Dogs and Rabbits: Is your Pekingese Ready for This?


Dogs and rabbits can be friends. That is a fact. For most pet lovers, having a pet is just a matter of having a companion during walks, a friend their kids can have, a furry member of the pack or even a showpiece. For some, it has already become a hobby – more of like an obsession. If you are that person who is keeping various species under one rood, then be aware of all the special attention it entails. When it comes to dogs and rabbits, there are certain safety guidelines to follow to make your place a safe environment.

And you should have known by now that rabbits are very sensitive animals. And the mere stress of a certain frightening experience can kill thumper, and an attempt to introduce thumper to fido should have a very controlled set up.

In attempting to make Fido and Thumper friends, bear in mind that the behavior and temperament of your dog can either make or break the entire experience. Good candidates would be behave, calm dogs while the over excited dogs are rather hard to rabbit-train. In making this assessment, it is essential to be completely honest here. Before you try to bring the rabbit and dog in one place, try to introduce their scents to each other first. Collect some used litter or other heavily scented items and bring it to each other and let them smell it. Observe each other’s reaction, may it be shock or anxiety. If your dog seems to be excited or agitated during this process, then for sure you will require more caution and patience in your end.

Dogs and Rabbits

Dogs and Rabbits: Is your Pekingese Ready for This?

How to Introduce a Dog and a Rabbit

  • Find a neutral place. Locate an area which neither of them would think of it as “their turf.” Such places would be the bathroom, garage, kitchen or bedroom.
  • Put rabbit in cage. Allow the rabbit to adjust first on his new environment. Once he is already calm and adjusted, you may now call your dog over.
  • Observe. Watch them both carefully for their reactions. If the rabbit shies away, talk to them in a soothing voice while stroking them both; it is essential that you won’t give one attention more than the other during this point. If they just ignore or sniff each other, then let them be since it is positive reaction.
  • Get help. It is ideal that the assistant you will get is someone who has a good bond with one of the animals and let him/her hold that animal.
  • Getting closer. Slightly bring them both close to each other. They they are both being friendly and calm, then lavish them both with praises and affection.
  • Let them roam around. Allow your dog to go around the house and your rabbit to hop around. If your dog would follow the rabbit around, let him be as long as he is not aggressive. If he gets aggressive, stop him. If he remains calm and friendly, praise him. Repeat this step for days until they get used to each other.

People often think that dogs and rabbits can never be friends  just as cats and dogs never will be; however both are just myths and can be proven otherwise.

Does your pekingese have a rabbit friend? How was the experience? How did you introduce them to each other? Please do share your story with us below.



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