Celebrity Dogs: Which Of Your Favorite Stars Love Pekingese Dogs Too?


We see pictures every day of celebrities and their celebrity dogs. Big dogs, little dogs, and just about every breed that you can imagine capture our favorite celebrities’ hearts and are beloved by fans everywhere. So what about your favorite celebrities? What types of dogs have stolen their hearts? And how about some of the most famous celebrities of all time – what dog breeds did they fall head over heels for? Well, some of the different celebrities that have fallen in love with the Pekingese breed might just surprise you. Here are some of everyone’s favorite celebs that have our favorite breed, the Pekingese:

Celebrity Dogs

Celebrity Dogs

Celebrity Dogs

Betty White
One of our favorite Golden Girls of all time, Betty White, is a well known animal lover and rescues dogs of all breeds. But the Pekingese is one of her all time favorites because she was raised with them. While she has several types of dog breeds in her home, she has been the proud, loving owner of both Nippon and Bandit, who were both Pekingese dogs.

Shirley Temple
Everyone’s favorite little darling of the screen, Shirley Temple, was photographed everywhere with her beloved Pekingese, Ching Ching. When he passed away, she mourned him for several months. Even though she finally got another one, it was never quite the same emotionally to her as Ching Ching was.

Elizabeth Taylor
The queen of the screen, Elizabeth Taylor, is a well known dog lover and her favorite breed was the Pekingese. She loved her Pekingese so much in fact, that when shooting a film in London in the mid-70’s she actually chartered a yacht to take her and her beloved pups over seas. She couldn’t stand the thought of having her pups quarantined for six months for them to be flown into London. She stayed on the yacht with them the whole time so that they would never have to even step on land in the UK.

Jennifer Gray
Anyone that watched movies in the 80’s saw Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray. Their dancing and romantic scenes were enough to make millions of women all over the world swoon for Patrick and long to be Jennifer, or Baby, in the movie. But did you know that Jennifer is a lover of Pekingese dogs as well?

Joan Rivers
One of the most infamous funny ladies of all time, Joan Rivers, is an avid dog lover and has even rescued her Pekingese, who is named Max. She shows Max and her other dog Lulu off whenever she can: posing for photos with them, walking them throughout Hollywood, and everywhere she can. While she was at a low point in her life, Max came to her through a vet and helped her find peace again.

Bridget Marquardt
Even if you aren’t a huge PlayBoy fan, chances are that you’ve seen photos of Hugh Hefner’s three beautiful bunny girlfriends. One of them, Bridget Marquardt, is a lover of Pekingese and has one, named Wednesday (after Wednesday Addams), that quickly became one of the diva stars of the show on The Girls Next Door.

Of course, there are other celebrities out there that love Pekingese dogs as well as famous people throughout history. In fact, did you know that some famous historical celebrity dogs that were Pekingese included one owned by Theodore Roosevelt’s daughter, Alice, and Princess Diana’s grandmother, who was also an author, loved them as well. Count in the references to them in other popular media, such as Steven King’s book “It” where he mentions the dog breed several times and the fact that Pluto (Mickey Mouse’s pooch) had a girlfriend named Fifi the Peke; and you have everything you need to seal in the fact that Pekingese dogs are wonderful companions, no matter who you are.

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