Dog Ringworm – Prevent it from Affecting your Pekingese


Dog ringworm is a fungal infection that invades the hair follicles and hair. In general, it is caused by Microsporum canis. Ringworm in dogs often affect the young adults and puppies. And the typical spots that are affected would be the ears, face, tail and paws.

The disease ringworm is transmitted by spores in the soil and by direct contact with the infected dog or cat hair found in brushes, toys, carpet, rugs, furniture or combs. Humans can also get ringworm from their pets and vis-a-vis. The most susceptible member in the family would be the children.

From the name itself, it has spreading circle of hair loss with scaly skin at the center and with a red ring at the periphery. Just know that most cases of circular hair loss that is thought to be ringworm is often a case of demodectic mange.

By itself, ringworm is not itchy but due to secondary bacterial infection with crusts and scabs, it provokes the licking and scratching mechanism. Ringworm can also affect your pet’s nails. As a result, his nails would become cracked, brittle, deformed and dry.

Dog Ringworm – Prevent it from Affecting your Pekingese

Dog Ringworm

Treating it at Home

  • Washing. Disinfecting washes can go a long way. Though most of the time, ringworm in dogs would subside naturally but it takes a long time. And during this period, the fungus could have spread to the rest of the family – humans included. Antiseptic solutions and soaps such as Nolvasan or Betadine will aid in preventing a mild infection into turning to a bacterial skin infection. Wash the affected part carefully and then blot dry.
  • Anti-Fungal Oils. A common topical antiseptic and anti-fungal is tea tree oil. Pour it on a shallow dish then using a cotton ball, apply it diretly on the affected area/s. For a pet that has very sensitive skin, dilute the oil with warm water. It is proven to be nontoxic and safe. Another one is Grapefruit seed oil. It is usually available online or health food stores. It has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that can combat the ringworm. Mix the oil with warm water and apply it on the affected part. It can also be mixed with mild shampoo. You can use it to bathe your dog thoroughly. See to it that you work in between your pet’s toes — this is the most favorite spot for the fungi.


Ringworm can infect humans too and can spread via dust, hair and contaminated bedding. It is wise to vacuum all living spaces thoroughly, and wash your bedding with very hot and soapy water. Disinfect all of your pet’s grooming tools with one part bleach and 3 parts water. Dip the tools for an hour and aur dry.

Since dog ringworm is highly contagious, be sure that you give your other pets thorough bathing even if they are not showing any sign and symptom. Iodine and apple cider vinegar is the old folk remedy for ringworm  Vinegar has acetic acid and when mixed with iodine would effectively cure ringworm infections.

Has your pekingese experienced this disease? How did you treat him? Feel free to share your thoughts with us below.




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