Fun Dog Games: Go Ahead and Play with your Pekingese!


People who frequently play with their beloved pets develop respect, communication and understanding with their dog. Fun dog games are activities that you do with your pekingese would actually require the two of you working and communicating together in a way. While others may argue with me on this one but I distinguish sports from games. Games have goals but they don’t include titles, placements, and ribbons. Games also have competition but that is competition of the moment.

Playing games with your pekingese (or any other dog) is really good for your rapport. They may not be humans like us, but they are very social animals and playing is an important key in harnessing their social relationships. You can teach him a lot of things while you guys are playing. You can teach him how to obey you in a fun and positive way.

Fun Dog Games: Go Ahead and Play with your Pekingese!

Fun Dog Games

Games keep your dog alert and energetic. They give your dog a chance to play and have fun. Games give you and your dog a chance to be together. Games give your dog the exercise she needs to keep her heart and muscles strong. Go ahead…have some fun and play some games!

Source: How to Love Your Dog, by Janet Wall

Some Fun Dog Games:

Hide and Seek
The item here can be anything or a person even. This is easiest to teach when there are 2 humans involved in the game, one who will hide while the other will encourage the dog to find the one hiding. Once found, you guys should praise him, give him his favorite treat or go cuddle him.

Find It Game
This is for the treats which they want to find. Dogs can simply not go wrong when it comes to finding food. Show him his favorite dry food or treat and throw it a certain place and tell him to search for it. This game is very interesting for them, for some reason they don’t get bored when it comes to hunting down food. You can command him to stay while you go hide the food in the other room. Then go back to him and tell him to find the hidden treat. Happy hunting!

The Muffin Tin
Go get a muffin tin, begin with the 6-muffin tin and place a tin on each cup. Put tennis balls on half of the cup and show it to your dog. After a while, your pekingese would discover that pushing the balls away would mean more treats. Then when he finds that out, put treats on several cups only and use a bigger tin (12 or 24 muffin tin). Rest assured your dog will love this game!

Go Bananas with Toys
Toys can greatly minimize your dog’s boredom, give him exercise, control his behavior and not to mention enhance your relationship with him. Go find his favorite chew toy or even play tug of war with him, by the end of the day you would be happy that you shared such bond with your dog.

These are just few fun dog games that I listed, there are still lots more especially for outdoors. All you have to do is just to research for it and learn which ones are beneficial and fun for both you and your pekingese. Though I suggest a less rough kind of game since they are such vulnerable breed. Just have fun and enjoy his company for more years to come.

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