Dog Birthday Party Ideas – Celebrating your Pekingese’s Special Day


Dog Birthday Party Ideas – Celebrating your Pekingese’s Special Day

Dogs have birthdays too and if there is a day to spoil him, then it’s on that day. There are lots of dog birthday party ideas to choose from too! Throwing a party for him is a fun approach to celebrate his day as well as to say thank you for being a wonderful friend and family. It is the perfect excuse to invite all of your pet’s furry pals over and adorn your place with treats for the pack.

The National Pet Owners Survey stated that pet parties are now rising, with a 9% recorded entries of pet parents throwing parties for their dog. Nine percent may seem a small account, but in figures that is about 77.5 million pet parents in the USA – now that’s a huge number. Doggie parties are fast becoming the latest trend among pet parents now a days all over the world.

Since most dog lovers often see their pets as precious members of the family, throwing a party for them has become a popular trend to celebrate man’s best friend  You can either celebrate his actual birth date or his adoption day, whatever day you choose it all boils down to one thing: a tail-wagging good time!

When you are planning a party, you have to be creative. Consider working around a theme for your pet. For example, if your pet the queen of the house? If so, then have a royal birthday bash and plan your theme around it. After you have decided on the theme, begin on building your guest list. Invite your pet’s close doggy pals along with their owners. Avoid inviting dogs that are strangers to your pet to avoid any potential fights. Your neighbor’s dogs, family members’ dogs, and his mates from the park or obedience school can be wonderful guests.

Always bear in mind that if you are holding such an event, human supervision should be adequate. You wouldn’t want to have a pack of uncontrolled dogs running down your house, do you? If you are quite concerned of having a conflict during his special day, then you can skip inviting other dogs and just invite his human friends. Rest assured, he would love being the center of attention.

Dog Birthday Party Ideas

Pet Party Planning Guide

  • Set the Date. Held the event during his birth date or on a day that would work best for you. If you happen to have an adopted pet and aren’t aware of his true birth date, then you can celebrate his day when he arrived at your home.
  • Party Theme. Try to select a theme that would best represent your pet. You can even work around a theme based on your pet’s breed. For instance, if you own a poodle, then give her a pink poodle fun. Or if you have a spotted pet, like a dalmatian or any crossbreed, then adorn your place with his spotted colors. Also, you can go for the famous dogs like Snoopy and Scooby Doo theme party.
  • Set the Place. Location is very important to any event. For celebration such as this, it is ideal to held it on a grassy outdoor location like your backyard. Just see to it that it is secure so that dogs that aren’t on their leash won’t be able to wander off and run away. Select a place that is wonderful and safe for them to play all day long as well as it must have a shaded area for them to rest. Other places that is also ideal for this event would be the beach or park or a doggie day care facility.
  • Party Decors. Be creative in decorating your place up. You can draw big paw prints on the sidewalk which would lead to your place for your guests’ amusement. Go get a cute bowl for the treats and hand them over as each guest would enter your place. Do not forget the party hats your them to wear. Use balloons, drawings, etc… to decorate the chairs and tables in the area. Find a decent doggy-inspired table cloth to use for the event.
  • Guest list. Think of your pet’s closest furry pals. See to it that they are all spayed, neutered, well socialized and with updated vaccines. Avoid inviting dogs that have issues on aggression and be sure to have enough human supervision during the entire event.
  • Invites. There are lots of cheap dog invites on the net which you can readily purchase or you can go to your local pet store. If you want a more customized look, then try making your own by cutting out bone shapes from a stationary. Place a photo of your pet along with details such as: time, location and date of the event.
  • Party Food. See to it that there is an abundant supply of clean water for your pet and his guests trough out the day as they would tend to sip a lot especially after playing. Place the doggy treats on the buffet table and have a supply for it for the entire day. Go and get a canine birthday cake for your pet from the shop or you can make one on your own. Do not forget to also serve drinks and finger foods for the humans as well.
  • Fun and Toys. Keep the entertainment alive by having lots of balls, chew toys, tug ropes, frisbees and other kinds of toys available for everyone. Play ball with them and allow each visitor to showcase his talent with his owner.

Dog birthday party ideas are abundant if you just do your research well. It is not that hard to organize however it takes a lot of responsibility to pull it through. If you are planning to invite kids over, see to it that the invited dogs do well with kids. And you should also have the initiative to reach out to the invited owners and ask about their pet’s dietary restrictions and have a first aid kid nearby in case of an untimely event.

Do you celebrate your pekingese’s birthday? How do you do it and what was your chosen theme? Tell us more about it on the comment box below.



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