Good Things About Pekingese Dogs: What New Owners Should Know


Just like any breed, there are good things about pekingese dogs that every potential new owner should know before you bring one home. If you aren’t sure about getting a Pekingese dog yet, there are some extremely unique, fun traits that all Pekes have. So here are some helpful good traits to know about when it comes to the Pekingese dog:

good things about pekingese dogs

The Perks Of A Peke

good things about pekingese dogs

good things about pekingese dogs

Pekingese are good watch dogs – It doesn’t matter that they are one of the smaller breeds out there, don’t tell that to a Pekingese! They are excellent watch dogs and will let you know when someone is outside before they ever even get out of the car, let you know when someone is about to knock at your apartment door, and make sure that any stranger knows that they are watching them.

They are a smaller breed – Pekingese are one of the smaller breeds out there, which means that they are great for apartments and smaller spaces. They love to be held as well, which makes it easier to do this more since they aren’t a huge dog.

Pekingese are smart dogs – You can easily work with any age of Peke to help train them to go to the bathroom outside or on potty pads, to do tricks, and to get in a routine with you every day. Pekingese are very smart dogs, and even though they might get a bit stubborn at times, they are fairly easy to train.

Pekingese make wonderful companion dogs – For those that live alone or want a pet that will be happy to snuggle with them for long periods of time, the Pekingese is it. Most Pekingese enjoy being around, or on, their owners for as long as they can be and will happily sit through movies and TV shows with you.

Pekingese are beautiful dogs – Of course, this will take some work on your part too. Pekingese have long, beautiful hair and this will need to be groomed well at least once a week and brushed a few times per week (usually once a day or every other day). The good about this is that they usually love the attention so they are happy to sit and be pampered any time you like.

Pekingese cannot be kept outside for long periods of time – This is another reason that they are great for apartments is that they cannot be outside for long periods of time. Their bodies cannot regulate temperature like other larger breeds and they can get extremely hot or cold too fast if you aren’t careful.

Overall View

Of course, you should always research the good things about Pekingese dogs before you head out to get one. If you find out everything you can about the breed, then you’ll easily know if this is the right pet for you. Pekingese are excellent companions and millions of Peke owners all over the world are completely devoted to their dogs.

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Pekingese Dogs are Adoptable And Not Damaged Dogs

No matter where you live, Pekingese dogs are adoptable and still sweet and loyal even when these little ones have lost those they cherished the most. Can they find love again in new homes, with new families? The answer is yes and it comes from hundreds of families that have adopted Pekingese dogs around the world. For whatever reason they lost their homes, all they need is love and they will once again be happy and can make your everyday life more fulfilling. It is in a dog’s nature to be kind to their masters and Pekingese dogs are wonderful at making everything ok after a long day at work.

Pekingese Dogs are Adoptable

Pekingese Dogs are Adoptable

Pekingese Dogs are Adoptable

All around the world, people are working to prevent these sweet, intelligent, loving animals from being killed daily. Just type “Pekingese Dogs Rescue” into your search engine and you can find one near you that will have plenty of wonderful little Pekingese ready for adoption to a good home. Whether you are ready to adopt or just want to help with donations; time and money are always welcome. Of course, at any rescue you go to, Pekingese dogs are adoptable throughout the year.

Many shelters need foster parents if you cannot take on a new Pekingese as a forever home. If you have the time and patience, you can have the opportunity to find just the one you might want to keep forever. My guess you will wind up with more than one, which is normally what happens to foster parents. Pekingese dogs are extremely popular because they are small, usually weighing less than 10 pounds, but their love comes in abundance and so do their personalities.

Most people assume that dogs at rescues and shelters are “damaged” in some way. In fact, the opposite is true. Dogs that have lost their homes are very adoptable, especially smaller breeds like the Pekingese, and there are many different reasons why a dog might be up for adoption. Perhaps their owners lost income that required them to move to a place that will no longer let them keep a dog. Perhaps they were ill or had other health problems that prevented them from owning a dog any longer. No matter what the reason, it is very rarely because the dog is hard to handle or mean. Most dogs at rescues and shelters are simply in need of a loving home.

