Pekingese Trick #6: How to Teach a Dog to High Five


Pekingese Trick #6: How to Teach a Dog to High Five

High five! A neat trick that any dog can learn. So, how to teach a dog to high five, you say? Rather, easy.

Generally, people love a dog who knows a trick or two. Dog tricks are actually fun to teach and easy to learn for your dogs. Furthermore, playing tricks with your pet is a wonderful diversion to break up your routine training. The trick criteria generally doesn’t require a high training behavior (such as doing a precise and perfect sit and heel position) thus it is less stressful for both you and your dog. There are only three ingredients in this kind of trick: 1) Hungry dog, 2) Quality treats and 3) Patience.

How to Teach a Dog to High Five

 Make your pooch the hippest dog on the block by teaching him how to greet you with a high-five.

You Will Need

* A quiet area
* A dog
* Dog treats

Source: Hub Pages, by Brett Winn

Steps in Teaching a Dog to High Five

  1. Find a quiet spot. It is essential that the place you choose is one where you and your dog can work together without any kind of distractions.
  2. The treats. Take out the treats and let him smell it. Put one of his favorite treat in your palm, curl your hand into a fsit and put it under his nose.
  3. Reward him. Give him his reward every time he paws your hand. Do this step over and over again until he would consistently paw your hand.
  4. The high-five move. Open your hand in the air vertically and give him his treat every time he would touch your palm. Do this step until he gets the point.
  5. Give the command. Mark his behavioral response by adding a verbal cue like ‘high five!’ every time he would paw your palm.

Learn how to teach a dog to high five and make him the hippest canine on the block. This ought to be a good way to greet each other everyday, don’t you think? This trick is fun and easy to teach, so what are you waiting for? Get to it!

How was your training with him went? Tell us what happened to your high-five training with your pekingese. Your feedback is highly appreciated.



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Pekingese Trick #5: How to Teach a Dog to Shake Hands

Saw your neighbor’s dog playing tricks? And you are quite envious on how he thought those tricks? And you wonder how to teach a dog to shake hands? It is quite simple, really. There are some breeds who are quite natural to this trick like the German Sheperd. However, if you just be patient enough in teaching him this trick, they tend to learn this one quickly.

In beginning his training on this one, allow your pet to sit and face him, then command him to “shake.” If he would instinctively give you his paw, praise and reward him, otherwise grab his paw gently and command shake again. Re-inforce to him what the command “shake” means.

After several sessions he would be able to get what you want and would be more skilled. Give him 5 minute session per day and don’t forget to reward him with every good job be he makes.

Pekingese Trick #5: How to Teach a Dog to Shake

How to Teach a Dog to Shake Hands

Begin with a pocket full of small tasty treats. Put one in the palm of your hand and put your thumb over it – so your dog knows its there but can not get to it. Ask your dog to sit, and kneel down in front of him, holding out the hand with the treat in it. Most curious dogs will sniff, and then try to get you to release the treat using their mouth or their paw. If the dog uses his mouth to try to get the treat, just ignore him, and sit there waiting. Eventually your dog will try to get it with his paw, when he does click (if you are clicker training) or give your cue word (such as ‘good’ or ‘yes!’) and remove your thumb allowing them access to the treat. Repeat this until your dog is using his paw every time – then start adding in the cue word – like ‘paw’ or ‘shake’.

Source: A Dogs Way,

Teach Him to Shake Hands

  1. Begin this trick training as early as possible.
  2. Let him sit and face you. Reach down on his paw and pick it up while telling him “shake.”
  3. Praise him then give him a treat as you release his paw. Repeat this 4-5 times then give him an hour break. Repeat your session with him again for three times on your first day.
  4. On the second day, say the “shake” command 3x before you lift his paw. If he won’t offer his paw to you, reach down on it as you say the command again. Give him a treat after it. Repeat this procedure again and again until he would take the initiative give his paw to you upon command.
  5. Repeat his training everyday and don’t fail to give him his praises and treats for a job well done.
  6. When he is doing well, try to wean him off from the treats to the point that he would be accustomed in doing the trick. Just simply reduce the use of treats until such time that he would perform the trick even in the absence of the treat.

And that is how to teach a dog to shake hands the easy way. For your dog to perform tricks, you should also be patient with him. Having a dog like a pekingese who is naturally stubborn, teaching tricks would be a challenge. Be patient enough and in no time you would be showing him off to your friends since he has lots of tricks under his sleeves — or should I say under his fur.

Did you like this post?  Have you tried implementing it? Was it effective? Tell us more about your training experience.

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