Dog Sleeping Positions – Find Out Why your Pekingese Sleeps that Way


Have you ever wondered about the way your dog sleeps? If there are meanings to dog sleeping positions rather than just looking cute while catching some Zzzzzz’s. According to the experts a dog’s sleeping position has its meaning. Like when he curls up, it is to keep themselves warm. If he sleeps in a ball-like position it means that he feels threatened. Seen your pet sleeping all stretched out? Be glad because it means that he feels so secured and comfortable when he is with you or that he just feels hot.  In the wild, dogs tend to sleep in a ball-like position in order to protect their internal organs from the predators.

The average dog sleeps around 12-13 hours per day. and puppies even sleep longer than that. Meaning, they are sleeping almost half of their life! Our canine friends are quite skillful in catching with their sleep every chance they can. Any type of position would do for them, really. Sleep is a very important part of your dog’s life. It affects his health, emotional and physical well-being of his life. It is during their sleep that they would grow, heal their wounds and conserve his energy for tomorrow.

Dog Sleeping Positions – Find Out Why your Pekingese Sleeps that Way

Dog Sleeping Positions

According to an article over at VetStreet, Dr. Margaret Gruen, DVM, a clinician at NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine Animal Behavior Service, explains that a dog’s tendency to either curl up or sprawl out stems from biology and survival. Dogs naturally curl up simply to keep warm, so if it’s a cool day and you find your pup curled up, that may be why.

However, dogs also tend to exhibit a ball-like stance when they feel threatened. In the wild, when dogs sleep that way, they are in effect protecting their internal organs from any would be predators.

Source: Babble, by Danielle Sullivan

Different Dog Sleep Positions

Side Sleepers: Side sleepers can be in different states of sleep – from light doze to all lights out. It is said that dogs tend to lie back to back with each other in order to bond, thus when your pet would lie with his back on you then it means that he feels safe and secure towards you not to mention affection too.

Stomach Sleepers: There isn’t much data about this topic maybe because they are not able to go into very deep state of sleep while in this position.

Back Sleepers: This is the position when your dog feel the safest and a sign of submission. Another angle is that they are just trying to cool off. Since this is the most relaxed sleeping position for him, then he is most likely to engage into deep sleep. However, if you see his paw covering his chest it means different already compared to the one who has his feet in the air. The one covering his chest is his way of telling you not to disturb him.

Curled Sleepers: Dogs who are in this position are simply napping or trying to keep themselves warm. Dogs who are staying outdoors are generally curled sleepers, not due to the fact that they need warmth but it is for their own protection from predators as well. And since, they are not really into deep sleep, then can immediately sense when there is an attack.

Now you know that dog sleeping positions also has its meaning and significance. Hence, you can not interpret how your pet is feeling via his sleep position. Be glad if your pet is showing signs of submission and security because it means that you are doing well as a pet parent. However, if you share your bed with your dog and he shows dominance that is another story to tackle.

Don’t hesitate to share with us your story. What position does your pet do at home?




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