Dog Friendly Travel: Taking Your Pekingese With You


Dog friendly travel is becoming much easier than it used to be as more and more people take their furry family member with them all over the world. If you have never traveled with your pooch before, there are a few tips that you should know before you head out. According to the AKC, here are several tips that you should always remember when traveling with your Pekingese:

Dog friendly travel

Health And Safety Tips

Dog friendly travel

Dog friendly travel

1. Check Ups – Take your Pekingese to your normal vet before you head out on your travels, especially if you are headed out for a long period of time. If you’re traveling on any airline, they will require that you have a health certification before your pet is allowed on board. You can also get copies of your dog’s shot records, just in case anything happens.

2. Packing – Make sure that you are taking enough of your pet’s normal food with you when you travel. You can’t always count that the stores there will have it and you don’t want to change your pet’s food when you’re away from home and possibly cause intestinal upset. You might also consider taking along some local bottled water if your Pekingese drinks tap water or purchasing bottled water when you arrive.


Yes, even your dog needs ID when you travel. Here are some tips to remember:
1. At the vet, make sure that you get a current record of your dog’s shots and have it with you at all times.
2. Have a recent picture of your dog with you or snap a new one on your cell phone just in case they get lost.
3. Have a good sturdy leash and collar with ID tags on it with your name and phone number as well as the dog’s name.
4. Talk with your vet about a microchip in your Pekingese, it can help locate them faster if they are lost or stolen.

Crate Travel

If you have to take your pet in a crate, here are some excellent tips to keep your Pekingese safe from harm:
1. Have a crate large enough for your dog to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably in.
2. The crate you choose should be very sturdy and have plenty of reinforced handles and grips without any protrusions inside that could hurt your dog.
3. You want a crate that has a leak-proof bottom and the bottom should be covered with an absorbent material that won’t irritate your dog’s skin.
4. Label your crate with plenty of “Live Animal” stickers with the arrows pointing up to the top of the crate.
5. Ventilation holes should be plentiful to allow in plenty of fresh air but not so many that they compromise the strength of the crate.
6. Take along your dog’s favorite blankets, toys, and other items to help ease the stress of travel in a crate.

Car Travel

For those heading out by car, here are some tips to help the ride go smoothly:
1. Make sure that your dog is comfortable in the car before you head out for a long ride. Take them with you on several short rides first if you don’t already.
2. Make sure that you keep the car well ventilated at all times while you’re traveling with your Pekingese.
3. Stop often for bathroom breaks so there aren’t accidents in the car.
4. Don’t allow your baby to ride with their head sticking out the window. If they want to be up higher where they can see, consider a dog booster seat to help out and keep them safe and comfortable. A lot of dogs are injured by flying debris and it can cost them an eye or worse.
5. Don’t ever leave your dog unattended in a closed vehicle, this can cause serious health problems or death.
6. Make sure that you or your family doesn’t tease your dog or annoy them while you’re in the car. Remember that the ride is boring for them too, and any unwanted agitation might cause biting or unwanted behavior.

While these are only a few of the great dog friendly travel tips that the AKC recommends, you can also ask your local vet to see what they recommend. Make sure that your vet knows you are traveling and get any medications that your Pekingese might need while you’re gone as well. Make sure that you share this article on Twitter to all of your friends that might be traveling with their Pekingese, or other breed, this holiday season.



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