Dogs Begging for Food: How to Curb that Bad Pekingese Habit


Dogs Begging for Food: How to Curb that Bad Pekingese Habit

You are eating and there is your puppy, giving you that look. Most owners can’t win over that look and thus give into his wish. Dogs begging for food is quite innate and it is up to you as the owner to curb this nasty behavior. Begging is a behavior is harmless, however it can be annoying at times. While canines deserve to eat their meals in peace, but so do we, and it is very disturbing to eat while a dog is drooling beside you.

Begging is a natural and instinctual behavior; it is also a learned behavior. This means that at some point in his life, he has found out that begging would get him results from his owner. It is up to you to train him properly so that he won’t be able to develop that habit.

Begging usually begins when the family pet is beginning to receive shared food items from his owners. A member of the family would slip something to him under the table just because that person doesn’t want to eat it or if a person is generous enough to allow their pet to lick the minor leftovers from the plates. It won’t take long before your pet would stand by your table during meal times because he knows that he will get something to eat too.

It is normal for your pet to mooch from his pack leader (owner). or from the rest of the pack which are higher ranked than him (members of the family). So, from the day that you bring him home, it is wise to establish a dinner-time routine — when it is your family’s meal time, train to crate him. Or if not, at least train him to not stay in the same room where you and your family is dining.

Dogs Begging for Food

Stop What Has Already Begun

  • Feed him. And I mean, feed him the same time that you and your family are eating. That way he will be too occupied with his own meal to be ever concerned with yours.
  • Crate him. Train him to be crated during meal times. It is never too late to undo his behavior and you can begin by putting him away when you and your family is eating. It can also prevent any saboteurs from any members of the family, especially the kids!
  • Give a command. Every time he attempts to come near you during meal times, give him a command to go elsewhere. It may be to his crate or to just lay down in a corner or to simply leave the room for the time being.
  • Ignore. Begging is a type of an attention-seeking behavior and ignoring him would teach him that it won’t give him any results anymore.

Dogs begging for food won’t change overnight, you should know that. Be patient and use discipline consistently and don not ever give up. Your greatest reward will be a better behaved dog. As you may have noticed that all of these hints have to do with removing your pet from the scene. This form of negative reinforcement is really what works best along with complete refusal to give in to his food begging. Do not forget that you have to out-stubborn him in order to succeed, and dogs can be truly stubborn indeed.




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How to Get your Dog to Sleep: Ensuring a Goodnight’s Rest for your Pekingese

How to Get your Dog to Sleep: Ensuring a Goodnight’s Rest for your Pekingese

Your dog keeping you away from a good night’s sleep? There are simple pointers on how to get your dog to sleep.

  • Establish a sleeping place for him. Upon his very first night at your home, show him is personal space. This can include a crate or kennel, just see to it to line it first with newspaper in case there are night accidents. Also be sure that there is an elevated area in his sleep area so that he won’t be sleeping on his own waste. You can either use a doggy pillow or bed.
  • Allow him to find his sleeping area. Yeah, you designate a spot for him, but you need to train him so that he would go that that area at will. let him have a positive connection with that area. In any way, do not associate his sleeping area with a negative experience and that includes him being picked up and placed there by force.
  • No sharing of bed yet. Though you may have the urge to share an intimate moment with you, don’t do this right away. Let him get used to his area first before you let him participate in an intimate connection. If he cries and whines at night, do not react. Trying to comfort him will let him know that he can summon you at his will.

    How to Get your Dog to Sleep

    Suggested Tips

  • Identify the problem. Puppies tend to miss the warmth and noise of a litter. They are creatures of habit — thus a change of sleeping situation may be an issue. And if something stressful has happened lately, this needs to be addressed too.
  • Materials you need. Try giving him a bean bag or a mat and a clock that produces a rhytmic ticking sound. Place these items under a cushion or blanket where your pet sleeps. This should work like magic.
  • Change in environment. If the new puppy is accustomed to sleeping inside a kennel, crate or other similar small places then he may have a hard time sleeping in an open room. It may take time for him to adjust, just be patient.
  • Exercise. In general, a dog needs around 30-40 minutes per day r panting, running, etc… Like what the old saying goes, a tired dog is a good dog. Thus, if you have a pet that is restless at night, maybe he lacks exercise in order to burn up his excess energy.
  • Diet. They absorb energy different from us. In general, they get lots of energy boost right after eating, so if you feed her late at night, then he will be too energetic to sleep. Try to feed him earlier and allow him to relieve himself before going to bed as well.

