Dog Snoring – How to Handle a Snoring Pekingese


Dog snoring is a common issue among the Pekingese breed. Dogs are wonderful pets during the day but may be a nuisance at night especially if he snores louder than you do. Dog snoring is just similar with human snoring and it is due to the vibrations caused by the relaxed muscles and soft tissues which are hanging at the upper throat or when the nasal passage is partially blocked.

There are various reasons on why there is blockage in the upper airway. It also depends on the dog breed you have. There are breeds that are very susceptible to nasal blockages even for the smallest reasons and allergies. Breeds like the Pekingese and Pugs have little noses and flat faces and if they have any type of nasal infection, then snoring problem occurs.

Dogs should be kept away from all kinds of allergens. Because of increased pollen count in the surroundings that your pet may suffer during sleep at night. If you are a smoker, then he may be affected with it also. Most dogs are allergic towards smoking. This would usually result in inflammed nose thus narrowing the throat and as a sign of it he will snore at night time.

And if your pet is on the heavy side, then the undelying cause of his snoring is his being overweight. Weight loss will bring good result to him for sure.

Dog Snoring

Dog Snoring – How to Handle a Snoring Pekingese

Quick Remedies

  • If his snoring is due to allergens the see to it that you clean or change his bedding on a daily basis. When the pollen levels are low, you can take him outside for a walk. Also keep the curtains and rugs dust free by vacuuming it regularly.
  • Give him regular exercise so that he would lose all excess weight and the snoring problem would stop.
  • There are breeds that are predisposed to snoring thus a minor surgery may be done. However, this kind of surgery is generally done when the pet is still young.
  • Try to change your pet’s sleeping position either by changing his bed or move him to a different posture while he sleeps.
  • Try giving him a pillow. If his head would be elevated then this could reduce his chances of snoring.
  • Do not smoke next to your pet. Do your best to keep your pet’s environment smoke free.
  • Try giving him a round bed. Having one would let your pet curl up and this would help his airway passages to expand.

Your pet may show some signs along with his dog snoring that may indicate an underlying illness. In case your pet doesn’t respond to any of the aforementioned tips, plan a trip to the vet so that the real cause would be revealed. Dog snoring can be a nuisance since he will have a disturbed sleep pattern thus waking up grouchy and tired. Then the owner is also sleep deprived due to his snoring as well. And in case your pet suddenly snored, take him to the vet as he may be sick.

Is your Pekingese a snorer? How do you handle it? Share with us more tips on the space provided below.



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