First Aid Kit For Dogs: What You Should Have On Hand For Your Pekingese


Do you know what to do if something happens to your dog and you can’t get to the vet right away? For any pet owner, especially of smaller breeds like the Pekingese, first aid kits for dogs can be a life saver – literally. If you don’t have one already at home, now is the perfect time to start. You should always have a first aid kit for your dog at home and in the car (or one that can be taken with you when you travel). So what should you include in your dog’s first aid kit? Here is a list of must-have’s for any full dog first aid kit:

First Aid Kit For Dogs

First Aid Kit For Dogs

First Aid Kit For Dogs

1. Pet First Aid Book – You can find these extremely reasonable online or at local book stores. We recommend a paperback version that is easier to store as they are usually smaller than hard cover books. If you can, get one geared for smaller dogs, such as the Pekingese, so that you know you aren’t worried about treating large size dogs when giving medications.
2. Gloves – You should always have a few pairs of vinyl or latex gloves in your first aid kit for dogs. These are easy to get at any discount store and usually can be purchased both in bulk or in smaller packages of two to three pairs of gloves each.
3. Gauze – You will want to have a few sizes of gauze pads in your dog first aid kit. We recommend purchasing a box of multiple sizes so that you have every size you could possibly need at your disposal.
4. Stretch Gauze – This is usually found in a roll, and you can even find the kind that sticks to itself. Think of the Ace bandages that are used over sprains on humans, it’s basically the same thing. And, you can even find them in creative colors!
5. Cold and Warm Packs – Reusable ice packs are great for times when you need a cold pack but don’t have the ice. You can also get warm packs that are activated when you need them, but be careful not to place these directly against your dog’s skin or fur.
6. Tweezers – We recommend that you have a couple of sizes of tweezers, such as a blunt pair and a pointed pair. Having both sizes of tweezers can easily help you grab splinters and stickers, as well as other objects that your dog might have picked up.
7. Scissors – We always hate to think of messing up our Pekingese’s beautiful fur, but if you need to cut some fur away to treat an injury, you want to have a good pair of scissors ready. Having fur in the way can cause problems if there is a wound that needs to be treated on the way to the vet, and fur always grows back.
8. Split Materials – You should be able to find materials for a splint at your local large pet store. Having these items can help keep your dog’s legs or other parts immobile on the way to the vet’s office.
9. Hydrocortisone Cream – If your dog gets stung or bit, you want to have something that will help stop the itch so they don’t make it worse. Hydrocortisone cream can be a huge help in these cases.
10. Cotton Balls – Dabbing medications on a wound with your bare hands isn’t recommended, and can sometimes make the wound worse. Having cotton balls in your first aid kit can help you to get the medications on the area without touching it directly.
11. Antiseptic Wipes – These are found in pre-packaged groups so that you can simply throw them in your first aid kit and go.
12. Bandages – We recommend that you have several different sizes of bandages in your kit. While the plastic ones are cheaper, the cloth ones will move with your dog and be more comfortable as well.
13. Emergency Numbers – You should always have your pet’s emergency numbers on a card with your kit at all times. The local vet that you use as well as the closest pet hospital should both be on these cards.

Of course, if your pet needs special medications or there are certain things that you feel should be in your first aid kit for dogs, don’t hesitate to add them in. You can also talk with your vet about any other items that they recommend be placed in your Pekingese’s first aid kit. If you have it and never need it, that is great, but the one time you need it and don’t have it could cost you your furry friend’s life.

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