Just be sure that your puppy won’t be sleeping the entire day because that would make him wide awake at night. Knowing how to get your dog to sleep make take some time and patience but it is worth it since both your rest and your dog’s would be ensured in the long run. Just be sure to provide a quiet place for him to sleep. And just like yawning is contagious between humans, it works like magic in dogs too. Try to yawn intentionally in front of him and it would induce him to sleep.

Any tips on how you put your pet to sleep? Any additional tricks that you know of? Feel free to share with us below,


How to Build Self Esteem – Improving your Pekingese’s Confidence

Have an anxious new member in the house and would want to know how to build self esteem in him? It all boils down to obedience training. The key to most bad behavior in dogs is approaching things using their own natural instincts. Dogs see your entire house as a pack with each one having their own rank and one alpha dog. And it is much easier if the humans outrank the four-legged members. If you want to learn how to become the alpha male, there are lots of ebooks/books which you can learn from.

Also, see to it that he has his own den/area. If you can afford to buy a crate, then by all means get him one. He will be happier if he has his own space than being let loose in the entire house. It would relax him, it would allow him to feel safe. A calm dog has a lesser desire to eliminate himself. Later on you will notice that your pet would prefer to stay inside his crate even if you leave his door open. Just make sure that you pick out a crate that is enough for him to stretch out.

How to Build Self Esteem – Improving your Pekingese’s Confidence

How to Build Self Esteem

  • Praises. They major tool here is positive reinforcement. Keeping your voice calm and soothing, always praise him when he does something right. When you see him hanging out on the place he is supposed to stay, take the time to praise, give him a treat or cuddle with him. You would want him to feel loved and safe.
  • Training. Take the time to teach him basic commands such as sit, stand, roll over, stay, so on and so forth. Experts would prefer not to offer rewards during training phase. You can also give your positive reinforcement, soothing voice, and affection as his reward for doing a good job. Always bear in mind that if your pet learns and understands something that you are pleased with, his confidence would escalate. Agility training will only not help him burn all his excess energy and anxiety, it also boosts his confidence sky high since he knows that he is doing something that pleases you.
  • Be level with him. Experts say that you have to go down below his eye level and look up to him. You want to show him that you are not a threat. Expect that he would eventually lick your face. The idea here is to show him that he is in a loving and safe environment where he doesn’t have to cower nor hide. You can follow up on this exercise by sitting in your chair and call him over to you. You can give him treats in case he isn’t approaching you readily. If you take the time to let him feel that he is loved and safe, sooner or later he would be willing to approach you and other people inside your home on his own.

Dogs are generally pack animals. Some are submissive while others are dominant. And if you want to help your pet how to build self esteem then you should train him properly. Establish that you are the alpha and use positive reinforcement so that he won’t cower down. Help him become more confident and still respect your at the same time.

Is your pekingese a dominant or submissive type? Though I know that this breed is so self confident and regal. Anyway, share with us your story below.



How to Stop a Dog from Marking: Breaking your Pekingese’s Habit

How to Stop a Dog from Marking: Breaking your Pekingese’s Habit

Does your pet mark inside your house and was wondering how to stop a dog from marking? Lucky you, I will be discussing about that issue today.

First off, do not confuse peeing with urine marking. This is a common mistake among pet owners. If you see a puddle of urine on the floor, then that is pee. Urine marking requires small amount of urine only. Marking serves as his way to claim a territory, advertise mating availability and support his social order. hey communicate age, gender and status within their packs via the pheromones in urine. Both male and female animals can engage in marking behavior.

To us humans, dog urine is somewhat disgusting but to them it is something of great interest. It is their way of leaving a message to other dogs in the area. In general, dogs use urine marking to show their dominance or to claim something that belongs to them.

Majority of the dogs who are spayed/neutered at a young age doesn’t urine mark inside the house. The male non-castrated dogs are the ones who are more likely to mark. Although male dogs are more associated with marking, the female dogs also do this. Most of the time, she does it to advertise her availability for mating. And you will also see a female dog would urinate an area where another dog has urinated. Also, if you are living in a multi-dog household, then urine marking is common since they may regard each other as competition.

