Are Pekingese Dogs Loyal As Protectors Of A Family?


Pekingese dogs are small, adorable, loyal dogs but those considering getting one may be wondering are Pekingese dogs loyal as protectors? You just want to give them a hug or kiss on that cute little pug nose and you don’t consider them a big guard dog for your family. However, like people they come with many different personalities. Some like hugs and kisses, some prefer to be left alone. Some are over-protective of their families, and others like to enjoy other dog’s company. It is quite rewarding to select a dog with a personality similar to your own. And, with a Pekingese, you will know it is the right one the moment you meet.

Pekingese Dogs Loyal

Pekingese Dogs Loyal

Pekingese Dogs Loyal

One of the main attributes that attract Pekingese owners to their dogs are the beautiful round eyes that wrap you right around their fingers. The heart-shaped ears lay flat against their heads with lots of feathering to their long fur all around their face. Yet they have been a very loyal, brave breed for thousands of years throughout China and other parts of the world. In fact, their total bravery and beautiful face is what has given them the lion-dog name.

Pekingese dogs love their families and will protect them from danger no matter what, making them an excellent security dog. They do tend to not fear anything or anyone which can sometimes get them into trouble with snakes and other poisonous animals. However, in this case their bark is most definitely worse than their bite when it comes to humans. When someone comes to the door at your house, the barking begins. A Pekingese bark can sound vicious as she lets everyone know they are not welcome until their owner says it’s okay. As soon as the guest is invited inside, they are usually happy again. After that moment, Pekingese are usually very friendly and ready to play with company as their job is done – they let their owners know someone new was here. The family is safe once again.

It’s not just at home that Pekingese dogs are fierce protectors. They love going for a ride in the car and will normally sit quietly and watch out the window. Their little head moving from side-to-side doesn’t miss anything, even if they don’t seem to be watching anything in particular. No barking or jumping all over anyone, just content to be along and included in this trip. But let a stranger get near the car or their family and they can turn into a snarling little guard dog that can turn around those that might want to cause harm while you’re out and about.

Don’t let their small stature and friendly, loving nature fool you, they are fierce protectors of those that they consider their family. They will make sure to let you know when someone is at the door, or even in the yard, and they will also put themselves between their family and someone that is a stranger to them. So if you are wondering are Pekingese dogs loyal as protectors, the answer is a quick yes.

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Dogs Detecting Cancer in Humans – Better Listen to your Pekingese

Cancer research institute may have a new ally in finding out tumors and it doesn’t involve much money nor machine. Research shows that dogs are able to detect cancer just by catching a sniff of a patient’s breath. They proved once again that they are not like any other ‘man’s bestfriend’ since they can diagnose if you already have cancer. Dogs detecting cancer in humans is a groundbreaking result in research facilities.

A dog’s smelling power is such an amazing and useful tool. It has been said that if there is a pot of stew in the stove, us humans can smell the stew itself but your dog can smell the carrots, potatoes, beef, spices and everything inside it. Your pekingese’s keen sense of smell is able to tell what you had eaten for lunch. They are able to tell where the drugs are stashed, bombs were hidden, and able to find a lost individual. So, it is not impossible that thet can detect the cancer cells in a human body.

Studies shows that cancer cells have that distinct odor which came from the chemical compounds that are formed during the disease process. And these compounds circulate throughout the entire body of the patient, leaving the lungs in a gaseous state. And people who has cancer has a different ‘breath scent’ which your pekingese can detect. So, the next time that your Pekingese is acting strange and seems like he won’t leave you alone, better consider in getting a check up.

Dogs Detecting Cancer in Humans – Better Listen to your Pekingese

Dogs Detecting Cancer in Humans

There’s another reason why dogs can be considered man’s best friend. They can detect cancer. This is according to a report in the European Respiratory Journal. Sniffing 100 samples, the report explains, dogs succeeded in detecting cancer in all but 29 cases merely by sniffing the patient’s breath. In 400 other samples, the dogs gave just 28 false positives.

Source: Catholic, by Catholic Online

The Chemicals in Cancer

It is a fact that cancer cells produce metabolic wastes that vary from the normal cells. And wastes such as benzene derivatives and alkanes are emitted in the human breath which any dog can detect in parts per trillion.

Dog’s Sense of Smell

Your pekingese’s (or any dog’s for this matter) is 10,000 to 100,000 times way better than ours, according to studies. It is still hazy about this phenomenon but a dog’s brain is dedicated to smell than the human brain.