Although they are no longer Pekingese puppies they still want to give and receive love. Plus Pekingese dogs are adoptable in all ranges of colors, ages, and sizes so you are sure to find the perfect Peke to complete your home. Keep in mind that they may need time to adjust to a new home, but more than likely, your Peke will be instantly happy with you and your family in a forever home. So when you’re considering buying a Pekingese puppy, you might check your local rescues and shelters for Pekingese that need new homes instead.

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Are Pekingese Dogs Loyal As Protectors Of A Family?

Pekingese dogs are small, adorable, loyal dogs but those considering getting one may be wondering are Pekingese dogs loyal as protectors? You just want to give them a hug or kiss on that cute little pug nose and you don’t consider them a big guard dog for your family. However, like people they come with many different personalities. Some like hugs and kisses, some prefer to be left alone. Some are over-protective of their families, and others like to enjoy other dog’s company. It is quite rewarding to select a dog with a personality similar to your own. And, with a Pekingese, you will know it is the right one the moment you meet.

Pekingese Dogs Loyal

Pekingese Dogs Loyal

Pekingese Dogs Loyal

One of the main attributes that attract Pekingese owners to their dogs are the beautiful round eyes that wrap you right around their fingers. The heart-shaped ears lay flat against their heads with lots of feathering to their long fur all around their face. Yet they have been a very loyal, brave breed for thousands of years throughout China and other parts of the world. In fact, their total bravery and beautiful face is what has given them the lion-dog name.

Pekingese dogs love their families and will protect them from danger no matter what, making them an excellent security dog. They do tend to not fear anything or anyone which can sometimes get them into trouble with snakes and other poisonous animals. However, in this case their bark is most definitely worse than their bite when it comes to humans. When someone comes to the door at your house, the barking begins. A Pekingese bark can sound vicious as she lets everyone know they are not welcome until their owner says it’s okay. As soon as the guest is invited inside, they are usually happy again. After that moment, Pekingese are usually very friendly and ready to play with company as their job is done – they let their owners know someone new was here. The family is safe once again.

It’s not just at home that Pekingese dogs are fierce protectors. They love going for a ride in the car and will normally sit quietly and watch out the window. Their little head moving from side-to-side doesn’t miss anything, even if they don’t seem to be watching anything in particular. No barking or jumping all over anyone, just content to be along and included in this trip. But let a stranger get near the car or their family and they can turn into a snarling little guard dog that can turn around those that might want to cause harm while you’re out and about.

Don’t let their small stature and friendly, loving nature fool you, they are fierce protectors of those that they consider their family. They will make sure to let you know when someone is at the door, or even in the yard, and they will also put themselves between their family and someone that is a stranger to them. So if you are wondering are Pekingese dogs loyal as protectors, the answer is a quick yes.

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What Makes Pekingese Dogs Special: Learning About The Breed’s History

When you hear the term Pekingese dogs, what comes to mind? Their small stature? The long beautiful coat? Or maybe those cute little faces all scrunched up and smiling at you? No matter what you think of when you hear the word Pekingese, you think of a small, energetic little dog. But how much do you know about Pekingese dogs in general? Do you know what makes the breed special and why many people fall in love with them quickly? Well, let’s go through some of the wonderful characteristics that make Pekingese dogs such a special breed.

Pekingese dogs


Pekingese dogs

Pekingese dogs

The Lion Dog
Did you know that Pekingese dogs actually got their name because they resemble ancient Chinese guard lions called Shishi or Pelchie dogs? Pelchie dogs were a very ancient breed of toy dogs that originated in China and were the favorite of the Chinese Imperial courts. You may have heard these Chinese Imperial guard lions called Foo Dogs as well. These guard lions stand all around China, in different temples, royal palaces, and many other places throughout the country and in other parts of the world. They are believed to have mythic protection powers and are always found in pairs, usually guarding the entrances to a building or other place.

Older Than You Might Think
Pekingese dogs did originate in China and the breed has been determined to be one of the oldest dog breeds there is. They are also one of the few breeds that are the least genetically diverged from wolves unlike some of the other older breeds of dogs.

