Dog Snoring – Know why your pekingese snores while sleeping


Dog Snoring – Know why your pekingese snore while sleeping

Dog snoring is somehow similar to human snoring which occurs as the result of the vibrations due to the relaxed soft tissues and muscles which happens to be hanging at the upper throat or when the nasal passage is somehow blocked partially.

There are actually various factors on why the upper airway is blocked. It all depends on the breed type of your dog. Other breeds are highly suscpetible to nasal blockages. Dog breeds like the pekingese and pug have little, flat noses and they tend to suffer from any kund of nasal infection, plus they have snoring issues since they are brachycephalic.

Knowing this, then you should keep your pekingese away from any form of allergens. And because of the increase pollens during the evening then he would be having a hard time resting. If you happen to be a smoker, then that could affect your dog too. Most dogs are allergic to smoking and most of the time the result of this one is swelling of their norses and narrowed throats which then leads them to snoring.

If your pekingese is obese or over weight, then his reason for snoring is the habit that he’s doing. Help him lose weight as it would surely bring good results.



Dog Snoring

Pekingese are brachycephalic(the smooshed in face) this cause the hard palate to be longer and just like when people snore the tissue in the back of the throat relaxes and vibrates

Source: Yahoo! Answers, by Sarah

Short Term Solutions

A temporary solution for your pekingese snorer is to wake him up and change his sleeping position. If you see that your dog is sleeping in a curled up manner, then try to lay him flat as it would cause them to snore less. Try to prop your dog’s head in an extra pillow. And if he happens to be congested, try using a humidifier as it could help de-congest clogged airways.

Shape of Face

Pekingese, Boxers, Shih-tzu, sharpei, bulldogs and Pugs are brachycephalic due to their short noses and they really have a hard time getting ample air into their systems. They are a snorer. If your dog’s snoring is getting bothersome, try to get him sleep in another room. And if you notice other kind of crackling noises, bring him to the vet for a check up.

Long Term Solutions

If he has allergies, then bring him to your vet. If he has known breathing issues, don’t smoke around him and keep him away from tobacco smoke as much as possible because it would only irritate his air passage ways. If he happens to be overweight, then help him lose those extra pounds. An obese dog is not only prone to snoring, it also entails a lot more serious health problems like diabetes, arthritis and heart problems. If your dog loves to swim, then make it as his routine exercise each day to burn calories without putting strain unto his joints.

Now you know the reason behind dog snoring. Being a responsible owner would entail you being concerned on you dog’s health. Be vigilant on what your dog is experiencing so that you could stay one step ahead of any illness lurking in your dog’s system.

Is your dog snoring? Let us know on what your dog is experiencing by leaving a comment below. We would love to be of help to you.



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