner.

It is already considered as a compulsive behavior if he still continues to do so even when he is already a full grown adult. Compulsive behavior won’t go away if you leave it untreated, you must help her with a special training. Ask your vet about it for more info.

On the other hand, it is common to see dogs eat grass. Some dogs would graze when they don’t feel good and would want to vomit, while others do this to improve their digestion. They also indulge in it because it helps in getting rid of worms or can treat stomach ailments. As long as your pet only eats soil and grass occasionally, then this type of pica won’t have any issue.

Pica in Dogs

Resolving the Problem

If you notice that your pet has pica issues, giving him lots of appropriate things and toys for him to play with as well as a chance to play with you might help in resolving this issue and prevent the development of compulsive behavior. Just bear in mind that if you give him things to chew on, be sure that it is a chew toy designed for him so that he won’t bite off chunks of it and choke in the long run. If you suspect that his pica is diet related issue, then switch him to a higher quality dog food, it could help resolve the problem, if you see no improvement then consult your vet already.

Pica in Pups

  • Give him a plenty of mental exercise to keep him busy. Give him different toys and safe things to chew on.
  • Provide lots of physical exercise too. Play catch, tug of war, fetch and go on walks with your pet. Allow him to run around the yard as well while you supervise.
  • Monitor him. Reprimand him verbally every time you see him chew on something that isn’t suppose to be. Redirect his attention and give her treats and toys instead.
  • If you see him already eating non-edible items, take it from his mouth immediately as it can cause blockages or illnesses once swallowed.

Handling Compulsive Pica

If you are not seeking the aid of an expert animal behaviorist, then here are some steps you can do at home to curb his bad habit.

  • Dog proof your home. Prevent him from gaining access to all non-edible items that he is loves on eating. Supervise him most of the time when you are out in the open. If necessary, you can put basket muzzle on him when you go out on walks.
  • Discourage him. Every time you see him trying to chew on something that isn’t right, then reprimand him. Try to give him his toys and treats to redirect his attention, if he does so, praise him for that.
  • Give him lots to do. Mental and physical exercise can help a lot. Go on walks, play with him, give him lots of challenging toys to keep him pre-occupied for hours and also allow him to mingle with his dog buddies at the park.
  • Consult the vet. Ask your vet about medications that could minimize your pet’s stress and compulsive behavior.
  • Teach him a new skill. Teaching him a new skill would prevent him from doing his compulsive behavior. Reward him for good performance and scold him of he tries to eat something that is not edible.
  • Use deterrents. Using of safe taste deterrents on the items that your pet loves to chew on is also an idea. Useful and safe deterrents include ground pepper, tabasco sauce, Grannick’s bitter apple gel or spray. Be consistent on your application on the items and restrict her water source for 10-20 minutes for maximum results. The bad taste and limit of water source would discourage her from chewing on those items again. If you see him approaching on that item he loves to chew and would turn away, praise him immediately.

Pica in dogs is normal however it is not healthy since if could harm him. As an owner, you must do something to help him stop this bad behavior of his. If you think that you cannot handle the situation on your own, you better seek the help of an expert right away.

Is your pekingese well behaved? Good for you, if so, because mine is quite mischievous; trying to nibble on my garments whenever he can! What is your story? Share it with us below.



Dogs and Rabbits: Is your Pekingese Ready for This?

Dogs and rabbits can be friends. That is a fact. For most pet lovers, having a pet is just a matter of having a companion during walks, a friend their kids can have, a furry member of the pack or even a showpiece. For some, it has already become a hobby – more of like an obsession. If you are that person who is keeping various species under one rood, then be aware of all the special attention it entails. When it comes to dogs and rabbits, there are certain safety guidelines to follow to make your place a safe environment.

And you should have known by now that rabbits are very sensitive animals. And the mere stress of a certain frightening experience can kill thumper, and an attempt to introduce thumper to fido should have a very controlled set up.