Technology Vs a Dog’s Nose

An expert once told that a dog’s brain along with is nose is the most sophisticated odor detector that exists on this planet. This gives hope in diagnosing a person in a fast and non-invasive way.

Dogs detecting cancer in humans is definitely a great help in the science world. Dogs can be trained to smell out cancer in the medical industry. And with its early detection comes increased survival rates among patients. And since dogs can detect it in a fast manner even if it is still on its early stages, experts firmly believe that dogs can be instrumental in treating patients.

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Why Dogs Make Good Pets: Value your Pekingese More

If you are an animal lover, then you are already well aware that there are only 2 categories of people which you already belong to one: Dog people and cat people. Either you love dogs and hate cats or the other way around. Of course, everyone has their own opinion about this matter based on their own experience and we cannot argue with that. So, why dogs make good pets? We go a long way back with dogs and ever since, the history of dogs has often been interlinked with us and they are mostly helping us one way or another.

Today, dogs are very lovable and helpful. Take the time to observe your pekingese, you may see him sitting at your feet while you are watching tv or reading the paper. And the slighest noise out of nowhere, he would bark to warn you about it. And if somebody would ring the bell, he would be the one to bounce off towards the door to investigate it. The dogs have already been doing this kind of thing for hundreds of years alerady.

In case a fire will occur in the middle of the night, rest assured that your dog will wake you up no matter what. He would try to wake up every member in the family to make sure that everyone will get to safety.

Another thing that dogs are known for is their helping skill. Once their master is injured, they would do whatever it takes to get help to you the soonest time possible.

Why Dogs Make Good Pets

Why Dogs Make Good Pets

No wonder dogs are called ‘man’s best friend’. Their loyalty, intelligence, devotion and affection are incredibly rewarding. For dog owners, nothing could be more enjoyable than a long walk with their best friend on a fresh, spring morning; seeing the joy on their faces when it comes to playtime in the local park; or just relaxing at home in each other’s company. It is certainly true that all the love you put in, a dog will give you back ten-fold. However, owning a dog can be hard work and having a dog is a big commitment that should be carefully considered; but if you decide it is the right decision for your family then there are many benefits of owning a dog.

As well as companionship there is evidence of genuine health benefits for dog owners. A recent study looked at the research behind such claims and found that dog owners have lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and are less likely to have minor or serious health problems. The study also suggested that the companionship of a dog can help children with chronic illnesses cope with treatment, and help people with mental health problems feel better.

Source: Purina,

Reasons Why Dogs Make Good Pets

Loyal Friends
While their traits and characteristics vary depending on their breed, one trait stays the same – loyalty. They prove to be great listeners and patient. And most owners admit that they tell their dogs the things that they can’t easily talk with other people. Thus making dogs very effective therapy animals. A dog is a wonderful creature for a person who is alone in life or someone who is sad and yearns for company.

It is undeiable that dogs make good guardians at home. True, their alertness and response to danger would vary on their breed and personality but every dog would bark to warn their master about the impending danger. Dogs are very known in scaring off bad people away and alert his master of fire.

Since they require exercise, his master also benefit from this one. Everyday exercis promotes better health and gives you energy plus it boosts your endorphin levels making you less depressed. Not to mention, it would also strengthen your bones and tones your muscles. Since dogs are creatures of habit, they would motivate you into this routine on a daily basis.

Dogs are social beings and they are very curious by nature. They readily meet and greet other creatures and humans alike. Try going to a dog beach or park, you will not only see dogs playing with each other but owners coming together and socializing. Dogs are actually dog conversation starters and most people would love to approach a person who has a dog with him or her.

Health Benefits
Studies shows that dog owners tend to have lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and less anxiety levels. They are also less likely to get sick aond if ever they do, they tend to recover faster than those who doesn’t own a dog. Another thing, dog owners who will get a heart attack would be able to survive longer compare to the one who doesn’t own one.

Is that reason enough for you on why dogs make good pets? I sure hope so. I am sure that not everyone is a dog lover but for those who are, life is much happier with them around and I know you will agree on me with this one. Dogs are both dependent and independent at the same time. They are independent in way that they can learn, think, make decisions and socialize with both animals and humans out of their curiosity. However, they are also dependent to humans when it comes to taking care of them, playing and providing affection and time. This dichotomy would give every owner challenge and pleasure at the same time which also makes the dog more affectionate.

What is your say about this topic? Can you narrate more points or benefits on why dogs are good human companions? Let your voice be heard and leave your message below.

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