Dog Hearing Test: Is your Pekingese Becoming Deaf?


Dog Hearing Test: Is your Pekingese Becoming Deaf?

Does your pet need a dog hearing test? I know, it can be devastating when your pet suddenly stops acknowledging your when you two are in the same room. And you think that he is not listening to you when you call on him. Or you noticed that he can no longer recognize what once were familiar voices. You may personally take it as a sign of disinterest on things, however your pet may have lost some if not all of his hearing. There are various factors that contribute to a dog’s hearing loss: old age, wax build up, untreated ear infections. You can actually perform a hearing test on him at home or you can bring him to the vet to be sure on what is really going on with him and his hearing.

Also remember that this isn’t purely about hearing loss matter, know that once a dog gets older his brain is slower in processing it thus the reaction would also come late. The mix of no reaction and hearing loss is often seen in older pets and the owner would then think that he is being inattentive. Please do avoid on punishing him due to not being attentive to you, he may become afraid. You better know the real reason behind his condition.

Dog Hearing Test

How to Test your Pet’s Hearing

  • Clean his ears. Moist a cotton ball with warm (not hot) water. Then gently rub wax and dirt off his earlobe. Then moisten a cotton swab with the same warm water remove dirt in the canal and cartilage. Do not ever push the swab down his ear canal. Repeat this same procedure on his other ear.
  • Test his hearing. Use various sounds and determine his reaction. The experts from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals say that you can test his hearing at home by quietly stepping up behind him and clap loudly once and see his reaction. Be sure that he is unaware of you creeping up on him. You can also use a squeaky toy, vacuum cleaner or keys as source of sound. If he doesn’t show any reaction at all, then he may be deaf. You can also try calling his name at one area of the room. If he comes running to you in the opposite direction then he is partially deaf.
  • Do the BAER test. Complete the BAER test to be sure. Go to your vet and submit your pet for a BAER (Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response) testing. This test uses a computer in order to record the electrical activity of the brain in response to the sound.

It is a common misconception on part of the pet parents to equate their pet’s attentiveness as a sign of misbehavior. Who knows, your pet may already need a dog hearing test because of certain conditions. Do not judge your pet immediately nor punish him instantly just because he didn’t come at the beck of your call.

Is your pekingese an elderly and is he already showing signs of hearing loss? How did you know that he is already losing his sense of hearing? Tell us more about your story below.




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  1. Stan Lawler says:

    My Pekingese, Jackson, is 13 years old. Last year we started noticing that when we called him he wouldn’t always respond or he would look a different way. Now, he responds to us but looks around before he realizes where the sound came from. I also think that he might be hearing things. I’ve noticed that he looks around at times and whines and gets scared for no reason at all. I’m wondering if he has tinnitus. Other than the hearing problem, he runs around the yard chasing squirrels, plays tug of war and acts like a young dog. We call him our “son”.

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