Do Pekingese Dogs Like Crowds?


For those considering getting a new Pekingese, you might wonder if Pekingese dogs like crowds either at home or out in public. The answer is yes and no. It all depends on how you socialize your Pekingese dog, especially when they are a puppy. For example, take my two Pekingese dogs, Pixie and Baby. They have so much fun showing off and playing at parties, and the more people that are around for attention, the better. They love the attention they get, especially when being the stars of the show. They enjoy posing for pictures and even seem to be smiling. They are such cute little girls that love to just show off.

Do Pekingese Dogs Like Crowds?

Do Pekingese Dogs Like Crowds?

Do Pekingese Dogs Like Crowds?

They act this way because I have made sure to socialize them from the time that we brought them home. We did a lot of research on socializing dogs from a young age and decided that we did not want to have those dogs that are always cowering, shaking, barking, and generally nervous around people they don’t know. We wanted fun, loving, playful dogs that loved to enjoy our friends as much as we did. Once we had them home, we took them everywhere, we had company over and included them, and we made sure that they were happy being around people.

Now, when company is over at our house, they run and get toys out of their toy boxes, picking the ones they like the best. After they select the right one, their game is to show off their newest tricks. Usually hiding and finding their toy or pushing it around the floor with their flat little noses. Whatever tricks they have learned that will get them the most praise or a treat is their new favorite. Since Pekingese dogs do love to be the center of attention, each one wants more praise than the other, so the showing-off continues until no more treats appear. But they also love playing with each other.

Your Pekingese can easily be like this as well if you take the time to socialize them properly. This means that you need to take them to new places with new people, have new people over to your house (or just your friends), and include them when you have company over. Take them to dog parks and start off slowly letting them sniff around or just watching other dogs play. Take them shopping and to the mall or crowded areas to get them used to the sights and sounds of larger crowds. Just remember to start off slow and easy so that they aren’t overwhelmed with all of the new sounds and smells.

The more that you take your Pekingese out and expose them to new things, the more socialized they will become and the less scared they will be. While everyone recommends that you start this process when they are a puppy, you can easily train an older Peke to love being around new people and in new places too – it simply may take a bit more work. So the next time you’re wondering if Pekingese dogs like crowds, the answer is a strong yes, if you take the time to work with them.

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