Ear Mites in Dogs – Help your Pekingese Handle It Naturally


Ear Mites in Dogs – Help your Pekingese Handle It Naturally

Ear mites in dogs is quite common so every owner should know how to handle it appropriately. Nothing drives a pup nuts as quite as much as the ear mites. Just imagine something crawling and creeping inside your ears! It surely gives me the willies! No wonder your pet would shake his head, scratch endlessly and cry as well. Also, all that scratching and ear flapping can damage his ears too.

The one causing it are tiny creatures that belongs to the family of ticks and are very contagious. That means that if one of your pets has it, then you need to to treat the entire furry pack — cats, bunnies, ferrets and other dogs.

Ear mites are the common culprit of otitis (inflammation of ears). You will spot a brown, crumbly debris on your pet’s ear canal. When mites are biting and crawling inside your pet’s ear it causes very intense itching  thus causing your pet to shake his head, dig on his ears or even rub his head against the furniture or floor and will cry.

Ear trauma will result with his efforts to relieve the itch. And for breeds that are pendulous-eared like the Basset hound, beagles and even the pekingese it can cause hematoma where their pinna would then swell up like a balloon.

Dark ear debris and behavioral signs may generally point towards ear mites however it is still very essential for the vet to confirm it. A sample would be taken from his ear and then would be examined under the microscope. Never ever treat your puppy to eat mites until your vet has confirmed it, or you will only be complicating things for your pet.

Ear Mites in Dogs

Home Made Remedies

  • Oil Treatment. It is a fact that oil soothes sore ears and can also float the debris out. Oil can also suffocate the mites itself. Vets say that it doesn’t matter what kind of oil you use just stay away from tea tree oil since it can be toxic for puppies and cats. For best results, crush a few garlic cloves in a cup of il and let it marinate overnight. Garlic are nature’s antibacterial agent that can be useful in treating your pet’s ears. Just remove the garlic prior to using the oil for treatment. You need to clean his ears with this solution everyday for at least a month.
  • Antiseptic Tea Rinse. Green tea is nature’s antiseptic agent. It can be useful in flushing out all the ear debris that has clogged up in your pet’s ear canal. Steep a tablespoon of green tea leave in a cup of hot water for about 3-4 minutes then strain it. Let it cool down before using it once a day for one month.
  • Vinegar Treatment. Vinegar can still infected areas and it is also proven to be effective. The vinegar’s acidity would remove the dirt and debris, revitalizing healthy ear equilibrium. It is recommended to use small amounts of vinegar. Mix oe part vinegar in two parts water. Pour the solution into his ears using a dropper and massage thoroughly. After which, you gently wipe the insides of the ear using a cotton ball.

Ear mites in dogs are very irritating and if you leave it untreated can lead to deafness. Luckily, aside from the commercially prepared products, there are still holistic way of approach which you can try first. You pet would surely thank you for treating his nasty ear mite problem.

Has your Pekingese experienced this ailment? How did you resolve it? Please share with us your story below.



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  1. I have a bichon freez she is having the same problem all her life I have done every thing but the best was the vinegar that work

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