Pekingese Trick #6: How to Train a Dog to Retrieve


How to train a dog to retrieve or fetch is not that hard to do. Playing fetch with your pekingese can be a fun way to burn all his pent up energy and bond as well. Know that most dogs don’t really like to play fetch. Why? Simply because they think that if they bring you the ball back, then it’s already game over and that isn’t fun. They key here is to show him how fun the game would be if he brings the toy back again and again.

Pekingese Trick #6: How to Train a Dog to Retrieve

How to Train a Dog to Retrieve

  • Line up several toys and treats.
  • If your dog is too treat focused and won’t leave your side if there’s a treat on the scene, leave food rewards out of the picture. In this case your overwhelming enthusiasm will be your dog’s reward.
  • Gently toss a toy a few feet away from you and point to it.
  • As your dog brings the toy back to you, shower her with praise but don’t take the toy away.
  • If your dog ignores you when she gets the toy, try running away from her after she’s picked it up. If she still won’t bring it back, pretend to eat some of her treat.
  • As your dog catches on and trots happily back to you, say “Bring.”
  • When your dog arrives, toy in mouth, praise and pet her heartily (give her a treat if you like), leaving the object in her mouth.
  • Toss a different toy and go through the procedure again.

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Training Dog to Retrieve

  1. Make sure your dog is comfortable playing with you. Though most dogs wants to please, training is more receptive if it’s more like fun and games for the dog.
  2. Give him a ball that fits just enough in his mouth. Let your dog play with it and ask him to give it to you. Reward him when he is able to give it back to you.
  3. Allow him to play with the ball for a while then ask it from him again. Note that he may not give it to you the first or second time. Just try again and again. Once he does, give him a small reward. He would then realize that there is something in store for him if he gives it back to you.
  4. Now, practice in giving him the ball and asking for it back. Once he masters this trick, insert the command ‘retrieve’ or ‘fetch.’ Choose one command and stick to it in order to be consistent. Never fail to reward him once he brings the ball back to you.
  5. Try throwing the ball further and further each day. Keep rewarding him for a job well done.

In how to train a dog to retrieve, the secret here is patience and consistency. Every breed may not have that instinctive drive to retrieve however once they realize that it is fun and they get to have a treat after doing it, then they would be more than willing to follow your command. For a small breed like the pekingese, this is a wonderful way to bond and tire him out; after all, a tired dog is a behave dog.

Does your pekingese know how to play fetch? How did you teach him to do that? If not, what are the games that you share with him? Share your story with us below.




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Pekingese Trick #1: How to Train a Dog to Fetch

Are you envious about your neighbor’s dog fetching stuffs for him? Have you ever wanted to learn how to train a dog to fetch?

Playing fetch with your beloved peke is a fun way to unwind and bond with each other, not the mention the exercise he will be getting from it.

Majority of the dogs doesn’t want to paly fetch since they are thinking that if they bring the ball back to you, then its game over. When you train him about the game, you show him that the fun would increase every time he brings the ball back to you.

First, your pekingese must have the natural desire to play fetch. Otherwise, you would have a hard time teaching him since he would be too lazy to go and play with you. This is a motivational behavior in every dog and it must be triggered at an early age.

You can begin your training by getting a ball and put a long leash on it. Wave the ball in front of your dog’s face to get his attention, once you have it throw the ball.

let your dog chase, play and grab with the ball. As he bites the ball, reel in the ball back to you. And when he is coming back to you, remove the leash from the ball and throw it in another direction. Repeat the same exercise until he gets the idea of the game. And as time goes time, your pekingese will be able to perfect this trick with you.

Pekingese Trick #1: How to Train a Dog to Fetch

How to Train a Dog to Fetch

The key to beginning to teach your dog to fetch is to find her favorite toy, something they care about. Many trainers find that toys that squeak and make noise make the best fetch toys while ropes any tug toys may be a secondary choice. The reason being is that if your throw a rope or tug toy, your dog may not willingly release the toy.

Just like any other training you need to use treats to reward your dog when learning how to train a dog to fetch. Here is the tricky part, you have to get your dog to focus on the toy, the treat, and you all at the same time.

Now that you have your dog’s attention and are ready to for the fetch training hold your dog on a tight leash. Wag your dog’s favorite toy in front of her and then throw it a few feet away (not too far). After throwing the toy, give the fetch command (most trainers use “fetch”… duh!) and let your dog run after the toy. Once your dog has picked up the toy, use the leash to bring your dog back to you. After getting your dog in arm’s length offer the treat (remember those!) and say “give” while taking the toy from your dog’s mouth.

Source: How to Train a Dog Blog, by Berto

How to Teach a Dog to Fetch in Easy Steps:

  • Define your cue: This is the essential step in training your dog how to fetch. Your cue can be a gesture or word which your dog can understand. For instance, “fetch” can be a cue or “go,” just be sure that your word and act won’t be misunderstood by your dog.
  • Find a spot: Find a safe and flat location where you can train your pekingese; a place where there are no distractions. Don’t attempt to train him in a dog park or beach since it is not condusive for learning. Such places are too crowded and noisy for training.
  • Training proper: The basic methods for teaching fetch is the routine for “bait and switch.” You can select 2 identical objects such as tennis balls or anything that your pekingese enjoys playing with. Put him on a leash in order to control his actions. Hide one of the toys and throw the other one in another direction after getting his attention. Release him from his leash and say your cue word or movement. It is expected that your peke will chase and toy with the ball. Give him time to return to you and put back on his leash before you go throw the other toy that you have hidden. Toss it over in a distance and say the same cue word or action again so that he will get to chase it. Repeat this process over and over again using the same cue word or action.
  • Praise him: When your pekingese is successful in getting his toy back, shower him with lots of praises and give him his favorite treat. Eventually, he will get the idea of the game and would associate the game as a chance to get hold of his favorite treat.

How to train a dog to fetch requires commitment and patience. However, once your pekingese masters the game, you would have fun doing this quality time with him and he would appreciate it too. Go ahead and jump start your training with him on how to fetch. This would bring in extra happiness and comfort in both your lives.

Is there anything the I failed to mention in this post? Do you happen to have another technique in training your peke on how to fetch? Don’t hesitate to share your input with us below.

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