How to Stop a Dog from Marking

  • Neuter. Early neutering would end the marking behavior for majority of the dogs. Having him neutered at a young age would prevent the habit from forming. For older dogs, neutering may still have its effect but his marking may have become a habit already and you will have to do something in order to break it.
  • Oversee and Break the Habit. Catch him in the act and reprimand him. This is the fastest way for him to learn. Close supervision is ideal and you must be patient and dedicated enough to stop his marking behavior, you have to be consistent as well. Confine him to one area of the house where you can supervise him.
  • Get his attention. You can create a shaker by using a using empty cola can with coins inside it. Just tape the opening to prevent the coins from flying out. Watch your pet closely for signs of marking. The moment he begins to lift his leg or sniff around an area, make a noise using the shaker. This would get his attention and interrupt his deed. Once you have his attention, command him not to pee. The key here is being consistent to achieve behavior modification. Just bear in mind not to yell, rant or spank him. An insecure dog would become more insecure and your issue won’t be resolved.
  • Praise him. Lavish him with praises when he pees on the designated spot. Dogs learn quickly with positive reinforcement.
  • Cleanliness. Being clean is very important. Be sure that you have cleaned thoroughly the places where he has peed before to remove the scent. This would discourage him from doing the deed again. Use 50/50 water and vinegar solution to clean the soiled areas.

Marking inside the house and other inappropriate spots can also be a sign of UTI, so you better take him to the vet first to rule out this possibility. Every dog has this issue one way or another and you must know how to stop a dog from marking. Marking inside the house can stem from the lack of house training or that you have held him too long, more than he could wait.

So, which is which for you? Is your pekingese sick or he really has marking issues? Either way, you have to do something about it in order to resolve it. Tell us your story below.



Dogs and Rabbits: Is your Pekingese Ready for This?

Dogs and rabbits can be friends. That is a fact. For most pet lovers, having a pet is just a matter of having a companion during walks, a friend their kids can have, a furry member of the pack or even a showpiece. For some, it has already become a hobby – more of like an obsession. If you are that person who is keeping various species under one rood, then be aware of all the special attention it entails. When it comes to dogs and rabbits, there are certain safety guidelines to follow to make your place a safe environment.

And you should have known by now that rabbits are very sensitive animals. And the mere stress of a certain frightening experience can kill thumper, and an attempt to introduce thumper to fido should have a very controlled set up.

In attempting to make Fido and Thumper friends, bear in mind that the behavior and temperament of your dog can either make or break the entire experience. Good candidates would be behave, calm dogs while the over excited dogs are rather hard to rabbit-train. In making this assessment, it is essential to be completely honest here. Before you try to bring the rabbit and dog in one place, try to introduce their scents to each other first. Collect some used litter or other heavily scented items and bring it to each other and let them smell it. Observe each other’s reaction, may it be shock or anxiety. If your dog seems to be excited or agitated during this process, then for sure you will require more caution and patience in your end.

Dogs and Rabbits

Dogs and Rabbits: Is your Pekingese Ready for This?

How to Introduce a Dog and a Rabbit

  • Find a neutral place. Locate an area which neither of them would think of it as “their turf.” Such places would be the bathroom, garage, kitchen or bedroom.
  • Put rabbit in cage. Allow the rabbit to adjust first on his new environment. Once he is already calm and adjusted, you may now call your dog over.
  • Observe. Watch them both carefully for their reactions. If the rabbit shies away, talk to them in a soothing voice while stroking them both; it is essential that you won’t give one attention more than the other during this point. If they just ignore or sniff each other, then let them be since it is positive reaction.
  • Get help. It is ideal that the assistant you will get is someone who has a good bond with one of the animals and let him/her hold that animal.
  • Getting closer. Slightly bring them both close to each other. They they are both being friendly and calm, then lavish them both with praises and affection.
  • Let them roam around. Allow your dog to go around the house and your rabbit to hop around. If your dog would follow the rabbit around, let him be as long as he is not aggressive. If he gets aggressive, stop him. If he remains calm and friendly, praise him. Repeat this step for days until they get used to each other.

People often think that dogs and rabbits can never be friends  just as cats and dogs never will be; however both are just myths and can be proven otherwise.

Does your pekingese have a rabbit friend? How was the experience? How did you introduce them to each other? Please do share your story with us below.

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