Dog Vaccinations: Vaccinating your Pekingese at Home


Dog Vaccinations: Vaccinating your Pekingese at Home

Doing your own dog vaccinations are greatly discouraged by most veterinarians, unless it is necessary and if you have been trained properly. First thing you have to consider is the adverse reaction of the medicine to your dog. The chance can be small but if it will happen, your beloved dog can be in big trouble!

Adverse reactions from medications are rare but it does happen. And the worse case scenario that you can imagine is your pet getting an anaphylactic reaction. This reaction causes a number of physiologic disturbances in the body which includes low blood pressure, depressed breathing, and slowing of heart rate. And since your pet’s brain would oxygen due to the low blood pressure, unconsciousness would happen. Immediate life-saving measures should be done in order to save your pet’s life, so bring him to the nearest hospital if it happens.

Dog Vaccinations


  • Only give vaccines that is recommended by your vet.
  • Give vaccines after the appropriate waiting period, usually 1 year.
  • See to it that your vaccine has been stored accordingly otherwise it can cause harm to your pet.
  • Do not give any vaccine if your pet is immuno-suppressed or ill in any way.
  • If you see blood when you draw back the syringe, remove immediately. You have hit a blood vessel, so do not give the vaccine in that location.
  • Be sure that sterility is maintained while giving your pet a shot. Never use any unsterile material.


  • If you need to practice giving a vaccine, take an empty water bottle and place a sock over it. Practice pulling up the sock to form a ‘tent’ just like you would do on your dog’s skin. Practice handling your syringe and be comfortable around it. Be sure you can operate the syringe single-handedly. Do the practice as many times as you can before doing it actually on your pet.
  • If you are not confident or sure enough to do the shot, might as well bring your pet to the vet. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Giving dog vaccinations can be easy, simple safe if you know the proper procedure. Any vaccine should only be given after the through examination by your vet and that he/she has given the go signal for you to do it at home.

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