Dog Fever Treatment – What to Do if your Pekingese is Sick


Dog Fever Treatment – What to Do if your Pekingese is Sick

Before you go frantic and search on what should be the dog fever treatment, see to it that your pekingese is actually febrile. The dog’s normal body temperature is around 100-102. Us humans have a different body temperature so most of the time, we worry over nothing. A dog’s temperature is higher than ours, always remember that.

In the event that he is sick, do not give him human over the counter drugs. Such medications could either harm or even kill your pet. Your pekingese’s drug reaction is not the same with ours, so what may be good for us may be harmful for them. Just like how chocolates can kill dogs. Aspirin for babies may be okay but it depends on your dog breed. It doesn’t do well with the small breeds or younger dogs. Vets would just normally give your dog a dose of pain killer. If there is a sudden change in eating behavior would indicate that he may be allergic to the medicine that was given. Inform your vet and withold all the medications given.

Dog Fever Treatment

You can also bathe your dog in tepid water (slightly above room temperature) to help bring its temperature down. If the dog is too large to pick it up and put in a bath tub, you can use a container of water and a sponge or large cloth.

Dip the cloth in the water, then wipe down the dog with it, dipping the cloth in the water as needed to keep it cool. The most effective areas of the dog to wipe is the stomach, abdominal and chest areas, and under it’s front and hind legs. These areas have much less hair, so the water will be able to reach the skin much better. Do this every 20 minutes until the dog’s fever has come down.

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Treating your Dog’s Fever

  • Get his temperature. Use a rectal thermometer and insert it unto his rectum for 2 minutes. A normal temperature is below 102F.
  • Cool bath. Give your dog a cool tepid bath. The water should be cold enough to bring his temperature down but won’t cause him to shiver.
  • Dry him out. After his bath, dry him completely using a towel. His cool fur would help in bringing his fever down.
  • Use a wet sponge. Run a cold water into a rag and wring it out completely. Then place the rug on your dog’s tummy to keep his internal temperature down. Once the rag becomes warm, wet it again. Do these steps until your vet arrives.

Those are the things that you can do for a home-based dog fever treatment.  A fever is a sign that there is something wrong with your dog’s system and you should keep an eye on him.  A normal fever would only last 2-3 days, if your dog’s fever would go beyond 3 days you should consult your vet already.  Also, keep your dog hydrated throughout his sick days.  Give him clean water all the time and bring his water and food container close to him since having a fever would cause him to be weak.

Hopefully, the steps I mentioned above would be able to help you out with your doggy fever dilemma. Do you have any further questions? Feel free to leave your inquiries below.



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