Why Do Dogs Drool? Relieve your Pekingese from Drooling


Why do dogs drool? Do you have an idea on why they do it? Or should I say, is your Pekingese drooling? Well, it is actaully normal for your dog to drool especially if it involves food. Furthermore, there are breeds that drools as a response to stress. And dog breeds that has looser lips tend to drool more.

A dog that is over stimulated may also drool all of a sudden. There are also dogs that would begin to drool when company arrives or if they are near the puppies of another dog.

Drooling also has a serious side, it may mean that your pooch has a mouth or dental issues. Other ailments that may include drooling as a sign would be allergic reactions, fever, digestive problems or poisoning.

Why Do Dogs Drool? Relieve your Pekingese from Drooling

Why Do Dogs Drool

Some degree of drooling is normal in dogs, particularly in breeds with loose, pendulous lips. Excessive drooling is called hypersalivation. Hypersalivation is commonly triggered by psychological events such as fear, apprehension, and nervous anxiety, as well as anticipation of food treats.

Drooling also occurs in response to mouth pain caused by periodontal disease, abscessed teeth, and stomatitis. A dog who drools excessively and acts irrationally should be suspected of having rabies. Distemper, pseudorabies, and heat stroke are other diseases associated with drooling. Another common cause of drooling is motion sickness.

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Control your Pet’s Drooling

  • Get a bandana that is made of cotton and fold it diagonally to create a triangle. Use this bandana as his bib and tie it on his neck.
  • Check his bandana from time to time and change it when necessary.
  • Wipe your dog’s drool on a constantly so that he won’t soil your furniture.
  • Make use of an absorbent rug and put it where your dog usually sleeps or where his favorite spot is.
  • Use natural remedies like mixing few drops of lemon on his water. Lemon extracts causes the mouth to do dry thus minimizes his drooling. However, it is best that you first ask your vet about the home treatment to ensure that it won’t affect the health of your dog.

Hope this post had been informative on why do dogs drool. Surgery is a permanent fix for your dog’s drooling issues, however it requires the removal of his excess facial skin. This would change your dog’s appearance forever so better think 1000x before deciding.  Clean your furniture or other soiled items at home with vinegar or diluted bleach since a dog’s saliva contains lots of bacteria.

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