Doggy Bed: Does your Pekingese Own One?


While you may adore cuddling with your pekingese, and share with him your furniture, it is still essential for your pet to have a place of its own – a doggy bed.

Though surprisingly, the best place to put his bed is actually inside his pen or crate, but wherever you place it, it must have a bit of privacy, must be comfortable and relatively quiet. Bear in mind that dogs are bred to have a den, and a doggy bed must be taken into account.

If you happen to have a new pup, then you can buy any bed for him. However, as he grows up, he will be needing a bed that caters his needs and personality. So, you must better watch him as he sleeps and take note on his sleeping position and take this into consideration as you buy his new bed in the future.

Decide on which sleeping position he is most comfortable with, and measure his length. Then add several inches to allow more room for him. As much as we love to have a big room – your pet is no different.

If your pet tends to curl up into a ball, then a donut type of bed may be ideal for him. If he stretches out, then an oval bed may be better. If he loves to lie on his stomach, then a rectangular type is a wise choice. However, these are just tips – every dog has its own personality and may prefer to have a raised side for his head.

Doggy Bed


Doggy Bed: Does your Pekingese Own One?

Getting Him Sleep on His Own Bed

  • Treats. Leave a number of treats in his bed, but not too much. Sit with him there for a while and spend time with him.
  • Position his bed next to yours. If your pet is still not comfortable with his own bed, then try to sleep with one arm dangling out as your stroke him on his bed below you. You can give him a blanket for added comfort as well.
  • Toys. Try putting his soft toys and plushies in his bed. This is another way to get him inside his bed and be comfortable.
  • Just let him be. Try to ignore him for the time being and let him explore his bed on his own. Sooner or later he would become associated with it and would love to sleep in it.

Just be patient with your dog especially since the doggy bed is still new to him. Just train him over and over and give him ample time to adjust with the new set up. So, how often should you wash his bed? Just like other things, the key is moderation. His bed should not be dirty, however it is essential that his smell is still traceable so that he can recognize it. So, do not over clean it, just chill and enjoy your time with your pet.

Does your pekingese own a doggy bed? What kind is it? Share your story with us below.



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