Dog Hiccups – Helping your Pekingese Stop It


Dog hiccups occur more frequently in puppies, however adult dogs may also experience it as well. Hiccups may be due to stress, excitement or certain medication. In general, dog hiccups will eventually go away even without any intervention and there’s no medication needed either.

Just like in humans, hiccups are a result of diaphragm spasm. The air suddenly rushes to the lungs affecting the vocal cords, thus the hiccup sound.

An episode of hiccups may either be brief or sometimes lasts even to hours. However, there is no need to worry about it. The most common causes of hiccups in canines are: stress, excitement, inhalation of irritants such as smoke or other chemicals, ingestion of food in a fast manner, eating spicy food pr if his body temperature dropped.

In rare circumstances, a dog may also develop hiccups due to pneumonia, asthma, pericarditis, heart stroke or respiratory defect.

Lastly, muscle relaxants also causes hiccups.

Dog Hiccups

Dog Hiccups – Helping your Pekingese Stop It

Home Remedies:

  • Distract him. distracting your pet by petting or playing with him would allow the hiccups to go away in a fun and effortless way.
  • Feed him. Giving him a snack, treat or a meal would cause your pet to change his breathing pattern temporarily and it may be enough to get rid of the annoying hiccups.
  • Water. Just like us humans, offer your pet water to drink.
  • Startle him. Startling can work with dogs and humans alike. However, do not startle your pet often since this would cause your pet to mistrust you. Just once is enough and see if his hiccups would go packing.
  • A bath. Give him a bath. For most dogs, a bath is already enough disruption in their daily routine that would also change his breathing pattern causing the hiccups to go away.
  • Massage. You can try massaging his chest which would aid in relaxing of his diaphragm muscles which can eliminate his hiccups.

Dog hiccups are just a simple spasm of the diaphragm. Dogs and humans alike find it annoying even though it is harmless. Puppies are very prone to hiccups due to the fact that their insides are growing at a fast pace. Hiccups will go away after a few minutes even without intervention, so no need to worry.

Have you experienced your pet having hiccups? What did you do? Please do share with us your story below.




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