In attempting to make Fido and Thumper friends, bear in mind that the behavior and temperament of your dog can either make or break the entire experience. Good candidates would be behave, calm dogs while the over excited dogs are rather hard to rabbit-train. In making this assessment, it is essential to be completely honest here. Before you try to bring the rabbit and dog in one place, try to introduce their scents to each other first. Collect some used litter or other heavily scented items and bring it to each other and let them smell it. Observe each other’s reaction, may it be shock or anxiety. If your dog seems to be excited or agitated during this process, then for sure you will require more caution and patience in your end.

Dogs and Rabbits

Dogs and Rabbits: Is your Pekingese Ready for This?

How to Introduce a Dog and a Rabbit

  • Find a neutral place. Locate an area which neither of them would think of it as “their turf.” Such places would be the bathroom, garage, kitchen or bedroom.
  • Put rabbit in cage. Allow the rabbit to adjust first on his new environment. Once he is already calm and adjusted, you may now call your dog over.
  • Observe. Watch them both carefully for their reactions. If the rabbit shies away, talk to them in a soothing voice while stroking them both; it is essential that you won’t give one attention more than the other during this point. If they just ignore or sniff each other, then let them be since it is positive reaction.
  • Get help. It is ideal that the assistant you will get is someone who has a good bond with one of the animals and let him/her hold that animal.
  • Getting closer. Slightly bring them both close to each other. They they are both being friendly and calm, then lavish them both with praises and affection.
  • Let them roam around. Allow your dog to go around the house and your rabbit to hop around. If your dog would follow the rabbit around, let him be as long as he is not aggressive. If he gets aggressive, stop him. If he remains calm and friendly, praise him. Repeat this step for days until they get used to each other.

People often think that dogs and rabbits can never be friends  just as cats and dogs never will be; however both are just myths and can be proven otherwise.

Does your pekingese have a rabbit friend? How was the experience? How did you introduce them to each other? Please do share your story with us below.


How to Get a Picky Dog to Eat – Feeding the Fussy Pekingese

Let us all admit it, the Pekingese is one picky eater. And knowing how to get a picky dog to eat is essential for dog owners who is having a hard time how to handle the situation.

There are lots of pet parents out there often find themselves in a situation with a fussy Fido, one that won’t eat because its too bland or simply out of rebellious. This is a common trick played by the Pekingese breed, whether you like it or not. That is why some owners would resolve to doing “something special” to their pet’s meal by adding more meat, giving him canned dog food or even giving him eggs and gravy. Which is generally not a good idea nor it is healthy for your pet.

Adding canned goods by itself is not a problem, the issue is when you add the canned food to the dry one since your pet may only eat the canned ones and leave its keeble as is. Thus ending up you being trained by your dog to feed him canned food. Also, canned dog food is usually fattening, not to mention costly. It is also not a good idea to feed him canned foods always since it causes tooth decay and diarrhea, experts say.

Gravy has been introduced to the pet parents as a method of getting their picky pets to eat, however gravy is carbohydrates so there is no added value to it. As a matter of fact, feeding him gravy would only fatten him up and will cause health issues due to obesity.

Eggs are a good source of protein and many pet parents use raw eggs in making their pet’s coat shine. However, experts are against it due to several reasons: (1) Salmonella poisoning and (2) Biotin deficiency.

How to Get a Picky Dog to Eat – Feeding the Fussy Pekingese

How to Get a Picky Dog to Eat

  • See to it that he is not ill. If your dog won’t eat, then maybe he is sick. Or that your Pekingese is just trying to send you a message. Otherwise, better see the vet to be sure.
  • Regular Schedule. Canines are a creature of habit, so feeding him on a regular schedule is must. They know when is their meal time, so don’t go changing the feeding time schedule as it may confuse him.
  • Throw away stored food. Do not give your pet foods that were stored for more than 12 hours since the bacteria formation has already started by then. That may be the reason on why he doesn’t want to eat it.
  • Let him sit before eating. Commanding him something to do like a simple sit would work already so that the food would then become the reward. This is the perfect time to enhance obedience training.
  • Know his food amount. Observe your pet while eating and take note of the amount of food he is eating. If he is not finishing up his food, then maybe you are serving more than he could eat. So, during his next meal, try to reduce it.
  • Exercise. Just like us, a dog who doesn’t get ample exercise doesn’t need lots of food. If he isn’t eating, try to increase his exercise. Let him experience longer walks or play fetch with him before giving him meals.
  • No distractions. See to it that there’s no distraction while he is eating. There are dogs that would rather play or go on a walk with you than eat. So keep his fave toy and you stay put for a while so that he can eat quietly.
  • No food switching. Do not switch foods unless you are planning to feed him that new food permanently. If you must switch foods, go healthy such as grain-free diet or raw diet.

