Can Dogs Eat Banana Peels? Is it Safe for your Pekingese?


Can Dogs Eat Banana Peels? Is it Safe for your Pekingese?

A concerned member of the group asked me: Can dogs eat banana peels? This post is my answer to that inquiry and I hope it could help you somehow. Yes, banana peels are beneficial to our four-legged pals, regardless of the breed. There was a study conducted by Louise Tenney, author of Today’s Herbal Health: An Essential Reference; there he clearly stated that banana peels have essential fatty acids which is beneficial for your pet. The said fatty acids are very effective in treating rashes and hot spots if mashed and applied topically and they are also very good in keeping your pet’s coat and skin healthy. The banana peel is also very good in fighting against fungal infections; simply rub the peel on the affected part 2x a day until the infection disappear. Furthermore, aside from its topical benefits, when eaten it has high doses of vitamins B6 and A. These vitamins would aid in sharpening your pet’s eye sight and maintain a healthy nervous system. Compared to the fruit itself, banana peel contains 40% potassium. We all know that potassium is very good for the kidneys, nerves, digestive system, muscles and heart to function properly. Potassium also aids in keeping balance between the sodium and water levels in the body. Apart from the minerals and vitamins I mentioned earlier, banana peel also contains lutein which is very effective in treating degenerative eye disorders in elderly dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Banana Peels


Most vets would give banana in small amounts to dogs who have bowel issues or colitis. Banana is made up of enzymes which would soothe an irritated colon and would also slow down the spasms. Also, it has enough sugars to perk up a dog who demands an increase due to digestive diseases. One approach that is also yummy for your pet is by cutting a small size of banana then wrap it in a tablespoon of peanut butter. This method is delicious as well as healthier to deal with for canines of any size or breed. Excessive banana consumption can cause loose stool so be careful. Due to its high potassium content, if consumed in overly high amounts can be bad for him. Just give him a little piece on a daily basis.

When to Give Fruits

The factor about bananas and fruits in general is their sugar content. Fruits require a particular enzyme in order to break them down. Thus, if you feed more fruits along with meat and vegetables, then they’re not going to be digested properly. All those undigested sugar gets stored in their system which is conducive for bacterial growth, hence health issues would arise. So, the key here is to know when to feed fruits to your pet.

If you are going to give fruits to your pet ahead of his meal, make it one hour before. And be sure to give enough time for his system to digest it first before you feed him his meals. And if you decide to give fruits after his meal, then wait at least 2 hours after he has eaten.

There you have it, I hope my post have answered the question: Can dogs eat banana peels? Know that eating banana peels can be an acquired taste to other breeds, thus it is necessary to introduce it to him gradually. Begin with small portions then increase it until he gets used to it. You can be creative on how you want to serve it to your pekingese. A banana peel a day can keep the vet away.

Does your pekingese eat bananas or banana peels? What is your story? Share it with us below.



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Healthy Human Foods for Dogs: What Can Your Pekingese Eat?

When it comes to healthy human foods for dogs, how do you know what your Pekingese can eat that you’re eating? Well, we all know that chocolate is a big no-no, but what if you’re trying to transition your Peke from human food to dog food. What is safe to feed them? What can you put in their food to help them realize that they need to eat their food and not just whatever is on the dinner table? Well, there are several different things that you need to keep in mind when feeding your Pekingese human foods.

Most healthy human foods are actually good for your Pekingese to eat, but you have to make sure that it doesn’t make up more than 25% of their overall diet. They still need the special blends of proteins and other nutrients that are in most dog foods, and the better the dog food, the more nutrients will be in them. But healthy human foods can help your Peke feel like part of the family and provide them with something new to eat aside from their normal crunch and munch dog food. Here are a few healthy human foods for dogs that you can give your Pekingese:

Healthy Human Foods for Dogs

Healthy Human Foods for Dogs

Healthy Human Foods for Dogs


Yes, those wonderful things that are supposed to keep the doctor away from humans can be good for your Peke too. Here is the key: they have to be skinned and all of the seeds have to be removed. Apple seeds are extremely toxic to most animals because they contain a poison that actually is part of cyanide. You want to make sure that whole apples are cut into small bites for them or that applesauce is stirred into their food.


We have all heard that eggs are good for a dog’s coat and this is true. The key here is to make sure that they are cooked eggs, not raw. In fact, you might find that scrambled eggs are one of your dogs favorite foods and they usually will eat them when they are ill or to take medications. Raw eggs can cause biotin deficiency, so you should avoid them.

Green Beans

Mmhmm, green beans are good for your dog for many reasons, such as the vitamin C, vitamin K, and fiber that they hold. They are also a great diet food for any overweight Pekingese. You can also freeze them and make them into treats when it’s hot outside.


Yes, your dog can eat oatmeal and it’s good for them. It is a great source of fiber for your Pekingese and one that can be very good for older dogs especially. Plus, it’s a new flavor that can easily be mixed with their food to get them back on a schedule.


