Dog Sweating: How your Pekingese Does It


Dog Sweating: How your Pekingese Does It

Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean that your dog is not sweating. Dog sweating is different from humans; they have a different means of regulating body temperature and as an owner you should know how this mechanism works. You must also be aware that dogs have a different way of coping from heat and may have a difficulty with coping with too much heat. If you know these things then you can prevent heat stroke from happening to your dog.

A lot of dog owners from all aroun the globe think that dogs don’t sweat or even doesn’t release heat. This is a big misconception and must be corrected. It is true that dogs sweat but in a different way. Dogs sweat via their foot pads and they release heat by means of panting. Their way of releasing their body heat is not as efficient as ours. Thus, if you see your dog extremely panting in a warm day it means that he has to relieve some of his body heat.

Dog Sweating

Dogs have the ability to sweat, but in places that are a little different from humans. Dogs sweat through their pads and feet. Their skin and armpit areas don’t contain sweat glands like ours do. Their main method of ridding themselves from heat, however, is by panting, which is a very different mechanism than what we generally use.

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How Dog Paws Work

As you notice, your dog’s paw is a tough skin without any skin or fur. This allows your dog to take a grip on the ground and can make your dog run with quick transitions. The paws consist of layers of fats which serves as a cushion that allows your pet to jump, walk, stand and run for long periods of time.

Paw Pad Functions

It first acts as a natural insulator that would protect their tissues from the extreme climate conditions. The dogs’ paw pads also get sweaty when they are under stress or nervous. In normal conditions, their sweat glands would moisturize their pads so prevent it from cracking and drying up.

Dog sweating is a mechanism that would help your dog release heat from their bodies and since you cannot see how it works, don’t assume that your pet doesn’t sweat at all.  Now you know that your pet also undergo such a mechanism and you must also check his paws from time to time to check if there are debris stuck in between them. Keep your dog’s paws clean and free from infection by washing them regularly and treating minor scratches and cuts. Also apply moisturizer to prevent any dryness on his paws.

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