True, a Peke is one picky eater but if you know how to get a picky dog to eat, then for sure other obstacles would come in easy for you. It is a golden rule that if you yourself won’t eat the food you are giving him, then for sure he won’t also eat it. Ponder on that thought.

What do you do when your Peek throws a tantrum and won’t eat his meals? Any tricks that works on him? Tell us your story below.




Why Do Dogs Lick Humans? Is your Pekingese Kissing You?

Why Do Dogs Lick Humans? Is your Pekingese Kissing You?

Have you ever wondered why do dogs lick humans? The moment where you are simply chilling in front of the TV and your pekingese would wander about and suddenly plops at your feet and then start licking you. And the licking would continue until he is satisfied or when the area is already spotless clean.

What makes him lick you really? Moajority of the dogs are so into licking and you know that there has to be a valid reason behind him doing it.

Others would say that a dog’s lick is a form of canine kiss to prove that he loves or likes you. It is their way of showing that they really do care about you. While this is the reason behind by most people, science says that this is not the reason why they are doing it.

One theory is that they are taught by their mothers since birth about licking. Their mothers would lick them endlessly the moment they are born in order to stimulate breathing and to clean them up. Licking is very essential for a puppy to survive. The licking is a natural instinct that they get from their mom.

Licking is also a form of submissive gesture. If you to the wild, you would see subordinate dogs licking the dominant ones. This would promote harmony about the pack. Thus when your pekingese is licking you, it is him showing that you are the one dominat and in charge.

One more reason on why your dog would lick you is to get more information from you. Your dog would use his scent reeceptors to process the data that he gets from you. If you are sweating, you are actually sending a message to your dog unknowingly. This is the main reason on why your dog seems to love to lick your feet since your feet has plenty sweat glands and dogs love the taste of salt.

Sebaceous glands that are located near your hair follicles release sebum. The combination of sebum and sweat gives a lot of information on what is going on with you for your dog. It would tell him if you are happy, afraid or stressed.

There are also cases when your dog would go to the extent that he would lick you all over your face especially when other people are around. This is is way of showing you that you are more important to them compared to the stranger.

Why Do Dogs Lick Humans

It’s something normal, dogs licking people. Some people love it or hate the idea of dogs licking them. What’s the real reason dogs love to lick people? After reading some articles on the subject, there are many reasons dogs lick, which is mainly to show and/or demonstrate emotion or to communicate.

Source: Doggy World,

Theories on Why Dogs Lick Humans

  • In the wild puppies would lick the lips of their mothers as she returns to the den so that she would regurgitate food for them. They would make a fuss of her and that is her stimulus to vomit the food. It could be your pekignese would regard you as his mother thus making a fuss when she sees you for the first time each day.
  • They would lick you as a signal for deference. Naturally, dogs are pack animals so they would lick you as a sign of submission in order to maintain harmony.
  • He licks you because of the salt that is present in your body.
  • It could be that he is simply seeking for your attention.

With this post, I hope that I have cleared that issue on why do dogs lick humans. Others find it annoying while others love when their dogs do that.  It is up to you on how you deal with it; if you averse him doing it, then reprimand him in doing so.  Personally, I love my dogs licking me since it gives me great sense of security and relieves my stress away by the end of the day.

Do you want to share something with us? Do not be ashamed on what you have to say, leave a story behind.

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