Pekingese Trick #2: How to Train a Dog to Roll Over


Pekingese Trick #2: How to Train a Dog to Roll Over

Have you wondered how the dogs in the movies do their tricks? All those interesting behaviors in front of the camera? It’s all about catching the dog in the act. In how to train a dog to roll over, you can use the same method. It is like if you stay with your dog for longer periods of time, you catch him do it on his own. Then you tell him “roll over” as a command. And if he gets it right, give him his favorite treat.

If you happen to see your pekingese get on his back and just wriggling on the floor, command him “roll over,” and give him a little help by pushing him over then praise him and give a treat.

Rest assured, if you do this always, your pekingese would be rolling on your floor upon your every command just for the treat!

And if you want faster learning for your dog, be more proactive when teaching him.

Have him lie down, show him his treat to get his attention. Then begin moving the treat in a rolling motion so that he would follow it, guide and push him if needed until he will roll all the way over. And when he does it, give him his treat immediately.

Repeat this method again and again and eventually you will notice that your pekingese wouldn’t need your help that much anymore. This is a good sign and continue to give him the command.

How to Train a Dog to Roll Over

  • You can always use toys instead of treats if your dog is not motivated by food. Use a special toy that you can keep especially for training, like a tug-toy or a squeaky toy.
  • Your training session should only be about 5 to 10 minutes long, and you can train several times a day (up to 3 times a day).
  • Don’t forget to always praise your dog throughout the training, especially when he completes the roll over trick. You want your dog to have the greatest fun during training, and if you are enthusiastic, he will pick up your energy and will be more willing to work with you.

Source: Dog Trick Academy, by Jean Cote

Training a dog to Roll Over

  1. Down. First is for you to teach your dog “down” from a sitting position. This is rather easy to do. Simply say “down” and hold the treat or his favorite toy in front of him and if necessary, push his shoulder blades or tug unto his collar. When he follows, give him his treat right away and praise him.
  2. Over. Over is also known as play dead to some owners. In teaching him this trick, hold out his treat either on the right or left shoulder side of him and push the opposite side until he rolls on his side to relax. Once this is performed, feed him his treat immediately and give him hugs and kisses for a job well done.
  3. Back. This is similar to the command, “show me your tummy.” Position him on his play dead state and then command him “on your back” at the same time rub his belly intensely. And if he would open wide his legs and lie completely on his back, praise him again and reward him his treat.
  4. Roll Over. This trick is naturally done already if you managed to accomplish the above 3 tricks. However, you can help your dog achieve this trick. Bring him to his side and show him his treat. Sway the treat in front of him in a rolling position so that he would follow it. If needed, give him a nudge or push so that he would go all the way to the other side. Once this has been completed, give him his much awaited treat.

And that’s the simple way on how to train your dog to roll over. All this training would really require patience and hard work, as well as a diligent owner too. If you work hard in training your pekingese, later on you would be reaping from all the efforts you have invested on him. For sure, you would have much more enjoyable quality time with your little bundle.

Do you know certain tricks on how to train your dog to roll over in an easy way? Don’t be afraid to share it with us by leaving a message below.



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