You will find that plain yogurt can be a great health food for your Peke as well as yourself. It’s also a great diet food for overweight dogs, as long as it’s the fat-free ones like Simplesse or Olestra and contain no sugars or artificial sweeteners. You can also add yogurt to a puppy’s food to help build their immune systems.

If you find that your Pekingese is constantly begging at the dinner table, make a big deal of feeding them some healthy human foods for dogs after the family is done eating. Make a show of putting it in their bowls and eating a bite of the same food that you just gave them (not the dog food part, of course). Showing them that they are eating like a person can help them start to eat dog food and their own food at that.

We all love feeding our Pekingese little treats from the table and this article can help other Pekingese owners know what to feed their babies as well. Make sure that you tweet this article to help others see what’s good to feed their picky Pekes!


What Human Food can Dogs Eat? Feed your Pekingese Right

One of the most enduring cliches of owning a dog is the frequent begging for all those table scraps. However, you are not allowed to give your pekingese anything they want. Some human foods are toxic for them. So, what human foods can dogs eat?

When you are sitting down on your table to eat, chances are you deal with pleading eyes as they are also hoping to get some food.  Every time he gives you that look, you take a glance at your table and wonder, is this even safe for him? Luckily, our dogs can eat a wide variety of human food even though they are carnivores, technically.

What Human Food can Dogs Eat? Feed your Pekingese Right

What Human Food can Dogs Eat

Each time Fido comes begging, you look at your plate and wonder – is this even safe for him? What human food can dogs eat? There are many that are safe and even good for your dog, but there are some you have to watch carefully.

Broccoli – High in protein, Vitamin E, calcium, fiber, and many more vitamins and minerals, broccoli is truly a power food. Add steamed to your dog’s food or offer pieces as a treat.

Pumpkin – This and other squashes are high in fiber and Vitamin A. It’s good steamed and mashed as a topper for your dog’s food.

Carrots – Rich in vitamins and minerals ranging from Vitamins C and B6 to iron and potassium. Serving options abound: raw or steamed, chopped or shredded, in pieces as treats or added to food.

Source: Paw Posse,

Some Human Foods that are Safe for Dogs:

  1. Peanut Butter – Majority of dog owners love to put peanut butter on the roof of their dog’s mouth since they are so fun to look at. Peanut butter is safe for them to nibble on plus you can conceal his yucky medicine in it since generally, dogs love peanut butter. If you can get the all natural kind of peanut butter, the one without salt, sugar and other preservatives, that is best for you and your dog.
  2. Cheese – Cheese is almost anyone’s favorite. And yes, this is also good for your pekingese. However, like us, dogs are also prone to lactose intolerant so give in small servings. It is best that you give your pekingese cottage cheese since it is the one that is gentle on sensitive tummies.
  3. Yogurt – This is the best treat that you can give to your dog for the same reason why it is highly recommended for humans: it is packed with probiotics, calcium, protein, vitamin, zinc and potassium. In picking out yogurt for your pekingese, avoid the ones that has very high sugar content and other preservatives. On the same note, also avoid yogurts that replaces fat with artificial fat substitute. Go for all natural as possible.
  4. Watermelon – This is everyone’s favorite treat during summer and the same goes for your dogs. It keeps us hydrated while enjoying the summer heat. Other melons such as cantaloupe and honeydew are also good for them.
  5. Blueberries – This fruit is very healthy for your dog. May it be frozen or fresh, they are good for both humans and dogs alike since they are packed with phytochemicals and antioxidants. Just give in moderate amounts since it may also cause digestive discomfort if given too much.
  6. Salmon – When it comes to fishes, we often think that it is cat’s fevorite food. It is true, but it doesn’t mean that your dog’s won’t enjoy the health benefits they can get from a fresh and tasty salmon. Fish is an ideal source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein which would boost you and your dog’s immune system. It would also provide your pekingese a shiny coat and healthy skin.
  7. Green Beans – Like what our elderly would say: “Eat something green everyday.” Green beans are nutritious since they are full of minerals, vitamins, fiber and low in calories but your dog might not want to eat it eagerly.
  8. Sweet Potatoes – This is a healthy and cheap treat for your dog. It is loaded with fiber, carotenoids and vitamins. Serve it cooked, dehydrated or mashed, just avoid putting butter or salt.
  9. Carrots – These babies are the best vegetable snack for your pekingese. And take note, dogs love carrots since it is tasty and sweet, not to mention very healthy!
  10. Pumpkin – Just like its orange relatives (carrots, sweet potatoes), the pumpkin is bursting with nutrients and is very low in calories which is very beneficial for your pekingese. And this could also help relieve your dog’s diarrhea.

What human foods can dogs eat? Plenty. Just look out for the skins, seeds and bones, your pekingese can truly enjoy a delicious and healthy meal with you.

Did this page answer your inquiries about food safety in dogs? Let us know what you think by leaving a message below.


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