Dog Swimming: Teaching your Pekingese How to Swim


Dog Swimming: Teaching your Pekingese How to Swim

Not every pooch out there knows how to swim. Dog swimming is something you should teach your pekingese patiently. It may be a but surprising on your part that not all of them knows how to swim since one of the paddles — doggy paddle — is named after them. There are certain dog breeds that are natural swimmers while others shouldn’t be near the water if they don’t have any lessons. Some of the natural swimmers are the retrievers, spaniels, poodles and setters. Pugs, pekingese, bulldogs, terrier and greyhounds need lessons before diving into the water.

Check with your vet first. Swimming is a great exercise for dogs, true but it is not fit for all dog breeds. And be extra careful with breeds that have short snouts, like your pekingese, since they cannot breath well.

The very first step here is getting your dog to like the water. Admit it, not all dogs like the water. Try to consider using a kiddie pool. Teach your dog to get in and out of the pool on command as well as on their own. This proves to be very useful during summer since it would greatly help them cool off. If you happen to know a dog who loves the water, then have them around while teaching your dog liking the water. Most dogs learned how to swim just by following his buddy around who does.

Dog Swimming

To help your dog swim, position your hands so his rear end is up so he will use all four legs to swim. He should look like he is running in the water. You may need to help him by moving his rear legs for him. If he just uses his front legs, he will most likely sink. His neck should extend forward and his head should not point up. Use a food lure if necessary to get him in this position.

Rinse him off or give him a shampoo after your session, and be sure to dry out his ears. Check his eyes because they may become irritated by the chlorine and need to be rinsed.

Source: Dog and Puppy Training, by Caryl

Teaching your Dog to Swim

  • Avoid too much noise. Take your dog to a place that is not so hectic and noisy. Like kids, they tend to get frightened and distracted with the surroundings.
  • Life jacket on. Let him wear a lifejacket so that you don’t have to hold him all the time and you won’t fear that he would drown.
  • Enter the water. May it be a shallow pool or lake, teach him where to get in and out of it. Be by his side during the entire process.
  • Allow him to paddle. Hold his midsection an hindquarters and let him paddle on four legs. See to it that he isn’t just paddling his 2 front legs, otherwise he would drown if you are not there. Use treats to motivate him in the process.
  • Positive Reinforcement. Do not scold him if he failed to meet you expectations. Reward him when he has done a good job and for being obedient.
  • Remind him of the exit. This is a very important lesson. Reinforce to him where the exit is since using the ramp or steps is his best option of getting out.
  • Wash him off. After his lessons, wash his with shampoo and check his eyes for irritation and completely dry out his ears.

Dog swimming is a physically demanding exercise to do not allow him to overwork himself. Take a lot of break times and limit his lessons to 10 minutes per day. And in case yuo decide to allow your pekingese to swim without a lifejacket on, then be sure to hold him while in the water or use a leash to avoid accidents.

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