Driving Dog – Should your Pekingese Learn?


Driving Dog – Should your Pekingese Learn?

Can you imagine a driving dog? Let alone, your Pekingese driving for you. He may be small, yes but you can always do something in order to adjust it, if you really want him to learn.

Moving forward, in New Zealand there is a dog driving lessons going on by the NZ Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) as part of their campaign to clear up misconceptions about rescue dogs. It is to demonstrate that you can really teach an old dog new tricks. The dogs were trained for weeks before getting into a real car, which was modified in order to accommodate the needs of a canine driver. So, it is safe to say that the car is already customized according to the dog’s needs. So far, the dogs have driven only with a human guidance and with verbal commands.

Anyway, when I am out driving and see a dog in other people’s car, it makes me smile. I like the idea that there are people who take the time to tag their pets with them in order to give it a tour around town. However, my smile would turn into a frown if the dog has his head stuck out the window, darting to and fro across seats or worse, left unattended at the back of a truck. And the worse of all is when I see a dog left all alone in a hot car!

As much as we love our pets, we have an obligation to transport them safely for the welfare of both parties (pet and owner). All dog breeds should learn how to ride politely inside a car. They are the safest when they are placed in a sturdy crate that is fastened securely in place. Plus you also must have enough water supply for your pet and that he must be wearing his ID.

Driving Dog

Car Safety Hazards with Dogs

  • A canine who interferes with the driver. If a dog is sitting on the driver’s lap then chances are he is somehow interfering with the steering. A dog who is left to go under and step on the accelerator, brake pedals or hits the gear shifts can cause an accident.
  • A pet who interfere’s with the driver’s mental focus. If the driver’s attention is taken away from the road just so he can reprimand his pet, then this is a serious safety hazard.
  • A loose dog can be a flying saucer if the car suddenly stops or if it is hit accidentally by another car.
  • A dog with a head out in the window can actually suffer from eye injury from dust, debris or other flying bits or worse can smash his head by passing objects like mirrors from other vehicles, tree branches, sign boards, etc…
  • A loose dog can jump out or fall from an open window or if placed at the back of a truck.

A driving dog seems like a cool idea and it is getting quite popular in Europe these days. However, be reminded that the temperature inside a parked car on a warm (not summer hot) day is already enough to kill a dog. It is good that you will first know all your options before you decide on doing things. I am not saying that you should just leave your pet at home; it’s just that there are lots of things to consider first to keep everyone safe while enjoying your pet’s company inside the car.

What is your say about it? I just saw a video posted about a pekingese ‘driving’ but she was just actually sitting on the lap of the driver. She was so cute, though. Share your sentiments or opinions with us below.




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How To Be An Alpha Dog: Show your Pekingese You’re the Boss

How To Be An Alpha Dog: Show your Pekingese You’re the Boss

Dogs are highly sociable animals and in order for them to survive as a pack, they need to follow a structure. You as the owner should know how to be an alpha dog. Once your dog arrives into your place, you will hone a relationship where he would be able to understand that you are the leader of the pack and not him.

Being an alpha doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to intimidate him nor do it by force. Rather you would just want to take charge of his activities. For puppies, showing him that your are the alpha is very important or else he would assume the position and you will be in for a headache. Practice submission regularly. Hold him up until such time he would stop squirming and whining. And once he does, praise and give him a treat.





How To Be An Alpha Dog

Sometimes a dog might not be showing signs of aggression, however the dog is suddenly showing signs of separation anxiety, such as destructive behaviors when you leave the house. A dog that steals food from human hands has no respect for the human, and therefore does not see the human as pack leader. A dog that questions his place in the household pack can sometimes cause him to suddenly display destructive behaviors, as the dog is confused and taking his anxiety out on your house.

A dog that knows his place in his human pack is a happy dog. A dog that does not is a confused dog and can exhibit many unwanted behaviors because of it.

Source: Dog Breed Info, http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/topdogrules.htm by Sharon Maguire

Establishing the Alpha Position

  • Take control. Control his games, feeding time, food, sleeping areas and social contact. If he loves to play tug with you, make sure that you win the game, don’t let him take the toy away from you. And in case he loves to steal your socks or other belongings, put a leash on his collar while he is inside the house so that if he steals something and runs away, it is easier for you to stop the game by stepping on his leash.
  • Feeding times. Feed him 2 times per day and let him experience a short sit-stay during meals. This is you telling him that you are the one in charge of his food and feeding times. You may let your dog use your bed or couch as you please but make sure that if you command him off it, he would be willing to do so.
  • Control your contact. Your social contact between each other should be controlled. Most dogs spank their owners with their paws or bark just to get their attention. If he does this, command him to sit and stay.

Everyone around the house can help with this task on how to be an alpha dog. The closer you stick to those steps mentioned above, the easier it is to maintain being an alpha dog. Do not in any way use force on him because it would only lead to aggression.

Tell us more about your story and share your points of view as well. Do not hesitate to drop a message for us to read.


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