Why Do Dogs Like to Sunbathe? The Reason Behind your Pekingese’s Sunbathing


Have you ever wondered why do dogs love to sunbathe? You have to admit, sitting under the sun gives us this great feeling. Plus it gives us a good dose of vitamin D. And when it comes to our furry companions, they also get their dose of Vitamin D but not in the same way that we do.

Vitamin D3 is really not a vitamin, per se. It is more of a hormone that helps regulate your mineral metabolism as well as maintains the calcium balance in your bones. Experts believed that his vitamin plays a major role in affecting the expression of more than 200 genes.

Us, humans, create vitamin D3 when we stand in direct sunlight, the natural oil from our skin would react to the UV rays. The UV radiation then breaks down the chemical bonds in our natural oil, hence producing vitamin D3 (aka sunshine vitamin).

Once the oil is converted to vitamin D3, it would then be automatically absorbed by the body and enters the blood stream. Ideally, you need about 10-15 minutes under the sun in order to have enough amount of the vitamin. However, most people can’t do that these days, thus the experts would recommend taking a supplement instead.

Dogs, birds and cats also secrete the same type of oil from their skin. And when they lay down under the sun, that same oil would be converted to Vitamin D3. However, due to their fur, the vitamin would just end up on their hair and doesn’t get absorbed by the skin.

When they lick their body to clean or groom themselves, that is the time they ingest Vitamin D. Vitamin D gets into their system via the oral route.

Why Do Dogs Like to Sunbathe? The Reason Behind your Pekingese’s Sunbathing

Why Do Dogs Like to Sunbathe

I think they do it because the sun  feels good  to them.  Mine will do the same thing.  They stay outside  until   they   get to much.  But I have never seen  a dog get sick fromit in all my years.   If they get to hot, I think they will go inside or get in the shade.  You will see this  in the wild  with  many different animals.

Source: Quora, http://www.quora.com/Dog-Behavior/Why-do-dogs-sun-bathe by Tod Knudsen

Sun Safety Tips for Dogs

  • No shaving. Do not shave your dog during the summer since the sun may damage his skin. This fur is a barrier between the UV rays and without it he would be prone to sunburn and skin cancer.
  • Protect your serious sunbather. If you happen to own a dog who is a serious sun bather, keep an eye on him. Serious sunbathers could happily fry themselves for long hours, but you have to drag them inside before they get too much exposure. And id you see your dog lying on his back while sunbathing, call him in. Such posture would make them prone to developing tumors on the inguinal area.
  • Cool bath. If he happens to get a sunburn, give him a cool, soothing bath with a gentle, soap-free product like the TheraNeem pet shampoo. Prior to lathering it up, add 5 drops of Neem Oil to the shampoo then work it down to his fur and skin. Let it sit for a while before washing him up with cold water.
  • Use sunblock. Choose the correct sunscreen protector for your dog. Experts would advice that you pick a sunscreen that is also safe for human babies.
  • Avoid zinc oxide. When selecting a sunscreen for him see to it that it doesn’t have zinc oxide in its ingredients since that is toxic to your dog.
  • Use protective clothing for him. If he is shaved, consider using a t-shirt that is tailored for him.

I hope that this answered your query on why do dogs like to sunbathe. Sunbathing is healthy for them as it is for us, giving a healthy boost of sunshine vitamin into their systems. Aside from that, it also gives them that warm and fuzzy feeling that makes them so happy inside. Just like us, the great sense of satisfaction we get from basking under the sun is just similar to them.

Is your pet a serious sunbather or he is the type who avoids the sun? Tell us more about him by leaving your story below.  Also, please don’t forget to like our page.



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