Pekingese Dogs Were Royalty
In ancient China, Pekingese dogs were so beloved by the royal families that they could only be owned by Chinese Imperial Palace members for many centuries. Their name, Pekingese, actually comes from Peking, China, which is where the Forbidden City is located. In 1860, during the Second Opium War, the Old Summer Palace was overrun and occupied by foreign troops. While the royal family fled, there were 5 Pekingese dogs that were left behind and taken back to Britain. From there, they became a much sought after pet throughout the royal family of Britain. Their popularity grew from there.

Sleeve Pekingese Are Real
Sleeve Pekingese dogs are a true miniature version of the Pekingese. The name actually comes from an old custom of carrying Pekingese puppies in the large sleeves of the robes that were worn by the royal family members in China. This custom actually led to some members of the Imperial household creating some odd practices to stunt the growth of Pekingese puppies to keep them as small as possible.

Historically Impressive
For those interested in the long history of the Pekingese dog, it is a very unique and rich one filled with plenty of wonderful legends and stories about the breed. These few tidbits are just a small fraction of the colorful background that the Pekingese dogs hold throughout their existence. Of course, for those that own Pekingese dogs or puppies, you already know the wonderful companions that they make and the lifelong friends that they become. It is easy to see how any family, royal or otherwise, would easily fall in love with these small but majestic dogs.

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How to Make a Dog Love You – Making your Pekingese Love You More

You see a person effortlessly approaching any random dog and they seem to immediately warm up to him/her. But if you would approach the same dog, it is a different story. Which leaves you thinking, how to make a dog love you? Love. It is a strong four-letter word and it is defined by affection which causes sheer joy and happiness. It has also been defined as a strong liking or devotion to a certain individual.

Dogs and other pets have the capability to love their owners. And their capacity to love is determined by a mix of nurtural and natural factors. Nutural would pertain to his security while he was growing up and on how he was treated by humans would greatly affect his development. It is often believed that just like us, the way to a pet’s heart is through his stomach, but personally I think that this concept is too cynical and simple in order to explain such deep bonds between owners and pets. This may sound weird but I think in order for your pet to love you, you must first love him. Once you do that successfully, then everything would follow naturally. Loving your pet would mean that you are willing to nurture, provide and support him all the way and not merely feeding him. You would be able to protect him from all his feelings of uncertainties and being scared. You would make sure that you will entertain, cuddle and have time for him each passing day.

how to make a dog love youLove is a two-way street between the involved parties and it would deepen their bond for each other as time passes by. Unfortunately, as time goes its way, there are complications encountered and one party may end up neglecting the other. Most pet parents who show love and affection towards their pets are reciprocated a hundred-fold. Everybody needs somebody and pets need somebody too. Dogs are naturally pack animals thus they thrive for close social attachment as their foundation for a psychologically healthy life.

Here is a short yet informative video on how to make your dog love you.

How to Make a Dog Love You

Simple Guiding Tips

  • Observe. Be a keen observer and watch over him for a while. Take note on how he would act if he wants to play, hungry or cuddle. Understanding him is the first great step, it would make you more responsive to his needs thus winning his heart.
  • Petting. No one can ever go wrong with petting. It is always a good start especially with puppies, however observe him while he is being petted. There are dogs who doesn’t prefer to be petted since they want to play, so go ahead and play with him.
  • Treats. Food is the fastest way to his heart thus soft treats that has a strong meat scent would surely get his attention. If you want to train him, then don’t give the treat until he follows your command.
  • Grooming. Feeding is one, but take a few minutes of your day to grush his coat. Do not neglect your daily chores on him since he is your responsibility. He would become more affectionate towards you and his coat would be healthier as well.
  • Walk. Dogs love their daily walks. It would take out his excess energy thus minimizing negative behaviors at home.
  • Give him his space. Respect his alone time otherwise he would try to avoid you. Every creature needs their alone time, even you need it yourself. Respect his private moment and he would enjoy his time with you.
  • Do not stare at his eye. Staring a dog right in the eye scares the living daylights out of your pet. Blink or look to the side if you must look at them in the eye and do not smile since he may interpret as an ‘attack mode.’

So if you are at your boyfriend/girlfriend’s place and there’s a dog and you don’t know how to make a dog love you, simply bring out the treats. He may be wary of you at first but just be calm and stand your ground. Do not run nor show any aggressive/provoking behavior towards the dog. And before feeding him the treats that you have with you, ask permission from the owner first.

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