How to Treat Scabies in Dogs – Prevent Scabies from Infecting your Pekingese


How to Treat Scabies in Dogs – Prevent Scabies from Infecting your Pekingese

What is scabies and how to treat scabies in dogs? Canine scabies is a skin disease which is caused by the parasite sarcoptes scabie mite. It is a highly contagious illness that all dogs which are exposed would be infected. The mites would cause the disease and attack a healthy dog causing lots of various skin issues. And most of the time, vets would misdiagnose this disease as food allergy/allergic dermatitis, thus it is necessary for the owner to suggest this condition to the vet.

This skin disease is accompanied by severe itching and hair loss patches everywhere. The affected area would then turn red, has rashes and skin lesions (skin bumps). Generally, this illness affects dogs, however it also affects other animals like the cats. Furthermore, the most common affected areas are the ears, belly, legs and chest.

How to Treat Scabies in Dogs

There are many different methods and ways to treat scabies. In the past, many people found it effective to simply clip the hair of the dog, if the dog had long hair, and then bathe the dog with a benzyl-based peroxide shampoo or other cleanser to clean the skin. Thereafter, the dog was subjected to organophosphate or lye sulfate dips.

The type of treatment usually involves dipping the dog once every two weeks or so for two or three times. These types of treatments are very effective; however, they can be quite unpleasant for both the owner and the dog. Also, the dipping solution must come in contact with the face and ears of the dog-so extreme care must be used when using the dip around the face and ears of your canine friend. Furthermore, these types of dips can be toxic to human and are not usually suitable for young puppies or dogs that suffer from other diseases.

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Treating Scabies in Dogs

  • Medicated shampoo. Professionals would often advice you to use medicated shampoos since dogs respond well to this kind of treatment. Just listen to your vet which product to use and how to use it.
  • Fur Trim. This is the first step of his treatment. His hair should be clipped to see to it that all the medications would have access to his affected skin.
  • Injections. Injectable drugs are needed to eliminate the scabies mites. Other medicine preparation would have to taken by your pet orally. There are many drugs that have to be given to your pet that are needed for his course of treatment.
  • Lime Sulfur Bath. This treatment dip is comprised of 97.8% lime sulfur. It is then diluted by mixing 4oz of lime sulfur in a gallon of water. After mixing it thoroughly, bathe it over the dog and making sure that all the affected parts are being soaked. Let the solution seep in the dog’s skin and don’t rinse it off. Also, while giving this kind of bath to the dog, you should wear gloves and make sure that your pet won’t ingest any of the solution.

On how to treat scabies in dogs, there are various methods. You can even do it the natural way, there are organic means for you to treat your dog. You just have to research about it and present it to your vet first prior to performing it. Scabies is a disease that can be totally treated so don’t worry if your pet would contract it.

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